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The Chapel of Dibella desecrated, marking the beginning of the questline.

The Knights of the Nine quest line is significantly large and has been broken down into individual quests. Note that quests Nature's Fury through Stendarr's Mercy do not need to be finished in a specific order, however Nature's Fury must be completed before attempting "The Path of the Righteous."



This quest begins when the Hero first hears of the attack at the Anvil Chapel.

The Shrine of the CrusaderEdit

This quest begins when the Hero has completed their pilgrimage to the wayshrines of the Nine Divines. This quest completes when they pick up the Helm of the Crusader.

Priory of the NineEdit

The Hero will receive this quest once they have found the body of Sir Amiel and read his journal. The Hero will locate the old Priory of the Nine, which was once the headquarters of the Knights of the Nine, and recover the Cuirass of the Crusader.

Nature's FuryEdit

In this quest, the Hero will recover the Boots of the Crusader near a Wayshrine of Kynareth.

The Path of the RighteousEdit

The Prize for this quest is the Mace of the Crusader, but the Hero will need the Boots of the Crusader before they can get the mace.

Wisdom of the AgesEdit

Recovered in this quest is the Shield of the Crusader, which is located in Fort Bulwark.

Stendarr's MercyEdit

In this quest the Hero will recover the Gauntlets of the Crusader.

The Faithful SquireEdit

Lathon will give the Hero the Greaves of the Crusader.

The Sword of the CrusaderEdit

As the heading suggests, in this quest the Hero will recover the Sword of the Crusader.

The Blessing of TalosEdit

Upon the Heros arrival at the Priory, one of their knights will tell them that Prophet is getting ready for a speech in the chapel.

Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

After Prophet grants the Hero the blessing of Talos, they must travel with their knights to the Ayleid Ruin of Garlas Malatar to defeat Umaril the Unfeathered.