Quagmire in The Elder Scrolls Online.

"Every few minutes, there was a flash of lightning and reality shifted, always to something more horrible and horrifying."
Seif-ij Hidja[src]

Quagmire, also called the Dreamstride,[1] the realm of Nightmares, is the plane of Oblivion associated with the Daedric Prince Vaermina. Every time lightning strikes, reality shifts to another horrifying vision. It could be anything, from a dark castle, a den of terrifying beasts, a moonlit swamp, or even a casket in which one sees oneself buried.[2]


Sometime around 2E 430, Morian Zenas traveled to the realm.[3] He experienced being in nightmarish scenarios such as being on a ship where all crew members were slaughtered, a den of ravening beasts, and being buried alive in a coffin, before quickly travelling to another realm.[2]

During the Three Banners War in 2E 582, Vaermina and her Supernal Dreamers cult captured the soul of High King Emeric and imprisoned him within a part of the Quagmire. He was later rescued by the Vestige, and Vaermina's plan was thwarted.[4]

In 4E 201, Vaermina's Skull of Corruption has been instrumental for her to worm her way into the sleeping minds of the residents of Dawnstar. The nightmares they experience very likely occur in Quagmire.[5]




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