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Morrowind Dark Elf

The Nerevarine.

This page lists the various Quests that the Nerevarine can undertake in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Main questsEdit

Main article: Main Quest (Morrowind)


Speak to the InformantsEdit

Caius' OrdersEdit

The Lost PropheciesEdit

Become HortatorEdit

Become NerevarineEdit

Defeating Dagoth UrEdit

Factional questsEdit

Main article: Factions (Morrowind)

The following are the Factional quests that can be undertaken in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind:

Fighters Guild questsEdit

Fighters Guild Plaque - Morrowind

The Fighters Guild plaque

Main article: Fighters Guild Quests (Morrowind)

Joining the Fighters Guild

Eydis Fire-Eye's quests (Balmora)Edit

(Speak to Eydis Fire-Eye to start these)

  1. Exterminator
  2. Egg Poachers
  3. Telvanni Agents
  4. Code Book
  5. Desele's Debt
  6. Orc Bounty
  7. Alof and the Orcs
  8. The Verethi Gang
  9. Hunger in the Sarano Tomb

Percius Mercius' quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

(Speak to Percius Mercius to begin these)

  1. The Necromancer of Vas
  2. Beneran's Bounty
  3. Bandits in Suran
  4. Flin for Elith-Pal
  5. Remove Sjoring's Supporters
  6. Kill Hard-Heart

Lorbul gro-Aglakh's quests (Vivec City)Edit

(Speak to Lorbumol gro-Aglakh)

  1. Juicedaw Ring
  2. Silence Tongue-Toad
  3. Dro'Sakhar's Bounty
  4. Lirielle's Debt
  5. Vandacia's Bounty
  6. Alleius' Bounty

Hrundi's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

(Speak to Hrundi, in Wolverine Hall)

  1. Battle at Nchurdamz
  2. Dissapla Mine
  3. Berwen's Stalker
  4. Tenim's Bounty
  5. Sujamma to Dunirai
  6. Rescue Sondaale
  7. Engaer's Bounty
  8. Pudai Eggmine

Sjoring Hard-Heart's questsEdit

Special Quests, depending upon which faction the character has decided to support.

  1. Remove the Heads of the Thieves Guild
  2. Kill the Master Thief

Mages Guild questsEdit

Mages Guild Plaque - Morrowind

The Mages Guild Plaque

Main article: Mages Guild Quests (Morrowind)

Joining the Mages Guild

Ajira's quests (Balmora)Edit

  1. Four Types of Mushrooms
  2. Fake Soul Gem
  3. Four Types of Flowers
  4. Ceramic Bowl
  5. Stolen Reports
  6. Staff of Magnus
  7. Warlock's Ring

Ranis Athrys's quests (Balmora)Edit

  1. Recruit Llarar Bereloth
  2. Manwe's Dues
  3. Unsanctioned Training
  4. Escort Itermerel
  5. Kill Necromancer Tashpi Ashibael
  6. Catch a Spy

Edwinna Elbert's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. The Chronicles of Nchuleft
  2. A Potion from Skink-in-Tree's-Shade
  3. Steal Chimarvamidium
  4. Huleen's Hut
  5. Return Chimarvamidium
  6. Dwemer Tube from Arkngthunch-Sturdumz
  7. Nchuleftingth Expedition
  8. Scarab Plans in Mzuleft
  9. Bethamez

Skink-in-Tree's-Shade's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

  1. Escort Tenyeminwe
  2. Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol II
  3. Meeting with a Wise Woman
  4. Kill Necromancer Telura Ulver
  5. Ash Ghoul Soul
  6. Galur Rithari's Papers

Trebonius Artorius' quests (Vivec City)Edit

Miscellaneous Mages Guild questsEdit

Thieves Guild questsEdit

Thieves Guild Banner - Morrowind

The Thieves Guild banner

Main article: Thieves Guild Quests (Morrowind)

Joining the Thieves Guild

Sugar-Lips Habasi's quests (Balmora)Edit

  1. Diamonds for Habasi
  2. Nerano Manor Key
  3. Ra'Zhid's Dwemer Artifacts
  4. The Vintage Brandy
  5. Free New-Shoes Bragor
  6. Master of Security

Aengoth the Jeweler's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Loot the Mages Guild
  2. Redoran Master Helm
  3. Naughty Gandosa
  4. Withershins
  5. Retrieve Scrap Metal
  6. Darts of Judgement

Big Helende's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

  1. Potion Recipe
  2. The Grandmaster's Retort
  3. Wizard for Hire
  4. Redoran Cookbook
  5. Felen's Ebony Staff

Gentleman Jim Stacey's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Find Brother Nads
  2. Speak with Percius
  3. The Bitter Cup
  4. Hrundi's Lover
  5. The Brothers Ienith
  6. Kill Hard-Heart

Tribunal Temple questsEdit

Tribunal Temple Banner

The Tribunal Temple banner

Main article: Tribunal Temple Quests


  1. Seven Graces

Tuls Valen's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Compassion
  2. False Incarnate
  3. Pilgrimage to Maar Gan
  4. Dark Cult in Hassour

Endryn Llethan's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Disease Carrier
  2. Silent Pilgrimage
  3. Shoes of St. Rilms
  4. Foul Cult Beneath St. Delyn Canton

Tharer Rotheloth's quests (Molag Mar)Edit

  1. Cure Lette
  2. Pilgrimage to Mount Kand
  3. Necromancer in Mawia
  4. Slay Raxle Berne

Uvoo Llaren's quests (Ghostgate)Edit

  1. Cure the Outcast Outlander
  2. Food and Drink for the Hermit
  3. Hair Shirt of St. Aralor
  4. Cleaver of St. Felms
  5. Crosier of St. Llothis the Pious

Archcanon Tholer Saryoni's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Malacath of the House of Troubles
  2. Mehrunes Dagon of the House of Troubles
  3. Molag Bal of the House of Troubles
  4. Sheogorath of the House of Troubles
  5. Ebony Mail

Morag Tong questsEdit

Morag Tong Banner - Morrowind

The Morag Tong banner

Main article: Morag Tong Quests

Until the Nerevarine becomes the Morag Tong Grandmaster, all quests will given by Eno Hlaalu:


Special questsEdit

Grandmaster writsEdit

Once the Main Quest has been completed, and the Nerevarine has been promoted to Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, they can access the following quests by talking to any of the Morag Tong Masters in their guildhalls:

Imperial Cult questsEdit

Imperial Cult Banner - Morrowind

The Imperial Cult banner

Main article: Imperial Cult Quests

All quest givers are located in Ebonheart's Imperial Chapels.

Synnolian Tunifus' questsEdit

Iulus Truptor's questsEdit

Kaye's questsEdit

Lalatia Varian's questsEdit

Imperial Legion questsEdit

Main article: Imperial Legion (Morrowind)

Darius' quests (Gnisis)Edit

  1. Widow Vabdas' Deed
  2. Gnisis Eggmine
  3. Rescue Madura Seran
  4. Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub
  5. Talos Cult Conspiracy

Imsin the Dreamer's quests (Buckmoth Legion Fort)Edit

  1. Drinar Varyon's Dwemer Artifacts
  2. Rescue Joncis Dalomax
  3. Maiden's Token

Radd Hard-Heart's quests (Moonmoth Legion Fort)Edit

  1. Retrieve Scrap Metal
  2. Rescue Jocien Ancois
  3. Rescue Dandsa
  4. Breeding Netch
  5. Sorkvild the Raven

Frald the White's quests (Ebonheart)Edit

  1. Courtesy
  2. Honthjolf the Traitor
  3. Suryn Athones' Slanders
  4. Saprius Entius

Varus Vantinius' quests (Ebonheart)Edit

  1. Lord's Mail
  2. Grandmaster Duel

Great House questsEdit

House Redoran questsEdit

House Redoran Banner

The House Redoran banner

Main article: House Redoran Quests

Neminda's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Mudcrab Pests
  2. Deliver Cure Disease Potion
  3. Find Mathis Dalobar
  4. Founder's Helm
  5. Trouble with Bandits
  6. Guard Sarethi Manor

Theldyn Virith's quests (Ald Velothi)Edit

  1. Old Blue Fin
  2. Shalk in Ashimanu Mine
  3. Kagouti Den
  4. Shishi Report
  5. Kill Gordol

Athyn Sarethi's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Rescue Varvur Sarethi
  2. Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name
  3. Ondres Nerano's Slanders
  4. Shurnibaal Smugglers
  5. The Mad Lord of Milk
  6. Challenge Bolvyn Venim

Lloros Sarano's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Ash Statues
  2. Find Fedris Tharen
  3. Find Beden Giladren
  4. Recover Shields from Andasreth

Faral Retheran's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Meril Hlaano's Slanders
  2. Redas Tomb
  3. Rothis Nethan's Duel
  4. Slay Dagoth Tanis
  5. Kill Reynel Uvirith
  6. Slay Raynasa Rethan

Tuveso Beleth's quests (Ald'ruhn)Edit

  1. Escort to Koal Cave
  2. Armor Repair Debts

Various Redoran Councillor questsEdit

  1. Mission to Morvayn Manor
  2. Taxes from Gnisis
  3. Nalvilie Saren
  4. Evidence of Corruption
  5. Shut the Mines Down
  6. Miner Arobar's Support

Building Redoran StrongholdEdit

House Hlaalu questsEdit

House Hlaalu Banner

The House Hlaalu banner

Main article: House Hlaalu Quests

Nileno Dorvayn's quests (Balmora)Edit

  1. Disguise – Steal orders from Neminda
  2. Alchemical Formulas
  3. Inanius Egg Mine – Kill the Queen in this egg mine near Suran
  4. Guar Hide Squeeze
  5. Delivery for Bivale Teneran
  6. The Death of Ralen Hlaalo
  7. Ebony Trade

Edryno Arethi's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Bank Courier
  2. Murudius Flaeus' Debt
  3. Escort Tarvyn Faren
  4. Kill Telvanni at Odirniran
  5. Exterminator
  6. Ashlander Ebony
  7. The Shipwreck Prelude
  8. Guard Ralen Tilvur

Crassius Curio's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. An Admiring Sponsor
  2. Velfred the Outlaw
  3. Kill Banden Indarys
  4. Bero's Support
  5. Kill Reynel Uvirith

Odral Helvi's quests (Caldera)Edit

  1. Sealed Orders
  2. The Caldera Spy
  3. Erroneous Documents
  4. Rent and Taxes
  5. Shipment of Ebony

Ilmeni Dren's quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Literacy Campaign
  2. The Twin Lamps
  3. Free Hides-His-Foot

Duke Vedam Dren's quests (Ebonheart)Edit

  1. Control the Ordinators
  2. Dealing with Orvas Dren

Building Hlaalu StrongholdEdit

House Telvanni questsEdit

House Telvanni Banner

The House Telvanni banner

Main article: House Telvanni Quests

Raven Omayn's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Arara Uvulas' quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Felisa Ulessen's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Baladas Demnevanni's quests (Gnisis)Edit

Mallam Ryon's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Galos Mathendis' quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Mistress Therana's quests (Tel Branora)Edit

Mistress Dratha's quests (Tel Mora)Edit

Master Aryon's quests (Tel Vos)Edit

Fast Eddie's quests (Sadrith Mora)Edit

Building Telvanni StrongholdEdit

Daedric questsEdit

Main article: Daedric Quests (Morrowind)

Vampire questsEdit

Main article: Vampire (Morrowind)

Clan AundaeEdit

Clan BerneEdit

Clan QuarraEdit

Vampire miscellaneous questsEdit

Miscellaneous questsEdit

There are also a number of miscellaneous quests that can be undertaken in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. These can be found by exploring Vvardenfell, and talking to the many characters encountered.





Hla OadEdit


Sadrith MoraEdit

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Tel BranoraEdit

Vivec CityEdit

Vivec, Temple CantonEdit

Vivec, Foreign QuarterEdit

Vivec, Foreign QuarterEdit

Vivec, St. Delyn CantonEdit

Vivec, Redoran CantonEdit

Vivec, St. Olms CantonEdit

Vivec, Telvanni CantonEdit

Imperial FortsEdit

Moonmoth Legion FortEdit

Tel VosEdit


Ahemmusa CampEdit

Urshilaku CampEdit

Erabenimsun CampEdit


Ascadian IslesEdit


Azura's CoastEdit

Bitter CoastEdit


Molag AmurEdit


West GashEdit


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