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Queen Barenziah is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Muckraking Journalist." It is a non-essential quest that serves as part of the main questline. Having removed the Muckraking Journalist on the behalf of Tienius Delitian, the Nerevarine is instructed to speak to Queen Barenziah in the Royal Palace.



The removal of The Common Tongue from Mournhold's streets prompts Tienius Delitian to move the Nerevarine on from his service. Delitian advises the Nerevarine to speak to the former Queen of Morrowind, Queen Barenziah in her quarters in the Palace, opposite the Throne Room. She can indeed be found in her own private chamber, and will suggest that the Nerevarine speak to two people, Plitinius Mero and Fedris Hler.

Looking for LoreEdit

Mero may be found wandering the Royal Palace Courtyard in the heart of Mournhold, and will freely answer questions the Nerevarine has. Mero, it is revealed, is also the author of The Real Barenziah series of books, and a close friend of the Queen, after she personally prevented his execution. Once the Nerevarine has gleamed all the information they wish from Mero, they may head to the Temple to find Hler.

Temple TroublesEdit

With Mero and the Queen having been spoken to, the Nerevarine may find Hler in the Temple's reception area, leading to the next phase of the Tribunal Main Quest.


  • This is a non-essential part of the Main Quest, and may be skipped entirely by speaking directly with Hler.
    • Speaking with Hler straight after the "Hunt the Dark Brotherhood" quest will also cause all of the Royal Palace quests to be skipped.
  • There are no Journal Entries for this quest.

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