"It's a small, round, gold medallion. On the back is the inscription 'To Pyke, from Farwil.'"

Pyke's Medallion is a medallion that Pyke, an old Knight of the Thorn, has lost. The medallion is identical to the Knights of the Thorn Medallion, except for the name. The medallion can be found in Fetid Grove, during the quest "To Help A Hero."


Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1–9 575 GoldIcon 0.2 WeightIcon Fortify Speechcraft 5 pts 00066F29
10–19 1150 GoldIcon 0.2 WeightIcon Fortify Speechcraft 10 pts 00066F2D
20+ 1725 GoldIcon 0.2 WeightIcon Fortify Speechcraft 15 pts 00066FB6


  • After being removed and given back to Pyke in "To Help A Hero," it may respawn in the container it was found in, inside Fetid Grove, but it will stay in the inventory as a quest item and can't be removed unless using console commands.


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