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These are the quests available in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon, Morrowind's expansion pack.

Main quest

Intrigued by reports coming from an island in the north, the Nerevarine travels to Solstheim.

Fort Frostmoth quests

The Skaal village quests

Helping the Skaal or becoming a werewolf

At the end of the previous quest, the Nerevarine must choose a side, the Skaal or the werewolves. (Note: Although only one side can be chosen, the final quest "Hircine's Hunt" is acquired on both sides, only the characters involved change).

The Skaal quests

The werewolves quests

Optional werewolf quest:

East Empire Company quests

Imperial Cult Banner - Morrowind

On solstheim, the Nerevarine may help the local Imperial Legion and join the East Empire Company.

Building Raven Rock

Falco or Carnius

During the previous quest the Nerevarine had to choose between Falco or Carnius. The following quests are available depending on which side was chosen. (Note: Certain quests are undertaken by both sides, only the quest giver changes).

Falco's quests

Carnius' quests

Miscellaneous quests

Hirstaang Forest

While exploring and interacting with the inhabitants of Solstheim, the Nerevarine may acquire the following quests:

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