Questers are members of any Knight Order, or Fighters Guild in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall that offer The Agent random quests, dependent on their Reputation within the faction.

Figher's Guild quests[edit | edit source]

Non-member quests[edit | edit source]

The Giant Scorpion Hunt[edit | edit source]

A giant scorpion has infiltrated a building in town, slay it.

Kill a Giant Spider[edit | edit source]

A local has accidentally allowed a spider to hatch within their home, and requests the Fighters Guild to slay it.

Run Off the Barbarians[edit | edit source]

A couple of barbarians have infiltrated a nearby building, slay them.

The Menial Job[edit | edit source]

An infestation of rats plagues a nearby building. Help the people get rid of the infestation.

Member quest[edit | edit source]

To Kill a Lycanthrope[edit | edit source]

People of a nearby town have been plagued by what they believe to be a lycanthrope. Go to a nearby dungeon to slay the beast.

Wild Animal[edit | edit source]

A wild animal has infiltrated a nearby home. Help the local get rid of the animal.

Back Door Open[edit | edit source]

When a civilian left his back door open, a wild animal infiltrated his home. Slay the beast.

Relatively Menial Job[edit | edit source]

An infestation of wild animals plagues a nearby home, get rid of the animals.

Retrieve Pet[edit | edit source]

A noble has lost is pet tiger, and has requested the Fighters Guild to retrieve it.

Flying Carnivores[edit | edit source]

Slay 5 harpies in a dungeon.

Hunt Giants[edit | edit source]

Find a number of hostile giants in a nearby dungeon.

Giant Killing[edit | edit source]

Giants have been plaguing the region, slay the one responsible.

Standard Protection Job[edit | edit source]

Kill an assassin.

Dealing with Daedroths[edit | edit source]

Kill a Daedroth.

Hunting a Lich[edit | edit source]

Kill a lich.

Domestic Squabble[edit | edit source]

A wife has requested the slaying of her husband, who is a zombie.

The Spriggan's Offer[edit | edit source]

Slay a Spriggan.

Hunting a Gargoyle[edit | edit source]

Slay a Gargoyle.

Hunting an Atronach[edit | edit source]

Kill an Atronach.

A Deceptive Escort[edit | edit source]

Protect a spy for Sentinel.

Knight Order quests[edit | edit source]

Non-member quests[edit | edit source]

Band of Orcs[edit | edit source]

Slay an Orcish chieftain in a dungeon.

The Traitor[edit | edit source]

Hunt down a traitor to the Knightly Order.

The Hunter[edit | edit source]

Hunt down a nearby Giant.

Pest Control[edit | edit source]

Get rid of an infestation in a nearby building.

Member quests[edit | edit source]

Artifact of Power[edit | edit source]

Find a powerful artifact.

Banish the Ghost[edit | edit source]

Clear a nearby location of an undead for a noble.

Crazed Orc Mercenary[edit | edit source]


Eternal Rest[edit | edit source]

Slay an undead creature in a nearby ruin.

Giant Raiding[edit | edit source]

Hunt down a nearby giant.

Invasion from Oblivion[edit | edit source]

Deal with a Daedra which has crossed over.

Rescue a Princess[edit | edit source]

Rescue a captured princess.

Retribution[edit | edit source]

Find and slay a traitor Nightblade of the Knightly Order.

The Dragonslayer[edit | edit source]

Slay a Dragonling for the Knightly Order.

The Army of the Undead[edit | edit source]

Slay a lich which has been assembling an undead army.

The Lost Artifact[edit | edit source]

After slaying the lich in "The Army of the Undead" read his note to find the location of a lost artifact.

The Orc Raids[edit | edit source]

Deal with an Orc warlord to prevent his horde from damaging the locals.

The Orcish Hoard[edit | edit source]

More Orcs are advancing on the region. Defeat their warlord to deal with the menace.

Fighters Guild dialogue[edit | edit source]

Non-member quests[edit | edit source]

Show: Kill a Giant Spider

"My name is Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). I don't like handing out jobs to non-guild members. You seem like the trustworthy sort though. Some poor soul brought home a giant spider's egg that hatched. Seems they mistook it for a silkworm cocoon. The poor sob can't afford to pay us to get rid of it. However, if you take care of it for free the guild looks good and I'll make sure you look good. Are you interested?"

Yes "This is your shot at the big time. The spider is trapped in The Wickhouse Residence (Local residence). Kill it today and I'll put in a good word for you."
No "I should have known you were serious about work."

After slaying the spider:

"You got spunk Agent (Player name). Keep up the good work and you'll be Fighter's Guild material yet."

Show: The Giant Scorpion Hunt

"You can call me Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). Normally we only give jobs to guild members. But you show promise Agent (Player name). I tell ya what. I got a request to dispose of a giant scorpion. Do that and I'll see if the guild will overlook your reputation. Is that a deal?"

Yes "You got guts Agent (Player name), I'll give ya that. Apparently this scorpion escaped from someone's personal collection. Right now it's corner in The Emperor's Potions (Store name) Kill the thing today and I'll speak well of you."
No "I try to be nice and look what it gets me. Just get outta here."

After slaying the scropion:

"I guess you aren't the weak kneed jellyfish everyone says you are. I'll make sure the right people hear about this."

Show: The Menial Job

"My name is Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). We only give jobs to guild members. However, from to time there are jobs that are too menial for fighters of the guild to accept. I have one such job. If you take it, it will show that you really want to be on our good side. What do you say?"

Yes "Giant rats have infested The Knights of the Dragon (Location). There may be as many as half a dozen of them. Go there and kill them all and I'll see what strings I can pull on your behalf. I can only give you one day."
No "Obviously you have no love for the Fighter's Guild. I will make sure to tell them what you really think."

After slaying the rats:

"Killing rats, even giant ones, doesn't take much skill. It does put you in favor with us though. Good work."

Show: Run Off the Barbarians

"I am Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). The Fighter's Guild doesn't hand out charity work. If I weren't short on fighter's right now, I'd have to send you away Agent (Player name). I do need a fighter to chase off some barbarians that are running wild. Do it for me and I'll make sure everyone knows you're a stand up Breton (Race). Is it a deal?"

Yes "Get your sorry carcass over to The Odd Bijoutry (Store name). Run off the barbarians by this time tomorrow and you'll be OK."
No "You've just make a big mistake Agent (Player name). Don't come looking for work here for a while."

After slaying the barbarians:

"Did you get cut up bad? A couple more jobs like this and you can write your own ticket into the Fighter's Guild."

Show: Joining the Figher's Guild

'Yes, you look like the sort of warrior we could use in the Fighters Guild. We offer skills training, special discounts on armor and weapon repairs, and very profitable work assignments. In addition, you always have a place to rest in any Fighters Guild. Are you interested?"

Yes "Excellent. Welcome to the Fighters Guild, Agent (Player name). Your rank currently is Apprentice."

Member quests[edit | edit source]

Show: Promotions
  • "Congratulations, Agent (Player name). Because of your outstanding weaponry prowess, we have promoted you to the rank of Warder (Or "Warrior") in the guild. Among other benefits, this increase means cheaper weapon repair and more profitable work assignments."
Show: To Kill a Lycantrope

"We've got a little job you might be interested in. Seems there's a loup -- whatcha call your basic werewolf, wereboar, or some kind 'o werebeasty that's been botehring a lot of farmers in the area, and we need someone to kill it. It'll mean 732 (Amount) gold in your pocket. That sound interesting to you?"

Yes "Great. You'll find the loup over in Castle Wooding (Ruin). We need the poor brute dead in 17 (Time limit) days, so you better be on your way, kid."
No "Fine. Guess someone else'll have to do it."

After slaying the beast:

"Good job, Loup-killer. Enjoy yer gold."

Show: Wild Animal

"I am Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). We have a request from a local citizen. It seems a wild animal has gotten into his place. We need someone to go kill the thing. The guild will pay 943 (Amount) gold. Do you want it Agent (Player name)?"

Yes "OK, Agent (Player name). Get over to The Hearthfield Residence (Residence name) here in town. Get it done in one day. Nobody wants an animal left roaming around in their place. Come back here when the beast is dead and I'll have your pay waiting for you."

Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name) calls out, "Hey, what kind of animal is it in The Hearthfield Residence (Residence name)?"
You hear a voice call out from an upper floor, "It's a harpy."

No "I'm sure someone else will be willing to take care of this nuisance bear."

After slaying the beast:

"Well done, Agent (Player name). Here's your 943 (Amount) gold."

Show: Back Door Open

"Every once in a while we get an idiot like this client. Some fool left his back door open and a wild animal got in. He seems rather confused as to whether it is a bear or a tiger, but in either case, it wanted to eat him. We need you to go and slay the animal. You standard fee is 757 (Amount) gold. Want to take it Agent (Player name)?"

Yes "Great. Go to Rodastyr's Quality Attire (Store) in Grimfort (Settlement). I'll give you 11 (Time limit) days to kill it and get back to me."
No "Gotcha. Let the tiger have him. The guy is a fool for letting it in in the first place, eh?"

After slaying the beast:

"No great difficulties I trust? Thought not. Here's your 757 (Amount) gold."

Show: Relatively Menial Job

"I am Alabastyr Wickhouse (Quester's name). I have a relatively menial job, if you are willing to take it. Actually, some members prefer these jobs because they pay just as well as the more difficult ones. A house here in town has infested by giant rodents. The wife claims they are rats, the husband claims they are bats. Either way, they want them gone. Are you interested?"

Yes "The bats have infested The Greenfield Residence (Residence). Go there and kill them all and you'll get your pay. I can only give you one day to finish this one."
No "Obviously you have no love for the Fighter's Guild. I will make sure to tell them what you really think."

After slaying the rodents:

"Killing bats, even giant ones, doesn't take much skill, but it pays the same, eh?"

Show: Retrieve Pet


Yes "
No "
Show: Flying Carnivores

"I like you, kid. This assignment ain't for just anyone. Seems there's a flock of flyin' carnivores -- harpies -- who are making a bunch of travelling merchants real nervous. Will 761 (Amount) gold get you over to Tower Ashsly (Location) and a little hackin' 'n slashin'?"

Yes "Okay then. There are five of these beauties in Tower Ashsly (Location), and they all gotta be dead in 10 days or no deal. And a word of advice: you get back here in 10 days but get to Tower Ashsly (Location) as soon as possible or those harpies are gonna migrate and you'll be outta luck. Okay kid, good luck and get outta here."
No "Too bad. Seemed pretty like a pretty damn generous deal to me."

After slaying the harpies:

"Awright, kid, good goin'. That's 761 (Amount) gold your way. Not too shabby."

Show: Hunt Giants

"Yeah, I got a little job for you. I wouldn't give this to just anyone, but I know you do good work. There's this pack of giants that want killing. Pay is pretty standard, 711 (Amount) gold pieces. You up for it."

Yes "Good deal, Agent (Player name). Our client places the giants at their stronghold, The Tower of Mastering (Location). He says there are six of 'em, and he ain't gonna pay unless all six are stiffed, and in 13 (Time limit) days. Got it, Agent (Player name)? Good."
No "Awright, whatever. Sounded like your kind of thing is all."

After slaying the giants:

"By Thorig's Beard, them giants didn't know what him 'em, did they, Agent (Player name)? Here's your 711 (Amount) gold, as promised."

Show: Giant Killing

"Howdy, Agent (Player name). If you got a few days free, a job just came i nfor some giant-killin', and I thought of you. Interested?"

Yes "Right. Seems there's this giant, moved into Ruins of Wickston Manor (Ruin name) a while back and has been having a fine old tme feastin' on Uthistyr Gaerwing (Name)'s sheep in the area. Ate a few of the local villagers too, I guess, but old Uthistyr Gaerwing (Name) don't seem so concerned about that. At any rate, he wants this giant taken care of within 17 (Time limit) days, and he's payin' 923 (Amount) gold for it. See ya in a bit."
No "Too busy, eh? When I was your age, I was never too busy to go off a giant or two. Kids these days, I tell ya."

After killing the giant:

"Hail the giant-killer! I knew you was the right one for the job. Here's the 923 (Amount) gold."
(If the Quester provides a dungeon map)
"Hey, here's a map to The Fortress of Gaerfield (Ruin) one of the other chaps found the other day. If I was a couple years younger, we could tear through it together, just like the old days."

Show: Standard Protection Job

"How are you Agent (Player name)? If you need work, I've got somethin' for you. Standard protection job. Interested?"

Yes "All right. The client's name is Uthyrick Kingsmith (Name), over at The Moorsley Residence (Residence) just up the street from here. he wants you over there right away. Seemed very agitated, you know the type. he'll give you all the details when you get there.
No "Sure, you're lookin' for more high class work these days, right?"
Show: Dealing with Daedroths

"Something's come up. I don't know who esle could handle it but you, Agent (Player name). There's this bad critter in The Gathering of Evelyna (Location), a Daedroth. Now, I ain't lying -- no one knows why it's there, but everyone wants it gone. For 855 (Amount) gold, you think you could handle it, Agent (Player name)?"

Yes "Hey, alright, your funeral, Agent (Player name). Listen, knock off that Daedroth and get back here in 17 (Time limit) days for your reward. I don't know how long that thing's gonna be around, so you're gonna want to move your ass. And listen to me on this, Agent (Player name) -- go prepared for a hell of a fight."
No "I don't blame you, Agent (Player name). I wouldn't want to take on a Daedroth either."

After slaying the Daedroth:

"Hey, youre a better Breton (Race) than me, Agent (Player name), Daedroth-killer. I like it. Here's your gold."

Show: Hunt a Lich

"Listen, Agent (Player name), if you hadn't already done a bunch of jobs for us already, I wouldn't even suggest this, but there's a job I don't even want to tell you about. It sounds like crying for thhe moon, and more dangerous. It's offing a lich in Yeten's Web (Location). And it only pays 910 (Amount) gold. You're not interested, are you?"

Yes "Aw, I knw I shouldn't have mentioned it. Listen, if you're really gonna do this, get the best stuff you can get, magic stuff, ebony blades, what have you. This lich has to cross to Oblivion in 13 (Time limit) days, and you gotta be back here within that time to get your reward. You're unbelievable, Agent (Player name). Good luck. You're gonna need it."
No "Thank Oblivion you got a little sense left. We'll just let that lich do whatever the hell it wants to do. That's fine with me."

After slaying the Lich:

"I didnt'expect to see you again, Agent (Player name), no foolin'. Oblivion must be lookin' out after you. Here's your 910 (Amount) gold. Enjoy it."

Show: Domestic Squabble

"Bit of a rummy domestic squabble, Agent (Player name). Seems that this woman in Singwark (Location) has asked that someone rid her place of her husband. The only problem is that he is dead. Are you willing to take this on?"

Yes "Her husband is a zombie. He hides out somewhere during the day. She never sees him in The Mages Guild (Building) then. At night he wanders around the place. Put him out of his misery and get back here in 15 (Time limit) days, and it's worth 718 (Amount) gold to you."
No "Too bad. Normally only the temples get jobs like this. You've passed up a good one Agent (Player name)."

After slaying the zombie:

"Was the old boy as foul smelling as they say? Like a drawer of knickers left in the rain for a month. Well, here is your pay, Agent (Player name)."
(If a map is given)
"Hey Agent (Player name), if you thought zombie-killing was fun, take this map to a monster-infested hole called The Belladausa Coven (Location). Should be a vacation for a Breton (Race) like you."

Show: The Spriggan's Offer

"Some woodsmen have hired the guild to kill a spriggan. Seems the monster is attacking them when they are out in the woods logging. Want to take a hack at it Agent (Player name)?"

Yes "Two attempted ambushes have failed. The spriggan is just too smart. You'll have to go to its lair, in Ruins of The Ashsmith Farmstead (Location). Get back to me within 17 (Time limit) days and I'll have 749 (Amount) gold waiting for you."
No "Fair enough. Run along, I've got to find someone to take this job."

After slaying the spriggan:

"Here is your 749 (Amount) gold as promised."
(After taking the reward)
"The spriggan is kindling? You are proving yourself to be quite reliable, Warrior (Rank)."

Show: Hunting a Gargoyle

"A certain merchant needs to have a monster, a gargoyle to be precise, dispatched. The pay is a modest 709 (Amount) gold pieces. Can I have your help in this matter?"

Yes "It seems this merchant hired a wizard to build him a grand mansion. Then the poor fool tried to cheat the mage of his wages. The wizard grew angry and animated one of the stone gargoyles on the new mansion. It has been attacking the merchant ceaselessly. Go out to The Citadel of Gaersly (Location) and kill the thing. You've got 24 (Time limit) days to complete the task."
No "Hmmm. Not the brave, heroic sort I guess."

After slaying the gargoyle:

"Hail to the hero, Agent (Player name)! Well done! This paltry fee of 811 (Amount) is hardly a worthy reward for such a deed."

Show: Hunting an Atronach

"We have a new client who wants someone to hunt down an atronach, an elemental golem type critter. The pay is 900 (Amount) gold. Are you interested?"

Yes "A young dandy what I have sworn to keep unnamed, was screwing around with magic, illegally. Like a melonhead, he up and conjures an atronach. The thing's gotta be destroyed before those Mages Guild blokes find out. The thing fled into the depths of The Citadel of Gaersley (Location). If you can do this quest in 24 (Time limit) days, you'll get paid."
No "You must prefer the low risk jobs, like hunting rats."

After slaying the atronach:

"Bang=up job, Warrior (Rank). Those Mages Guild bananas ain't wise to our client's shenanigans. He'll be happy to pay up the 900 (Amount) gold pieces."

Show: A Deceptive Escort

"Agent (Player name), I have an important mission that wil lrequire the utmost discretion. I can't tell you more unless you agree to help me. What do you say?"

Yes "An old friend of mine is in grave danger, and needs an escort who is handy with a blade and can keep a secret. Naturally, I thought of you. Elorya Hawkwing (Name) will meet you at 10:00 tonight at The Thieves Guild (Location). she will tell you more when you arrive. I would come with you, but since I am known as her friend, I might lead her enemies to her. Watch your back on this one."
No "By the Cliffs of Solitude, I had expected much more of you."

Knight Order dialogue[edit | edit source]

Non-member quests[edit | edit source]

Show: The Traitor

"You are not yet a trusted member of our knightly order, Agent (Player name). However, I think I know a way you can earn our trust. There is a traitor to the order in Daggerfall (City name), a dastardly nightblade who has betrayed us to our enemies. Death is a fair punishment for treason, don't you think Agent (Player name)? Will you do this for the order?"

Yes "The traitor is a nightblade named Theodyrick Hawkston (Traitor name) who is hiding like a craven coward in The Hold of Moorston (Dungeon). If you have not returned in 17 (Time limit) days, our trust is forfeit and another will take your place."
No "Don't expect any favors from this knightly order anytime soon."

Upon returning:

"You are not as bad as they say. Agent (Player name), you have earned a bit of respect with this knightly order."

Show: The Hunter

"I don't trust you, Agent (Player name). You are not a member of our order. If you would like to earn my trust, and maybe even a modicum of respect, go kill the Giant raiding the farms. Are you up to it?"

Yes "The Giant has made its lair in The Druloten Nest (Dungeon). Go there and kill it. There may be other Giants there, but I don't care. I am only interested in one with a large burn mark on its back. It's the one that has been raiding the peasants. You have 28 (Time limit) days."
No "I thought so. The heart of a coward beats within your chest. The sight of you makes me ill."

Upon returning:

"Hmmph. You did better than expected, Agent (Player name). Maybe someday you will even be worthy of a membership in the knightly order."

Show: Band of Orcs

"I am Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name). You are not a member of this knightly order. We are not sure if you can be trusted yet. If you were to slay the leader of the bandit band of orcs troubling our area, it might change our minds. Do you have the stomach for such work?"

Yes "Kill as many orcs as you can, but be sure to kill their leader, Demebas (Leader's name). The foul band is hiding up in The Lair of Alabore (Dungeon). If you're not back in 32 (Time limit) days, I will know you are the coward everyone says you are."
No "Why am I not surprised? Come back when you are ready to earn our respect."

Upon returning:

"Hmmm. Maybe we should consider you for membership. Not a bad job at all, Agent (Player name)."

Show: Pest Control

"Why should I trust you, Agent (Player name)? I suppose some small trial of arms is in order. I certainly wouldn't give you anything important, seeing as you are not a member of this knightly order. I own a building that is infested with creatures. Kill them for me and maybe I'll put in a good word for you."

Yes "I am only giving you 1 day to clean The Bank of Daggerfall (Location) out. After that, I'll just do it myself and tell everyone what a coward you really are."
No "I guess I'll just have to do it myself. You are even more worthless than I thought."

Upon returning:

"Quite acceptable Agent (Player name). I'll put in a good word for you with my knightly order."

Member quests[edit | edit source]

Show: Promotions
"For meritous service and unswerving loyalty to the ideals of The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order), you have been awarded the title of Knight Brother (Rank) within the Order. As a symbol of your fellow knights' estimation, we have elected to present you with a new piece of armor. Congratulations, Knigt Brother (Rank) Agent (Player name)."
"For meritous service and unswerving loyalty to the ideals of The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order), you have been awarded the title of Commander within the Order. As a symbol of your fellow knights' estimation, we have elected to present you with a new piece of armor. You also have access to the ships reserved for our Order, so you need never again have to pay for passage across the Bay. I offer you my personal congratulations, Commander Agent (Player name)."
Show: The Dragonslayer

"Shhh! Don't let anyone else hear this, Aspirant (Rank). I just got word that a dragon has been spotted! Well, not a full grown dragon, just a little dragonling. There is no quest more heroic for a member of The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order) than to slay a dragon. I know where it is, you go kill it. We can both lay claim to the glory. Is it a bargain?"

Yes "The dragon egg just hatched in The House of Vladingus (Dungeon). I don't know if there are any other dragonlings there or not. I can keep it all a secret for 7 (Time limit) days."
No "You tell anyone else about this and I'll see you drummed out of The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order)."

Upon returning:

"All hail Agent (Player name), known from this point onward as a dragonslayer! All hail Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name), strong right arm and valued confidant!"

Show: Artifact of Power

"A rumor has surfaced as to the whereabouts of an ancient artifact of power. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you up to it, Aspirant (Rank)?"

Yes "I thought I detected the gleam of ambition in your eyes Agent (Player name). Supposedly, a witch living deep in the bowels of The Edwistair Asylum (Location) has discovered a clue about where to find this thing. I'd start with her."
No "Not the ambitious type, eh? Some other lucky knight will be sure to snap this one up."
Show: Banish the Ghost

"I am Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name). One of the local nobles, Evelona Gaerhoft (Noble's name), has just gotten the deed to an abandoned piece of property. Too late, she (Or "he") found out it is haunted. Someone needs to go out and banish the ghost that haunts it. Are you willing to take up this quest?"

Yes "Evelona Gaerhoft (Noble's name) wants to begin rebuilding within 10 (Time limit) days. She (Or "He") has the deed to Gaerhart Manor (Dungeon), where you'll find the spirit."
No "Ghosts are normally the temple's problem. Maybe I'll turn this one over to them."

After defeating the spirit:

"Evelona Gaerhoft (Noble's name) will be quite pleased. She (Or "He") has even offered to dedicate a fountain in your name."

Show: The Army of the Undead/The Lost Artifact

"I am Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name) of this knightly order. I have a most dangerous quest Agent (Player name). You are one of the few that could possibly take it on. A lich is raising an army of undead. We need someone to go in and put a stop to it."

Yes "You are brave indeed. The lich has made The Ashsmith Farmstead (Dungeon) into its lair. Go there and destroy the foul thing. In 17 (Time limit) days we will send out someone else, should you not return."
No "I understand, Agent (Player name). This is too dangerous even for you. There are one or two other heroes that might be able to pull this one off. I'll go ask them."

After defeating the Lich:

"Hail to the hero, Agent (Player name)! Well done! You name will be recorded in all the histories."

Show: Retribution

"We have a traitor in The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order), a villainous Nightblade who has turned against his (Or "her") brethren. Our honor is at stake, Knight Brother (Rank). Join our righteous fury."
"The Knights of the Dragon (Knightly Order) has been betrayed by a perfidious Nightblade. Will you help us track the cowardly villain down and destroy him (Or "her")?"

Yes "Very good. The traitor is a Nightblade named Edwastyr Moorhouse (Traitor's name) who has taken refuge in Tower Buckinging (Dungeon) to the west (Direction). If you have not returned in 11 (Time limit) days, your honor will be forfeit and another will take your place. Do not fail us in this, Agent (Player name)."
No "An ignoble reply. I expected better."

After slaying the traitor:

"Well done. You have reason to be proud."

Show: Giant Raiding

"I've just gotten word of a Giant raiding farms and devouring cattle. My name? A thousand apologies Agent (Player name). I am Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name). Will you go slay the Giant?"

Yes "The Giant has made a den out of Castle Moorhouse (Dungeon). Go there and kill him. You might find other Giants there. Kill them if you must, but be sure to get the one with the bear claw branded on his arm. I can only give you 29 (Time limit) days."
No "Where are the noble knights? Have they all vanished from Daggerfall (Region)? Begone Agent (Player name)."

After slaying the giant:

"Now you are a true giant killer, Agent (Player name)! And to think I got to shake your hand."

Show: Invasion from Oblivion

"The end, Commander (Rank), may be here at last. For centuries, prophets have spoken of the day when the aetherial walls that separate our dimension, Mundus, from Oblivion, the land of the Daedra, will crack asunder. The Mages Guild will attempt to repair the breach, but they need us to slay the infernal creatures who have already broken through. Can we rely on you for this, Commander (Rank)?"
"Agent (Player name), we have an emergency. The Mages Guild has discovered a rift in the wall between Oblivion and our dimension, Mundus. I don't pretend to understand exactly what that means, but it's bad. All sorts of Daedric beings are entering into our world. The Mages Guild says it can seal the breach, but it falls to us to slay the Daedras that have already crossed over. Will you take up this quest, not for gold, but for glory?"

Yes "Go quickly then to The Fortress of Mastersmith (Dungeon). We have no way of knowing how many Daedra are wandering its halls. The Mages Guild says to slay all Daedric beings you encounter. They will contact you by spell when they detect the last invader gone. Hurry, for in 19 (Time limit) days it will be too late."
No "Our world hangs in the balance and you can think only of yourself. I am ashamed to know you are a Knight of the Dragon (Knightly Order)."

After slaying the Daedra:

"So you killed the Daedra eh? Actually, this is kind of embarrassing. It turns out that we were duped by a rogue mage. She had summoned a Daedra that she could not control and wanted us to slay it before the Guild found out. She thought that with her story we would do it for free rather than having to pay the Fighters Guild. Normally our order does not pay its members for their trouble. This is an unusual situation. Take these 889 (Random amount) gold pieces."

Show: The Orc Raids

"They call me Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name). I have a quest for you, if you are feeling up to it. A powerful orc band has been raiding caravans in Daggerfall (Region). Someone needs to slay the orc warlord that leads them."

Yes "The orcs are using (dungeon) as a base of operations. Kill as many of them as you want, but be sure to cut Demulex (orc warlord's name)'s throat. He's their warlord. If I hear from you within 21 (Time limit) days, your honor will be untarnished."
No "Wimp."

After defeating the Orc Warlord:

"The orc menace has been striken from Daggerfall (Region). All hail Agent (Player name)!"

Show: The Orcish Hoard

"Let me introduce myself. I am Mordane Gaerhart (Quester's name) of The Knight of the Dragon (Knightly Order). Seems there is a bandit band of orcs holed up around here. The glory of Daggerfall (Region) will go to whomever wipes them out. Can I count on you, Agent (Player name)?"
"The orcs are moving into fair Daggerfall (Region), befouling the land as they progress. Will you help us in this purgation?"

Yes "You don't need to kill every single orc in the band. Just get a decent number of them and be sure to kill their leader, Dispyer (orc leader's name). I happen to know that they are holed up in The Hold of Gaerham (Dungeon). If you're not back in 7 (Time limit) days, I'll sing your praises at the funeral ceremony."
No "You're my fourth rejection today. Seems like nobody wants to tackle orcs any more."

After defeating the Orc Warlord:

"Good show! The merchants are already telling me how happy they are with the orcs gone. You are a credit to the Order."

Show: Eternal Rest

"Have I got a good one for you. It seems Alabyrick Woodston (Noble's name) just read about an ancient family curse. Now he (Or "she") is scared out of his (Or "her") mind. he (Or "she") wants someone to go destroy his (Or "her") great, great, great grandmother, whom he (Or "she") fears walks the earth as an undead monstrosity. Are you interested, Seneschal (Rank)?"
"This may potentially be nothing more than a simple poke around a tomb, but Alabyrick Woodston (Noble's name) has asked us to investigate the resting place of his (Or "her") great, great, great grand mother. Apparently he (Or "she") had a dream that she had been brought to life and would escape from the family burial mound in 13 (Time limit) days. Perhaps it is all perfect rot, but perhaps not. Will you investigate, Seneschal (Rank)?"

Yes "Alabyrick Woodston (Noble's name)'s ancient ancestor is entombed in a mausoleum named Ruins of Copperhart Orchard (Dungeon) that was designed to prevent graverobbing. There is no proof she is even undead. Odds are she's just a corpse. If so, burn the body in a proper funeral pyre. Get back within 13 (Time limit) days, or Alabyrick Woodston (Noble's name) says the curse will be triggered."
No "If you run into any knights that might take this job, send them to me."

After slaying the undead:

"Well I'll be. I didn't figure Alabyrick Woodston (Noble's name)'s ancestor was really one of the walking dead! You have saved the local people much misery and suffering."

Show: Rescue a Princess

"The war has busied the order to such a degree that important duties such as protecting the virtue of the noblewomen of Daggerfall (Region) has fallen rather by the wayside. There is literally no one available to rescue Princess Morgara Gaerfield (Princess' Name) who was carried off the other day. Are you free for this most worthy of quests?"
"Agent (Player name), the Princess Morgara Gaerfield (Princess' Name) has been captured from our protection, and it is the responsibility of us knights to rescue her. Unfortunately, many of our members are off fighting in the war. In the truest spirit of chivalry, will you go to rescue the princess from the vampire who has captured her?"

Yes "You will? I must say, your heart is brave. A vampire is a fearsome foe. Be certain to prepare for a battle. Do not be foolhardy -- we care only for the rescue of the princess. If the vampire can be left alone, leave him. And if you are not returned in 15 (Time limit) days, we will assume that you have failed, and someone will be sent in your place. I am certain you do not want someone else to earn the honor of the rescue. May Oblivion bless your journey to Skous (Dungeon)."
No "Ah, that is not the spirit of our order. There is nothing more important to us than protecting the virtue of the innocent."

After rescuing the princess:

"Princess Morgara Gaerfield (Princess' Name), may I more officially introduce you to your good rescuer, Agent (Player name). You have done a fine and honorable thing this day, my friend, and it shall not be forgotten."

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