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Quest items in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are items that have a certain importance to a quest the player is on, such as a key to a certain dungeon the player needs to visit, or an artifact the player is to use once inside or give to someone upon the player's return. Quest items cannot be dropped, sold, or otherwise removed from the player's inventory without using console (PC version only). Upon completion of the quest to which they pertain, most quest items are either automatically removed from inventory or have their status as a quest item status removed (thus permitting them to be dropped or sold). However, the removal process is bugged in certain cases, and the player is stuck with the item.

Below is a table of known quest items that do not go away upon completion of their quests, which quests (if any) they are needed for, and their item ID. If you are playing the PC version, these items may be destroyed by hitting the ` key to access the console, then typing player.RemoveItem [Item ID] 1. Make sure you do not destroy them before their relevant quests are completed! If you are overzealous and got rid of the item too soon, or need or want it back for any reason, type player.AddItem [Item ID] 1 in the console.

Item name Relevant quest(s) Item ID Notes
Echo Cave Key Mages Guild: Confront the King 0001648F Opens the door to Echo Cave.
Falcar's Key Mages Guild: Ambush 0002E99F N/A
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem Mages Guild: Confront the King 00007E9D N/A
Handwritten Note Mages Guild: Necromancer's Moon 000C7631 The handwritten note is an explanation of how to turn Grand Soul Gems into Black Soul Gems, and is carried by a Worm Anchorite. If you personally witness the Anchorite perform the ritual, the note is unnecessary, as you can tell Raminus Polus what you saw to complete the quest. If you miss the ritual, you can kill the Anchorite and retrieve the note, and give the note to Polus instead. If you witness the ritual and then take the note, the note is never removed.
Ring of the Vipereye Miscellaneous: Lifting the Vale 0006B654, 0006B655, 0006B656, 0006B657, 0006B658, 0001C4DA The ring is actually the reward for completing the quest, and does not have an actual in-quest use. You do not receive it until the quest is over, and thus, it is unnecessary from the instant you have it. It has leveled enchantments, meaning there are six versions of it with varying power, depending on what level the player is upon completion of the quest.

Other items worth mentioning:

  • The Blade of Woe you receive from Dark Brotherhood: A Knife in the Dark does not appear on this list, because it actually is taken care of, though much later than the immediate aftermath of the A Knife in the Dark quest. Upon completing Dark Brotherhood: Honor Thy Mother, it receives several enchantments and loses its quest item status, essentially becoming a long-delayed reward.
  • The Mage's Guild Key you get upon starting Mages Guild: Join the Mages Guild is considered a quest item and cannot be removed. However, it does have its uses. (It unlocks the doors to all the private areas and living quarters in every local Mage's Guild hall.) It may become redundant with the Arch-Mage's Key you get from Mage's Guild: Confront the King. If this is true, then the Mage's Guild Key would become an obsolete but undroppable quest item at this point, and should thus be added to the table. This needs further research and confirmation. (The Mage's Guild Key can be removed at any time by being kicked out of the guild)


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