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Quest items are items that are, in one way or another, related to a quest. As a rule, quest items cannot be removed from the inventory through any means (see bugs), save for those involved in the quest. While quest items do display a weight, they do not use up the inventory's available space.

Name WeightIcon Gold Location Quest
Aela's Shield 12 150 Received from Eorlund Gray-Mane Take Up Arms
Alessandra's Dagger 0.5 12 Received from Alessandra Miscellaneous from Alessandra
Alethius's Notes 1 14 Nchuand-Zel The Lost Expedition
Alto Wine 0.5 12 Temple of Dibella A Night to Remember
Amaund Motierre's Sealed Letter 0 0 Received in Volunruud The Silence Has Been Broken
Amren's Family Sword 9 25 Various Amren's Sword
Annals of the Dragonguard 1 200 Sleeping Giant Inn Alduin's Wall
Andurs' Amulet of Arkay 1 200 Whiterun Miscellaneous from Andurs
Argonian Ale 0.5 5 The Bannered Mare Argonian Ale Extraction
Attunement Sphere 0 0 Septimus Signus's Outpost Discerning the Transmundane
Balgruuf's Greatsword 17 200 Received from Adrianne Avenicci Greatsword for a Great Man
Balgruuf's War Axe 12 55 Received from Balgruuf the Greater Message to Whiterun (Imperial)
Balmora Blue 0.5 68 Beneath the docks by the Red Wave in Solitude The Dainty Sload
Balwen's Ornamental Ring 3 0 The Arcanaeum Velehk Sain's Treasure
Black-Briar Mead Keg 20 0 Black-Briar Meadery Miscellaneous - Deliver Mead or Show Mead
Blade of Sacrifice 4 144 Sacellum of Boethiah Boethiah's Calling
Blank Lexicon 0 0 Received from Septimus Signus Discerning the Transmundane
Briar Heart 0.5 20 Looted from Forsworn Briarhearts and Alchemy Shops Repairing the Phial
Broken Azura's Star 0.5 0 Ilinalta's Deep The Black Star
Bust of the Gray Fox 0 0 Riftweald Manor Larceny Target
Calcelmo's Stone Rubbing 0.5 0 Can be made in Calcelmo's Museum Hard Answers
Ceremonial Axe 14 5 Volunruud Silenced Tongues
Ceremonial Sword 12 5 Volunruud Silenced Tongues
Colovian Brandy 0.5 100 Received from Malborn Diplomatic Immunity
White Phial 0.5 0 Forsaken Cave White Phial
Crown of Barenziah 0 0 Tolvald's Cave No Stone Unturned
Curious Silver Mold 1 250 Pinewatch Silver Lining
Dibella Statue 2 100 Temple of Dibella Miscellaneous from Degaine
Double-Distilled Skooma 0.5 44 New Gnisis Cornerclub Miscellaneous from Stands-In-Shallows
Dragon's Breath Mead 0.5 5 Dragon Bridge Dragon's Breath Mead
Dragonstone 25 0 Bleak Falls Barrow Bleak Falls Barrow
Dragon Heartscales 10 250 Dragon Alteration Ritual Spell
Dravin's Bow 7 50 The Ratway Vaults Miscellaneous from Dravin Llanith
Dwemer Cog 10 5 Dwemer Ruins Arniel's Endeavor
Dwemer Puzzle Cube 0 0 Calcelmo's Laboratory Larceny Target
East Empire Shipping Map 0 0 East Empire Company Warehouse Larceny Target
Eldergleam Sap 0 0 Eldergleam Sanctuary The Blessings of Nature
Eldergleam Sapling 0 0 Eldergleam Sanctuary The Blessings of Nature
Elder Scroll 20 0 Tower of Mzark Elder Knowledge
Essence Extractor 1 0 Septimus Signus's Outpost Discerning the Transmundane
Erj's Notes 1 5 Nchuand-Zel The Lost Expedition
Fine-Cut Void Salts 0.2 125 Various locations Collecting the Fine-Cut Void Salts
Finn's Lute 4 25 Stony Creek Cave Find Finn's Lute
Firebrand Wine Case 2 137 Blue Palace Scoundrel's Folly
Fjola's Wedding Band 0.25 150 Mistwatch Miscellaneous from Christer
Fjotli's Silver Locket 0.5 30 Uttering Hills Cave Summerset Shadows
Focusing Crystal 1 10 Mzulft Revealing the Unseen
Fragment of Wuuthrad 2 0 Dustman's Cairn Proving Honor
Fragments of Wuuthrad 0 0 Driftshade Refuge Purity of Revenge
Frost's Identity Papers 0 0 Black-Briar Lodge Promises to Keep
Gauldur Amulet Fragment 0.5 500 Saarthal, Folgunthur and Geirmund's Hall Forbidden Legend
Glenmoril Witch Head 4 0 Glenmoril Coven Blood's Honor, Purity
Golden Claw 0.5 100 Bleak Falls Barrow The Golden Claw
Golden Ship Model 0 0 Various locations The Sweep Job, The Burglary Job
Golden Urn 0 0 Various locations The Sweep Job
The Burglary Job
Grimsever 14 727 Mzinchaleft Retrieve Grimsever
Habd's Remains 1 0 Frostflow Abyss Frostflow Abyss
Harrald's Sword 0 0 Received from Balimund Miscellaneous from Harrald
Heddic's Volunruud Notes 1 5 Volunruud Silenced Tongues
Helm of Winterhold 5 125 Various locations Miscellaneous for Korir
Hilt of Mehrunes' Razor 2 0 Morthal Pieces of the Past
Hjalti's Sword 12 13 Various locations The Ghost of Old Hroldan
Honningbrew Decanter 0 0 Honningbrew Meadery Larceny Target
Horn of Jurgen Windcaller 4 0 Received from Delphine Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
Hrolfdir's Shield 4 0 Various locations Recover Hrolfdir's Shield
Idgrod's Note 0 0 Received from Idgrod the Younger Miscellaneous from Idgrod the Younger
Imperial Documents 0 0 Imperial Courier A False Front
Iron Dragon Claw 0.5 75 Valthume Evil in Waiting
Jarrin Root 0.5 10 Received from Astrid To Kill an Empire
Jessica's Wine 0.5 12 Lami's House in Morthal Laid to Rest
Jeweled Amulet 0.5 1000 Received from Amaund Motierre The Silence Has Been Broken
Jeweled Flagon 0 0 Various locations The Sweep Job, The Burglary Job
Jeweled Goblet 0 0 Various locations The Sweep Job, The Burglary Job
Jeweled Pitcher 0 0 Various locations The Sweep Job, The Burglary Job
Kahvozein's Fang 5 9 Various locations Alteration Ritual Spell
Katarina's Ornamental Ring 3 0 The Arcanaeum Velehk Sain's Treasure
Klimmek's Supplies 0 0 Received from Klimmek Klimmek's Supplies
Krag's Journal 1 5 Nchuand-Zel The Lost Expedition
Left Eye of the Falmer 5 2500 Irkngthand Larceny Targets
Letter from Falk Firebeard 0 0 Received from Courier The Wolf Queen Awakened
Lexicon 0 0 Received from From-Deepest-Fathoms Unfathomable Depths
Lisbet's Dibella Statue 2 100 Various locations Miscellaneous from Lisbet
Madesi's Silver Ring 0.25 10 Riften A Chance Arrangement
Mammoth Tusk Powder 0.5 0 Stonehill Bluff Repairing the Phial
Mark of Dibella 0.5 0 Bolli, Indaryn, and Horgeir Shaming Haelga
Meridia's Beacon 0.5 0 Various locations The Break of Dawn
Model Ship 0 0 Snow Veil Catacombs Larceny Target
Necromancer Amulet 0.5 100 Hjerim Blood on the Ice
Nettlebane 10 5 Orphan Rock The Blessings of Nature
Nightshade Extact [sic] [Do not change this to Nightshade Extract. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] 0.5 12 Received from Hillevi Cruel-Sea Miscellaneous from Hillevi Cruel-Sea
Noster's Helmet 2 35 Various locations Miscellaneous from Noster Eagle-Eye
Olava's Token 0.5 100 Gabriella Breaching Security
Onmund's Amulet 0.5 380 Enthir Onmund's Request
Ornate Drinking Horn 0.5 100 Various locations The Sweep Job, The Burglary Job
Pelagius' Hip Bone 1 250 Received from Dervenin The Mind of Madness
Pantea's Flute 2 25 Hob's Fall Cave Find Pantea's Flute
Pithi's Ornamental Ring 3 0 The Arcanaeum Velehk Sain's Treasure
Pommel Stone of Mehrunes' Razor 2 0 Dead Crone Rock Pieces of the Past
Potema's Skull 0 0 Potema's Refuge The Wolf Queen Awakened
Queen Bee Statue 0 0 Goldenglow Estate Larceny Target
Queen Freydis's Sword 10 45 Various locations Miscellaneous from Oengul War-Anvil
Quill of Gemination 0.1 150 Lake Honrich The Pursuit
Ring of Pure Mixtures 0.3 337 Various Miscellaneous for Frida
Rogatus's Letter 0 0 Received from Rogatus Salvius Rogatus's Letter
Roggi's Ancestral Shield 12 60 Various locations Find Roggi Knot-Beard's Ancestral Shield
Runil's Journal 1 5 Various Find Runil's Journal
Rjorn's Drum 4 10 Halldir's Cairn Find Rjorn's Drum
Saerek's Skull Key 0.3 100 Ragnvald Temple Ragnvald
Satchel of Moon Sugar 0 0 Received from Tonilia Deliver Moon Sugar to Ri'saad
Scabbard of Mehrunes' Razor 3 0 Mythic Dawn Museum Pieces of the Past
Sealed Scroll 4 0 High Gate Ruins A Scroll For Anska
Shards of Mehrunes' Razor 6 0 Cracked Tusk Keep Pieces of the Past
Shahvee's Amulet of Zenithar 1 200 Various Shahvee's Amulet
Sigil Stone 0 0 Received from Unbound Dremora Conjuration Ritual Spell
Silver Candlestick 1 75 Various locations
Silver Hand Stratagem 0 0 Various locations Stealing Plans
Sinding's Skin 4 0 Acquired from Sinding within Bloated Man's Grotto Ill Met by Moonlight
Skeleton Key 0.5 0 Mercer Frey Blindsighted
Skooma 0.5 25 Skooma Trade
Spiced Beef 0.5 4 Received from Banning Miscellaneous for Banning
Staff of Magnus 8 5 Labyrinthian The Staff of Magnus, The Eye of Magnus
Stallion's Potion 0.5 113 Received from Bothela Miscellaneous for Bothela
Stormcloak Documents 0 0 Stormcloak Courier A False Front
Strange Amulet 0.5 100 Hjerim Blood on the Ice
Stros M'Kai Rum 0.5 12 Received from Sorex Vinius Miscellaneous for Sorex Vinius
The Black Star 0.5 0 Ilinalta's Deep The Black Star
The Bond of Matrimony 0.3 496 Temple of Mara The Bonds of Matrimony 1 5 [[Waking
Tolfdir's Alembic 2 0 Hall of Attainment Finding Tolfdir's Alembic
Torc of Labyrinthian 1 10 Savos Aren The Staff of Magnus
Torsten's Skull Key 0.3 100 Ragnvald Temple
Torygg's War Horn 5 0 Elisif the Fair Elisif's Tribute
Treoy's Ornamental Ring 3 0 The Arcanaeum Velehk Sain's Treasure
Ulfric's War Axe 12 55 Received from Ulfric Stormcloak Message to Whiterun (Stormcloaks)
Unmelting Snow 1 0 Throat of the World Repairing the Phial
Unusual Gem 0.5 200 Various No Stone Unturned
Vilkas's Sword 10 70 Received from Vilkas Take Up Arms
Warped Soul Gem 0.5 0 Enthir Arniel's Endeavor
Wedding Ring 0.3 0 Obtained from the Hagraven Moira A Night to Remember
Werewolf Totem 0.5 1 Various locations Totems of Hircine
Wuuthrad 25 2000 Received from Eorlund Gray-Mane Glory of the Dead
Wylandriah's Spoon 0.5 3 Ivarstead Misc - Collect Wylandriah's supplies for her
Wyndelius's Journal 1 40 Shroud Hearth Barrow Lifting the Shroud

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