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The following is a list of push notifications received in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The list may not be exhaustive, but serves to showcase the general theme of the notifications regularly sent to players.

Push notifications[edit | edit source]

Date Notification
2019-04-05 We've opened Early Access to everyone. Launch Blades and log in with your account to play NOW!
2019-04-11 We've reduced the timer on silver chests, plus more changes. Play now to see them all!
[note 1]
Did you remember to collect your free, weekly Golden Chest? Available in the store now!
2019-05-02 We've updated Blades to add new jobs, additional control settings, and more! Play Now!
2019-05-03 Blades Early Access is now open to everyone! No login required. Play today!
2019-05-28 We've lowered repair and respec costs, balanced difficulty spikes and more! Check out the latest update now!
2019-06-10 Huge new Blades update available NOW featuring new jobs and quests, jewelry, voiced NPCs and more. Update today!
2019-06-13 Today Only - 60% OFF a Legendary Chest purchase.
2019-06-16 Today is the LAST DAY to claim your exclusive E3 giveaway items - play now!
2019-06-21 LIMITED TIME EVENT! Now through June 23, all chests are 25% off, plus increased chances to get smithing resources and artifacts in chests. Play Now!
2019-06-23 Today is the last day of the Smithing Weekend. Play now for chest discounts and increased chances of smithing & artifact drops!
2019-06-30 Special event! Complete today's daily job and earn a Golden Chest. Play now!
2019-07-04 TODAY ONLY - take 60% off of up to three Legendary Chests and open them immediately!
2019-08-22 GamesCom Giveaway! Markarth Banner, 250 Gems, Golden Chest--play now to get it all for FREE!
2019-08-26 Today's the last day to collect the GamesCom giveaway. It's also the start of the 24 hour Golden Stallion decoration flash sale! Play now!
2019-08-29 A brand-new update to Blades is live, and features new story additions!
2019-08-30 It's an Enchanting weekend with bonuses, like enchanted gear in the Abyss! Play now!
2019-08-31 Take advantage of Enchanting bonuses all weekend! Plus ALL chests are 50% off!
2019-09-01 Enchanting weekend ends today! Don't miss out on Enchanting bonuses, like increased chance of secondary enchantments!
2019-09-07 Only 24 hours left to get bonus XP for conquering enemies!
2019-09-08 Today only the Legendary Hircine's Prize Decoration is 50% off! Play now!
2019-09-13 It's Building Weekend! Play now to get extra building materials in chests, and customize buildings with fewer resources!
2019-09-15 Last chance to take advantage of the discounts on Legendary, Elder, and Gold Chests!
2019-09-19 The Elder Council has declared that for the next 48 hours, all chests and drops shall give double gems!
2019-09-20 24 hours left for double Gems in chests and drops!
2019-09-28 The Town Council decrees that select Chests are up to 50% off!
2019-09-29 Alas, it is the last day to save on Gold, Elder, and Legendary Chests. Enjoy up to 50% off!
2019-10-04 By the Nine! Today only get 50% off the Abyssal Hourglass Decoration!
2019-10-05 Zenithar smiles upon you and gives you 50% off the Black and Stele Decoration today!
2019-10-06 The Divines continue to grant you favor. Today only get 50% off the Imperial Stall Decoration!
2019-10-07 Zahala has one final offer for you - the Riften Banner Decoration pack is 50% off today!
2019-10-09 The Elder Council decrees that the Witches Festival is nigh! Update to 1.4 to partake in the festivities and enjoy new changes to spells!
2019-10-10 The Elder Council decrees Skill Points can be reset at no cost for a limited time!
2019-10-12 Well met, Warrior! The Elder Council wishes to inform you that Legendary Chests are 50% off for 48 hours!
2019-10-13 The Council's order is nearing its end. The chest sale and free skill reset event will end soon!
2019-10-26 Treasure hunters have found more chests than they can carry, so Legendary Chests are 50% off for 48 hours!
2019-10-27 Treasure hunters are running low on extra loot. The chest sale will end soon!
2019-10-31 🎃Witches Festival announcement! 🎃Elder & Legendary Chests are 25% off today only!
2019-11-03 Don't miss out on bonus special challenges ☠️, 50% more Gold 👑 from all Chests, and more! The Witches Festival 🎃 is ending tomorrow!
2019-11-09 This weekend only, take 25% off Golden and Elder Chests and 50% off Legendary Chests.
2019-11-10 The ancient treasures will soon be plundered. The chest sale will end soon!
2019-11-15 Double Materials Weekend: Shopkeepers have double Gold and are selling Materials at half price!
2019-11-16 Shopkeepers have double Gold and Materials for two more days!
2019-11-17 There's only 24 hours left in our Double Materials Weekend event featuring Shopkeeper bonuses!
2019-11-28 Well met, Warrior! The Elder Council wishes to inform you that Legendary Chests are 50% off!
2019-11-30 50% off Legendary Chests will end soon! Take advantage of the sale while you can!
2019-12-01 The Council's order is nearing its end. The chest sale will end soon!
2019-12-09 Chest timers are gone, and PvP is here! Update to 1.5 to experience the biggest changes to Blades yet!
2019-12-10 The Elder Council has revealed two new limited-time decorations and new sales!
2019-12-13 By the Nine! Today is the last day to grab the two new limited-time decorations and take advantage of bundle sales!
2019-12-14 The frosty new Ice Goat decoration is available through Monday!
2019-12-15 Throw a fit with the Vexed emote, available in the store now for a limited time!
2019-12-16 We hope we didn't vex you! The Vexed emote is now ACTUALLY in the store.
2019-12-21 Two new bundles are available: Saturalia and Festive Dragon!
2019-12-23 Wield flames with the Fireball emote - now available!
2019-12-24 New wares have arrived! The Legend Life Bundle and Garnet Beacon are available now.
2019-12-28 Brr… a brand-new Ice Khajiit decoration is available now, along with the Arrow emote!
2019-12-29 Celebrate the New Life Festival with the New Life, Elder Life, and Legend Life Bundles - all available now!
2019-12-30 En garde! Show off your weapon with the Salute emote, available now!
2020-01-01 Make your town shine with the vivid Peridot Beacon decoration!
2020-01-06 The Elder Council would like to wish you a happy new year with 500 free gems! Log in this week to claim them.
2020-01-07 Holiday bundles are only in the store for one more day! Save up to 80% on gems, decorations, and more.
2020-01-08 The Nirnroot decoration has returned to the store!
2020-01-09 Show your opponents you mean business with the "You're Next" emote, available now!
2020-01-11 Add a bit of class to your town with the Wine and Music decoration, available now!
2020-01-13 The Fireball emote has burst back into the store for a limited time!
2020-01-14 Add the triskelion of Hjaalmarch to your town with the Morthal Banner decoration!
2020-01-17 The Ayleid Arch decoration is back - its beautiful glow can be yours this weekend!
2020-01-20 Get pumped. The Fisticuffs emote has returned!
2020-01-23 The Winter & Gold event is only around for one more day! Log in now for en [sic] [Do not change this to an. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] extra Daily Job and discounted Chests.
2020-01-25 Take aim with the Arrow emote, available this weekend!
2020-01-26 The Imperial Stall decoration is only available through Monday!
2020-01-28 Show your city pride with the Markarth Banner decoration!
2020-02-01 The Hircine's Prize decoration has returned! Pick it up in the store this weekend only.
2020-02-02 Don't be mad… unless it's with the Vexed emote, now available!
2020-02-05 Put your opponents on notice - the You're Next emote is back!
2020-02-07 Add a relaxing spot to your town with an Imperial Bath, back for a limited time.
2020-02-08 You're not laughing AT your opponents, you're laughing WITH them… the Guffaw emote is back!
2020-02-12 Patch 1.6 has arrived in Blades and features loadouts, enemy adjustments, and more. Update now!
2020-02-13 This Heart's Day, spread the love with the brand new Heart emote, free to all players!
2020-02-14 Heart's Day has begun! Log in now to claim the Amulet of Mara necklace for free.
2020-02-17 Raise your weapons high with the Salute emote, back for a limited time!
2020-02-22 Two limited-time bundles and the Legendary Baby Drake emote have returned to the store!
2020-02-24 Put 'em up - the Fisticuffs emote is back! 💪
2020-02-26 Add some Ayleid architecture to your town with the beautiful Ayleid Arch decoration, back in the store now!
2020-02-29 😡 Show your opponents how you really feel about that lucky hit with the Vexed emote!
2020-03-02 The Golden Chest Bundle, Full Spire decoration, and You're Next emote have all returned to the Blades store for a limited time!
2020-03-03 Update 1.6.2 has arrived, featuring several improvements to quest progression, loadouts, and skull ratings. Download now!
2020-03-05 Have you used the Loadouts feature in Blades yet? Switch between items and skills easily to outwit your opponents!
2020-03-07 I used to be an adventurer like you… until I used the Arrow emote, back for a limited time! 🏹
2020-03-10 Nirnroot is back in stock! Both the Nirnroot decoration AND emote are back in the store for a limited time.
2020-03-14 The Guffaw emote has returned, for those times when you just need a good laugh.
2020-03-16 ⚔️ En garde! Show off your weapon with the Salute emote, available now!
2020-03-21 Two limited-time bundles and the Legendary Baby Drake emote have returned to the store!
2020-04-02 Update 1.6.3 is now available, including several fixes and improvements. Download now!
2020-04-03 🌳 The Spirit of the Hunt has begun! Complete forest jobs during the next two weeks to earn rewards - more info in-game!
2020-04-17 The Spirit of the Hunt has concluded! Log in now to receive a free Elder Chest, 200 Gems, and enjoy free skill resets through Sunday!
2020-04-19 Hircine's favor has its limits- there's only one day left of free skill resets!
2020-04-30 Early Access is ending soon. Play now for details!
2020-05-08 Arena trophies will be reset soon. Rank up now to earn better rewards!
2020-05-13 Our latest update is here - download now to continue your adventure with brand-new quests!
2020-05-23 Upgrade your wares with the Elder and Legendary Chest Bundles, available all weekend.[note 2]
2020-05-30 Check the store for limited-time bundles containing gold, materials, and more![note 3]
2020-06-20 Get a Legendary Chest and 4,000 Gems in the Legendary Chest Bundle this weekend![note 4]
2020-07-04 Don't miss out - Elder and Legendary Chest Bundles are back in stock for a limited time![note 5]
2020-07-29 Event Quests have arrived in Blades - download the latest update now!
2020-07-31 Event Quests are here! Make sure you've updated and play now for all-new rewards.
2020-08-12 The latest update is here, with numerous fixes and new store items during Event Quests. Download now!
2020-08-17 Keep going - Event Quests with unique rewards unlock at level 10!
2020-09-02 Blades has been updated with new Event Quests and bug fixes. Download now!
2020-09-05 Golden, Elder, and Legendary Chests have been discounted through Monday - play now and save Gems!
2020-09-07 ℹ️ Chests are discounted for one more day! Stock up now to prepare for your next quest.
2020-10-14 Blades has been updated with an all-new quest map and the spooky Witches Festival Town theme. Download now!
2020-10-17 🎃 Don't forget to pick up your free Pumpkin Patch decoration to celebrate the Witches Festival!
2020-10-17 A new Event Quest has just begun! Reach level 10 and check back often for new Event Quests every few days.[note 6]
2020-10-24 Check the store for 3 new bundles celebrating the Witches Festival along with new Event Quests this week!🎃
2020-10-26 Check the store for limited-time decorations to celebrate the Witches Festival!
2020-11-01 ⚔️ The Arena season ends soon! There's one more day to rank up and earn rewards before the reset.[note 7]
2020-11-13 The Moon Festival has just begun, with all chests 50% off for a limited time!
2020-11-16 Today's the final day with all chests at 50% off for the Moon Festival!
2020-11-27 💎 Gems are on sale for up to 50% off during our Black Fredas celebration!
2020-12-04 ❄️ Winter has returned to your Town! Update to the latest version of Blades to see what's new.
2020-12-05 Stock up on festive decorations, Gems, and Gold with the New Life Bundle, now available!
2020-12-19 📢 Log in now to claim the FREE Stonetooth Bash Chicken decoration!
2020-12-13 🌲 The Elder Life and Saturalia Bundles are back in the store for a limited time!
2020-12-20 Limited-time holiday offers are here, including the legendary Festive Dragon bundle! 🎁
2020-12-25 A week of Event Quests begins now for the New Life Festival! Reach level 10 to see what challenges await.
2020-12-25 📢 Upcoming giveaway: enter the Arena on Saturday between 10am ET - 12pm ET to receive 100 free Gems![note 8]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This notification recurs on a weekly basis. On 2019-05-05, it was sent twice in quick succession. Prior to 2019-05-12, there were two spaces before the word "Available," and there was no comma after "free."
  2. This notification was also sent out on 2020-06-06, 2020-06-27, 2020-08-01, 2020-08-22, 2020-09-12, 2020-10-10, 2020-11-21.
  3. This notification was also sent out on 2020-07-25, 2020-09-19, 2020-10-17, 2020-10-31, and 2020-11-28.
  4. This notification was also sent out on 2020-07-11, 2020-08-29, 2020-09-26, and 2020-10-24.
  5. This notification was also sent out on 2020-08-15, 2020-10-03, and 2020-11-14.
  6. This notification was also sent out on 2020-11-21, 2021-01-16, and 2021-01-30.
  7. This notification was also sent out on 2020-11-30.
  8. This notification was also sent out on 2021-01-01.
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