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Quest items are items that are used or needed during certain quests in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Name WeightIcon.png Gold Location Quest Item ID
Amulet of Infectious Charm 1.0 20 Hrothmund's Barrow The Patchwork Airship amulet of infectious charm
Ancient Nordic Pick Axe 20.0 8000 Near Graring's House Discovery in the Mine bm nordic pick
Colony Status Report 0.20 0 Tirvel Balen, Raven Rock Stop the Messenger bk_colonyreport
Elberoth's Saber 15.0 48 Apronia Alfena, Raven Rock Supply Route Problems steel saber_elberoth
Erna the Quiet's Ring 0.1 30 Erna the Quiet, Isild River near Graring's House A Woman Scorned expensive_ring_erna
Flaming Eye of the Lightkeeper 1.0 15 Lightkeeper Grahl, Halls of Penumbra The Ritual of the Sun ingred_eyeball_unique
Heart of an Innocent 1.0 10 Female Nord Innocent, Altar of Thrond Rite of the Wolf Giver ingred_innocent_heart
Heart of the Spirit Bear 1.0 5 Spirit Bear, Lake Fjalding The Ristaag BM_bearheart_unique
Heart of the Udyrfrykte 5.00 300 The Udyrfrykte, Lair of the Udyrfrykte The Mead Hall Massacre ingred_udyfrykte_heart
Heart of the Wolf 1.00 100 Altar of Thrond Rite of the Wolf Giver ingred_wolf_heart
Letter from Rigmor to Risi 0.1 1 Ice-Mane's Hut The Skaal Test of Wisdom bk_BMtrial_unique
Locations of the Stones 0.2 100 N/A The Skaal Test of Loyalty bk_BM_StoneMap
Note from a Glenmoril Witch 0.2 0 Carried by all Glenmoril Witches Rite of the Wolf Giver sc_witchnote
Note from Carnius 0.2 0 Received from Hroldar the Strange Stop the Messenger bk_carniusnote
Odd Rumor 0.2 0 Fort Frostmoth Rite of the Wolf Giver sc_rumornote_bm
Oddfrid White-Lip 0.5 0 Kolbjorn Barrow The Sad Seer misc_skull_oddfrid
Pinetear 0.2 50 Sigvatr the Strong A Wife's Retribution ingred_emerald_pinetear
Poisoned Arrow 0.1 2 Raven Rock X steel arrow_Carnius
Red Colovian Fur Helm 2.0 25 Does not appear in-game Does not appear in-game fur_colovian_helm_red
Severia's Imperial Shortsword 9 30 Severia Gratius The Moon Sugar Mystery imperial shortsword severio
Skull of a Skaal Warrior 0.5 0 Saenus Lusius
Gaea Artoria
The Disappearance of Captain Carius misc_skull_Skaal
Skull of Griss the Yellow 0.5 0 Does not appear in-game Does not appear in-game misc_skull_griss
Steel Longbow 8 100 Merchants X steel longbow
Strange Seeds 1 5 Riekling The Ritual of Trees BM_Seeds_UNIQUE
Tattered Note 0.1 1 Toralf Under Siege bk_colony_Toralf
Totem of Claw and Fang 1 1 Chest during The Totem of Claw and Fang The Totem of Claw and Fang Misc_BM_ClawFang_UNIQUE
Waters of Life 1.0 100 Stahlman's Gorge The Ritual of Water BM_waterlife_unique1
White Colovian Fur Helm 2.0 25 Uncle Sweetshare, Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop The Moon Sugar Mystery fur_colovian_helm_white
Wolfender Silver Dagger 1 1 Frykte X BM silver dagger wolfender
Wolfgiver Silver Dagger 1 150 Altar of Thrond Rite of the Wolf Giver BM_dagger_wolfgiver

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