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The Psijic Order is a non-joinable faction in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They act as guides to the Dragonborn throughout the main questline for the College of Winterhold.




Under SaarthalEdit

Just after the Dragonborn destroys a section of wall sealed with the Saarthal Amulet, a vision of the Psijic Monk Nerien appears to warn them that they have set into motion a series of events that they cannot stop, they will be judged on their actions, and the Psijic Order will be watching over them before vanishing.

Good IntentionsEdit

The Psijic Monk Quaranir comes to the College of Winterhold and is found speaking with the Arch-Mage, Savos Aren, when the Thalmor advisor Ancano enters with the Dragonborn. Quaranir casts a spell that freezes time around himself and the Dragonborn so that they may speak in private. He reveals that the ord found in Saarthal is named the Eye of Magnus, and it poses a great threat should it fall into the wrong hands. After he suggests that the Dragonborn should speak with the Augur of Dunlain, he ends the spell and takes his leave, feigning ignorance when Ancano demands answers from him.

Revealing the UnseenEdit

After the Dragonborn has spoken to the Synod Researcher Paratus Decimius in the Oculary of the Dwemer Ruins of Mzulft, Nerien appears to them again to warn them to return to the College of Winterhold at once, reminding them of a great challenge that is looming ahead of them before vanishing again.

The Eye of MagnusEdit

After the Dragonborn has slain Ancano and secured the Eye of Magnus, Quaranir appears to them to congratulate them on their accomplishment. He announces that the Eye has become unstable and the Psijic Order will take it and secure it elsewhere, so its power cannot be used again. Joined by fellow Psijic Monks Gelebros and Tandil, Quaranir casts a spell that transports the Eye of Magnus out of the Hall of the Elements as all three Psijic Monks vanish with it. Before he performs the spell, Quaranir names the Dragonborn the new Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold to succeed the late Savos Aren, and Tolfdir takes over as Master Wizard in the place of Mirabelle Ervine.



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