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Quest icons. Clockwise from top left: inactive quest; active quest; non-repeatable quest giver; repeatable quest giver.

Quests are narrative objectives given in The Elder Scrolls Online that present the Vestige with stories relating to various zones, factions and events. All quests reward the Vestige with varying amounts of Gold and experience upon completion and may also provide unique items and collectibles. All quests are optional, meaning that the Vestige could spend their entire time exploring and crafting to level up, ignoring quest lines entirely. Gold is awarded to the Vestige according to their level and the difficulty of the quest. A more technical explanation can be found here. While quests award a base amount of experience and Gold, many quests have a multiplier based on their difficulty.

Types of quests[]

Main quests[]

The main quest is available to the Vestige from level 1 and revolves around the Planemeld, Molag Bal's invasion of Tamriel, and the Vestige's journey to end the Daedric incursion and reclaim their lost soul. Further progression in the main quests requires the Vestige to achieve a prerequisite level. Each main quest awards an extra skill point, with the exception of "Cadwell's Silver" and "Cadwell's Gold" which serve as guides for zones beyond those belonging to the Vestige's alliance. All main quests also provide unique side quests items as rewards.

Zone quests[]

Main article: Zones

Each zone has a main story line that can be completed alone or in groups. The stories for many zones are interconnected, usually depending on which alliance they belong to. Other zones, however, have separate stories, particularly zones associated with a chapter or DLC. Note that not all quests for each zone story need to be completed in strict chronological order, as many can be started earlier. Similarly, a previous zone's story does not need to be completed in order to start the next zone. However, certain quests will not become available until their prerequisite quest has been completed.

Alliance zones[]

Main article: Alliances

Many zones are associated with a particular alliance. The narratives of these zones are connected with an overarching story for each alliance, though each will carry a different theme and subplot. These zones are not restricted to the Vestige's alliance. As such, the Vestige may, for example, freely complete quests within a Daggerfall Covenant zone despite being affiliated with the Ebonheart Pact.

Aldmeri Dominion
Daggerfall Covenant
Ebonheart Pact

Other zones[]

The zone quests for Cyrodiil and Craglorn are designed to be able to be completed by the Vestige without any assistance from others, despite the zones themselves being designed for groups. The zone story for Coldharbour is not available until the Vestige has completed the prerequisite quests "Messages Across Tamriel" and "The Weight of Three Crowns" by first completing all of the zone stories for their alliance or "Council of the Five Companions." Other zones include:

Chapter and DLC zones[]

Zones added from a chapter or DLC feature quest lines separate from that of other zones. Some zones, such as Northern and Southern Elsweyr, however, feature interconnected stories and some may reference events that occurred in other zone's quest lines if they had been completed. The appropriate chapter or DLC is required to be purchased or made available with ESO Plus in order to access the zone for each story. Progress in a zone's story is not possible without access to its corresponding chapter or DLC. Chapter and DLC zones, in order of release, include:

Pointer quests[]

Pointer quests are short zone quests that are designed to direct the Vestige towards the beginning or next stage of the zone's series of quests. They are most common in Alliance zones where each zone is separated into three regions that have related but distinct chains of zone quests. They are optional, not being necessary to complete the zone's questline, and are very short, often only having the Vestige move from one location to another to report to a character. As such, they provide very little gold and experience and never provide items as a reward.

Epilogue quests[]

Epilogues are a series of quests that conclude a year-long story of quests across multiple zones. For example, the Season of the Dragon epilogue is the conclusion for the zone quests of both Northern Elsweyr and Southern Elsweyr. The zone quests of both associated zones need to be completed in order to begin the first epilogue quest. Epilogue quests will typically be set in the latter zone; that is, the zone that was made available later than the other.

Side quests[]

Side quests are featured in all zones and consist of self-contained narratives and story lines. Although some may feature narrative elements from other quests, they act separately and can be completed independently regardless of progress in other quest lines. Side quests include quests that are specific to certain dungeons such as delves and public dungeons. Public dungeons in alliance zones have two side quests within.

Group quests[]

Group quests are similar to side quests in that they are self-contained and often unrelated to other quests. Unlike regular side quests, however, and as the name implies, group quests are intended to be completed by two or more characters working together. While the difficulty of the content is tailored to groups, it is often possible to complete group quests alone at mid to high levels, especially with a companion present.

Group dungeon quests[]

Main article: Group Dungeons

Group dungeon quests are story quests for individual dungeons designed for groups of four people. Each dungeon's quest is not repeatable and completion of it marks the dungeon as being complete for all characters on the same account, but this does not prevent other characters from starting the quest. Undaunted Pledges are a type of repeatable group dungeon quest provided at Undaunted Enclaves; there are three different quests for a different dungeon each that can be completed by defeating the dungeon's primary bosses.

Trial quests[]

Main article: Trials

Trials are large dungeons intended to be completed by a large group of 12 people working together and coordinating to defeat powerful bosses and groups of enemies with complex mechanics. Trial quests are repeatable, but unlike other repeatable quests, can only be completed once per week instead of once per day. Trial quests also include minor pointer quests that are designed to provide directions to the trial and introduce the quest's story.

Faction quests[]

Main article: Factions (Online)

The Vestige may join any faction at any time to complete their quest lines. Membership in factions is not mutually exclusive, allowing the Vestige to join and complete all of their quest lines. For some quests, the Vestige must reach a prerequisite skill level in the appropriate faction's skill line to begin the next main quest. Daily quests require the Vestige to reach a certain main quest before they can be accepted.

Companion quests[]

Main article: Companions (Online)

Companion quests are quests made available after enough rapport has been earned with a particular companion. Companions have three to four quests that are offered sequentially as soon as the minimum amount of rapport has been reached for each one. Each consecutive quest for a companion requires more rapport with them. Rapport is earned with a companion by performing actions that they like; some actions offer more rapport than others, and some actions reduce rapport. The final quest for a companion will allow them to be a houseguest.

Prologue quests[]

Prologues are quests designed to introduce the narrative of an upcoming chapter or DLC. It is not necessary to own the associated chapter or DLC to complete the prologue, but further quests do require ownership by purchase or with an ESO Plus subscription. Prologue quests are introduced prior to launch of its associated chapter and DLC.

Crafting quests[]

Main article: Crafting (Online)

Quests are offered to provide experience in leveling crafting skills. There are two categories of crafted items: equipment (weapons, armor and jewelry) and consumables (food, beverages, potions and poisons, and glyphs). Prior to completing regular and master crafting writs, the Vestige must complete a certification quest for each crafting skill that serves as an introduction to crafting various types of items. Regular craft writs are offered each day to complete and will provide the Vestige with materials and master crafting writ contracts. Master crafting writs are contracts to craft specific items and provide the Vestige with writ vouchers that can be spent on unique items.

Event quests[]

Main article: Events (Online)

Each year, several events are held that present unique rewards and, with them, quests and activities. The Anniversary Jubilee celebrates the anniversary of the release of Online, the Witches Festival in October celebrates horror and Gothic themes, Midyear Mayhem celebrates player-versus-player (PvP) content in Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, the Jester's Festival celebrates comedy and foolishness, and the New Life Festival celebrates the New Year in Tamriel.

PvP quests[]

Main article: Battlegrounds
Main article: Cyrodiil (Online)

Various quests are offered in Battlegrounds and Cyrodiil that feature repeatable objectives based around PvP content. Cyrodiil PvP quests include objectives to capture Elder Scrolls, fortifications and resources as well as kill other players and scout hostile locations. Battlegrounds quests can only be completed in Battlegrounds and some may require a specific game type to complete.


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