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Not to be confused with Quendeluun or Quan.
"The newest job is always the biggest job! Life of a thief. You know how it is."

Quen (full name Quenneth) is a novice Altmer thief initially found in any Outlaws Refuge in Tamriel, and will offer the Vestige the job of accompanying her on a heist at Fulstrom Homestead. She later becomes a member of the Thieves Guild.


Quen was born as Quenneth to an Altmer commoner known as Saroldo. At some point in time, her mother perished.

Quen spent much of her life at the Lillandril Illumination Academy, a boarding school and which she resided and studied at. She was later suspended for lack of dedication to studies, financial restitution, and suspicion of committing larceny and trespassing. After that, she went on to pursue a life as a thief.


Main QuestsEdit

Partners in CrimeEdit

Quen can be found at the entrance of Abah's Landing or in any Outlaws Refuge. She will offer you a job, and will task you with traveling to either the Wayrest, Windhelm, or Woodhearth docks, depending on your alliance.

After embarking from the docks on her ship, you will arrive at Fulstrom Homestead. In front of the manor's entrance is a portcullis, blocking further passage. Quen will climb over the wall onto the other side, and after you open the portcullis and she turns the switch, the gate will open. Once the Manor is entered via a backdoor entrance and the puzzle lock is completed, the Giovessen Skull will be on a table in Thane Fulstrom's vault. After the relic is taken, Chief Inspector Rhanbiq and three members of the Iron Wheel will appear. Rhanbiq will then confront Quen, accusing her of stealing Magnifica Falorah's dowry:

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Surrender, thief! The manor is surrounded. Today, the Iron Wheel brings you to justice."
Quenneth: "What? Who are you?"
Rhanbiq: "Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. We foiled your attempt to steal the Giovessen Skull. Will you also confess to stealing Magnifica Falorah's dowry?"
Quen: "What's a "falorah"?"
Rhanbiq: "She... it doesn't matter. Return the Giovessen Skull and surrender, or face the consequences."
Quen "No idea what he means. I'll... I'll follow your lead."

The events following will vary depending on the course of action you take. If you place the Giovessen Skull back on its display, the Iron Wheel will knock you unconscious and imprison both you and Quen in a jail cell. After you regain consciousness, Quen will say "Wake up, partner. We need to get out of here." If you choose to attack the Iron Wheel, Quen will say "Hold them off! I'll find another way out!"

Whatever the path taken, Walks-Softly will appear in the catacombs. If you are imprisoned, he will free you and Quen. He will then have the following conversation with Quen:

Quenneth: "Who are you?"
Walks-Softly: "You don't know me yet, but I'm a friend. Quen, isn't it? Put on this uniform and head outside. The Iron Wheel won't detain a Windhelm Guard."
Quen: "There's no way I'm leaving here without my partner."
Walks: "I only had one uniform. Go on, recover your boat and meet us by the catacomb exit. Then we can return to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing."
Quen: "You're from the Thieves Guild? I... all right, I'll meet you both by the exit. Good luck, partner."
Walks: "She'll be fine. Looks like we take the dangerous way around."

Quen will then leave while you and Walks take the alternate exit. Back on the surface, Walks and Quen will be on a boat.

After arriving in Abah's Landing, Walks-Softly will be speaking to Quen:

Walks-Softly: "When you're up to it, we'll head to the Thieves Den. It's in an old cistern."
Quen: "A cistern? Wonderful. I'm to be surrounded by water, everywhere I go."

Quen will be at the docks for some time, as she is still suffering of see-sickness from the boat-ride. After the quest is completed, she will be found in the Den.

A Flawless PlanEdit

Travel with the guild to the al-Danobia tomb in order to discover what happened to Magnifica Falorah's dowry.

The Long GameEdit

Side QuestsEdit

A Double LifeEdit

Assist Quen with a personal matter by breaking into Sulima Mansion and searching for clues about her father, Saroldo.

His Greatest TreasureEdit


Player ConversationsEdit

Show: Partners in Crime

"Are you here about the job? To forestall any confusion―yes, we split the proceeds equally. And no, I will not budge on that point."

Job? What job?
"You mean ... you aren't here about the notice? Allow me to explain! I need a partner for a difficult job. It pays well, but it involves travel, and there is some danger. Does that sound like the sort of thing that might interest you?"
Sounds good. I'm in.
"I'm so glad you came along! I've chartered a ship - when your're ready, meet me there. Here, I'll mark your map. Bring some lockpicks. They sell them here, if you don't have any. Oh, and wear something warm!"
Where are we headed, exactly?
"Let's talk details when we rendezvous. It's not that I don't trust you! I'm just ... I don't think I've made a good impression in this place. That is, if you're still interested. You are, right? Of course you are, I'm only joking."
Why are you surprised I took the job?
"I've never had a partner. I mean, on all the other big jobs I've done - which I did alone. Quite successfully. And most of the people I interviewed thought the rendezvous was too far away."
You marked the Wayrest/Windhelm/Woodhearth (Varies per faction) docks on my map. Why Stormhaven/Eastmarch/Greenshade (Varies per faction)? Why not leave directly from here?
"Well, I paid for a ship in advance. I didn't realize how far I'd have to look to find a suitable parter. For the job, I mean. But we can talk about this at the docks!"

After arriving at the city docks:

"You made it. I wasn't certain you ... well, I'm glad you're here. So, the details! We're headed to a remote patch of land called Fulstrom Homestead. It's owned by some thane from Eastmarch. He's at war, but his staff and guards remain."

What are we doing there?
"We're looking for a relic called the Giovessen Skull. We slip inside the treasure room, grab our prize, and depart before anyone knows the difference. After that, we split the proceeds and go our separate ways."
All right. I'm ready to go.
"One more thing ... I'd prefer not to spill any blood, but I leave our safety to your discretion. If a guard sees you, take shelter in a hiding spot. Sound good?"
Sounds good.
"This little tub will get us to a blockade runner off shore. They'll bring us to Fulstrom Homestead and back. I hope you don't get sea sick. I get sea sick. I'm ... sure I'll be all right."
Any objections if I steal more than just the Giovessen Skull? "None whatsoever! Anything else you take is yours to fence. Just don't forget why we're there. We don't leave until we have the Giovessen Skull."
Is this the biggest job you've ever pulled off?
"The newest job is always the biggest job! Life of a thief. You know how it is."
How well do you know the life of a thief?
"Well ... this is the biggest job I've ever attempted. But I did the research, arranged transportation, and knew I needed a good partner to pull it off. That's why I hired you!"

After arriving at Fulstrom Homestead:

"Dry land, finally. Colder than I expected ... very, very cold. The manor should be up ahead. Are you ready?"

Before we proceed, I have some questions. "Of course! What about?"
What can we expect to find? "There should be guards throughout the homestead. We're looking for a gatehouse - once we're past the portcullis, the manor shouldn't be much further. That's where we'll find the Giovessen Skull."
Why do you want to steal the Giovessen Skull? "I need it for buyer in Abah's Landing. Which isn't important right now. Until we get the Giovessen Skull, there's no point in discussing payment."
All right. I'm ready to go.

In the cellar of the Fulstrom Manor:

"Who was that? What was all that about, with dowries and iron wheels."

I have no idea. Did you tell anyone we were coming here? "Nobody! Well ... I sent word to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing. They were interested in acquiring the Giovessen Skull. Abah's Landing was to be out next stop. But why would this "Iron Wheel" set an ambush here? Are you certain you're never heard of them?"
Never. But we can figure out who they are after we escape. "Of course, you're right. The Iron Wheel could return at any moment. We need to get out of here, and fast. Wait ... did you hear that?"
Hear what? "There's someone coming!"

After escaping the catacombs:

"That didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. I suppose that's the point of being a thief, isn't it? I'm just glad we're alive and free. Unless the Iron Wheel finds us. We should be going, shouldn't we? Let's get going."

After speaking to Walks-Softly:

"I'd planned to go to Abah's Landing after this job. If he's willing to take us there, I say we go."

After arriving in Abah's Landing:

"Think I'll stay here for a bit. Don't want to decorate the guildmaster's boots."

Are you all right? "Yes, I'll be fine. Don't keep the guildmaster waiting on my account!"
Show: A Double Life

"There's something you need to know about why I'm in Abah's Landing. When we first met, I said I needed a partner to steal the Giovessen Skull. I never explained why. Not really."

"Why did you want to steal it?" "I used to think my father was a merchant. When he vanished this year, I left my academy to find him. It seems I knew very of my father's profession. His time away was spent in Abah's Landing... working with the Thieves Guild."
"What does this have to do with the Giovessen Skull?" "In his travels, my father brought notices to every Outlaws Refuge in Tamriel; bounties for old relics wanted by the Thieves Guild. I realized I couldn't just ask them for his whereabouts. My plan was to steal the Giovessen Skull, then trade it for information."
"Does anyone in the Thieves Guild know where your father is?" "Nobody recognized his name or description. Ziera suspects he worked with one of the thieves who died in the dowry heist. They used to keep guild associates secret — it seems only Nicolas knew how all the pieces fit together. Rotten Luck."
"Could the Iron Wheel have seen the same notice?" "They must have seen it. The last relic sought by the Thieves Guild would make a tempting target. The Iron Wheel simply had to wait. I didn't think anyone would get hurt. And I didn't mean to put you in their sights."
"All right. What do you need?" "Walks-Softly remembers the Thieves Guild sold many relics to Lady Sulima of Abah's Landing. My father must have been the one to broker the sales. I want to break into her mansion and pick up his trail. What do you say... partner?"
"Count me in." "Meet me by Lady Sulima's mansion when you're ready. I'm not religious, but I said a prayer to Auri-El this morning. If we find nothing, I have no idea what to do next. This is the only trail leading anywhere near my father."
"What do you know about Lady Sulima?" "The last time I asked around, the Iron Wheel set a trap for us in Fulstrom Homestead. This time, I listened. Lady Sulima rarely leaves her estate, and has a connection to one of the merchant lords. Must be why the city's guards patrol her estate. That's all I know."

Meeting her outside Sulima Mansion:

"I have no idea what we're going to find inside. After Fulstrom Homestead, I keep thinking the Iron Wheel is around every corner. There I go, jumping at shadows. Are you ready?"

"Ready. Let's go." "All right. Give me a moment to unbar the gate."

After talking with Lady Sulima:

"What's wrong with me? I'm a High Elf. I'm not supposed to cry."

"Lady Sulima wanted you to have this ledger." "It must be important if the Iron Wheel wants it. Father did love his puzzles. I should see if it means anything. Thank you for this. It's not the answer I wanted, but I'm glad you were by my side.
Show: The Long Game

"Zeira said I should wait for you when I was finished. Well... I'm finished."

What did you find?
"The flooded district, near where Velsa called home? The people who lived there had nowhere to go after the floods. One of the dockyard bosses offered them work, food, and a place to stay."

That doesn't sound like a problem.
"That's what I told Zeira. You know what she said? "If Zulgukh had an altruistic bone in his body, he'd cut it out and sell it." I'd already know what he was really up to―if Zeira trusted me. But she wanted me to scout, and you to do the fun part."
What exactly did Zeira want me to do?
"Zulgukh arranged a meeting with "an Imperial client" at a nearby inn. Might be worth a listen. Oh, the inn rents a room to "Ventilias Proximus," the most Imperial name I've ever heard. Probably the client? The room's lock seemed... inadequate."
All right. I'll look into it. What then?
"Find Velsa when you're done. She's meeting with Silver-Claw at his shop. Did you know he had a shop? I wonder what he sells."
Quen, what's wrong?
"It's nothing. I... it's nothing."
Quen. You need to focus.
"I... you're right. Thanks, partner. I won't let you down."
You can tell me.
"I will. But later... now isn't the time. I just... I don't know why this matters. Zeira is like an academy instructor, handing me busywork while the star pupil gets the plum assignments."
This isn't your academy, Quen. It's far more dangerous."
"I... you're right. Thanks, partner. I won't let you down."
I'm a "star pupil?"
"No! I didn't... what I meant to say was... Ha. All right, I suppose I am a bit jealous. All this comes far easier to you than it does to me."
Not really. But we can talk about it later."
"That's good to hear. See you later, partner."
Don't be jealous, Quen. Just be better."
"I... you're right. Thanks, partner. I won't let you down."
Show: His Greatest Treasure

"Good, you're here! The old book we found at Sulima Mansion was the key to my father's cipher. His ledge revealed directions to his "greatest treasure." It won't bring him back. But if we find it, Abah's Landing will no longer have a hold on me."

You're planning to leave? "I don't know. I don't think so. I've enjoyed my time with the Thieves Guild ... even Velsa. And Lady Sulima is a stepmother I never knew. I wouldn't have figured out the cipher without her help!"
What do you mean? "We deciphered the ledger together. I'd call out a number, she'd find the letter in the book. It was ... fun. She's so lonely, cooped up in her mansion. She only has mercenaries to keep her company."
All right. Let's figure out where the treasure is. "I know exactly where it is. Here, I'll mark your map. We've been in this together since all this madness began. I can't imagine recovering my inheritance without you at my side. Meet you there when you're ready ... partner."

After confronting Lady Sulima:

"My father died protecting her from the Iron Wheel, and she tried to steal my inheritance? I feel seasick."

What will you do now? "I don't know. I think I'll stay in Abah's Landing for now. It's where my friends are."

After completing the quest:

"I'm glad you were part of this. The choice wasn't easy, but it feels like we made the right one."

Don't forget your inheritance. What do you think is inside? "I don't know. I .... Perhaps I'll open the strongbox at my rooftop retreat. Somewhere comfortable and beautiful. You're welcome to stop by and see for yourself."

Character ConversationsEdit

Stench of the LandingEdit

Quenneth: "Why does Abah's Landing... well, I don't know how to ask this without causing offense."
Walks-Softly: "I'm rarely offended. Please, ask."
Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing stink?"
Walks: "Take any harbor town, with the normal fish stenches. Add swampland, the hot sun, and filthy pirates."
Quen: "I didn't realize pirates had a particular smell."

Walks' HometownEdit

Quen: "Are you from Abah's Landing?"
Walks-Softly: "I am a creature of Abah's Landing. Without this city, I would not be the person you know."
Quen: "I don't understand. Who would you be?"
Walks: "Simpler. Less certain of my purpose. And in dire need of good clothes."

Quen's PetsEdit

Walks-Softly: "Did you ever have a pet?"
Quen: "No, I spent much of my life in the academy. They wouldn't allow it. Why do you ask?"
Walks: "Nothing, you just... remind me of someone I once knew."
Quen: "I remind you of someone who owned a pet?"
Walks: "It's the way you speak, not the words you say. No matter, you are a very different person."


Walks-Softly: "You don't seem to mind living here. I thought you hated water."
Quen: "No, I hate travelling by ship. I take no issue with water."
Walks: "Good! Then grab a mop and scrub algae off all the planks you can find."
Quen: "You... fine. But it's just going to grow back."
Walks: "Oh, the algae never loses. It's all about the struggle."


Notes left by Quen in the Thieves Den act like quest givers for Quen's questline.

His Greatest TreasureEdit


I deciphered my father's ledger! Come by rooftop retreat when you have a moment.


PS: There is another mustard stain. No judgements!


  • "Camels are cantankerous, smell quite poorly, and are too phlegmy for polite company. Just like my old professor of rhetoric." —During "A Flawless Plan," outside of Prince's Gate



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