"Got any ale or mead?"

Quest all Drunks Have is an unmarked quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Giving alcoholic beverages to any of the possible targets will immediately give the benefit of friendship with the drunk in question, and because it affects the target's disposition will count as one of the "help my people" quests for becoming Thane of a hold.


  1. Give someone an alcoholic drink


Questgiver Questgiver's location
Cosnach The Warrens (Markarth)
Degaine The Warrens (Markarth)
Embry Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)
Karl Iron-Breaker Mine (Dawnstar)
Ranmir The Frozen Hearth (Winterhold)
Razelan Thalmor Embassy (Diplomatic Immunity)
Torbjorn Shatter-Shield House of Clan Shatter-Shield (Windhelm)

Although this quest will never appear in the journal, any of the "quest givers" will ask the Dragonborn for a drink. If the Dragonborn has any alcoholic beverages, the option to give away one or more of them becomes available. Giving one successfully makes the target a friend and gives the Dragonborn the possibility to take any low-value items that belong to them, and they may also give the occasional gift.

If the Dragonborn offers certain "high value" drinks such as Black-Briar Reserve or Honningbrew Mead, the target may not accept it.


  • This quest has no stages or objectives.
  • Because this quest is unmarked, completion will not affect progress towards the Hero of the People Achievement.

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