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There are 227 quests in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Main QuestEdit

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

Non-Member Quests

Member Quests

Reputational Quests

Lord K'avar Questline

Knight OrdersEdit

Non-Member Quests

Member Quests

Elite Member Quests

Mages GuildEdit

Non-member Quests

Member Quests

Reputation based Quests

Baltham Greyman's Quests

Temples QuestEdit

Thieves GuildEdit



Witch CovensEdit

Listed below are all the non-reputation based quests available from the Covens:

Reputation questsEdit

Listed below are all of the reputation based quests available from the Covens:

Glenmoril QuestsEdit

The Glenmoril Witches are involved in the following quests from other factions:

Vampiric ClansEdit

Listed below are the generic quests for the Vampiric Clans:

Additionally there are two quests that can cure the Agent of Vampirism:

Daedric QuestsEdit

Listed below are all the quests available if the Agent summons a Daedric Prince successfully: