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The following lists are an assortment of all the quests found within The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Main questsEdit

Main article: Main Quest (Arena)
  1. Escape From Prison
  2. Fang Lair
  3. Labyrinthian
  4. Elden Grove
  5. The Halls of Colossus
  6. Crystal Tower
  7. Crypt of Hearts
  8. Murkwood
  9. Dagoth-Ur
  10. The Imperial Palace

Miscellaneous questsEdit

  1. Finding an Artifact
  2. Catching an outlaw
  3. Retrieving an item
    • One variant is a randomized quest that can be given in any village. It generally involves entering a dungeon, or some other area, inhabited by enemies, retrieving the artifact, and bringing it back to town. The Champion can be directed towards this kind of quest by simply asking for "Work Rumors" in dialogue.
    • A second variant, offered by kings, is to go to a town, retrieve an item from a specific location in the town and return to the king within a set period of time.
  4. Escorting a Character
  5. Kill monsters
  6. Rescue people
  7. Deliver items
    • This is a randomized quest that can be given in any village. It involves delivering an item (generally a contract or something of that like) to a craftsman or some sort of store (for example, a Blacksmith). These quests can easily be obtained by selecting "Work" in the "Rumors" section of the dialogue screen.

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