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Quests given in The Elder Scrolls Online. Finishing a quest rewards the Vestige with gold and unique weapons. All quests are optional; i.e. the Vestige could spend the entire game exploring and crafting to level up. Leveled gold values reflect the gold reward at the minimum level for the quest. While some quests have a fixed amount of experience gain, many quests have a multiplier based on their difficulty.

Main questsEdit

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Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon Skill Points XP
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour Coldharbour Wailing Prison 1 The Prophet Sealed Urn 0 1 618
The Harborage The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 5 The Prophet Prophet's Recollection 146 1
Daughter of Giants The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 10 The Prophet Titanborn Family Signet 260 1
Chasing Shadows The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 15 The Prophet Aldmion's Amulet 336 1
Castle of the Worm The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 20 The Prophet Signet of the Worm 370 1
The Tharn Speaks Davon's Watch See Summary on Quest Page 25 Abnur Tharn Tharn Family Ring 446 1
Halls of Torment The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 30 The Prophet Jewel of the Duchess 446 1
Valley of the Blades The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 35 Sai Sahan Sword Saint's Choker 486 1
Shadow of Sancre Tor The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 40 Sai Sahan Signet of Sancre Tor 526 1
Council of the Five Companions The Harborage See Summary on Quest Page 40 The Prophet Band of the Companions 564 1
God of Schemes Coldharbour Heart's Grief 50 Abnur Tharn Travel to other alliance territory 604 1

Aldmeri Dominion questsEdit

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The Vestige can choose to go to Khenarthi's Roost after doing the initial Coldharbour quests.

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Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon Skill Points XP
Dark Knowledge Khenarthi's Roost Southwest of Khenarthi's Roost 2 Cartirinque Inducer's Scalpel 56
Ensuring Security Auridon Vulkhel Guard Docks 5 Watch Captain Astanya 116
New in Town Auridon Vulkhel Guard Docks Malareth Collector's Coinblade 23
To Mathiisen Auridon West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 9 Battlereeve Urcelmo 30
To Tanzelwil Auridon Vulkhel Guard 6 Queen Ayrenn 24
Rites of the Queen Auridon West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 8 Queen Ayrenn Eaglehammer Longbow 114 1
Tears of the Two Moons Khenarthi's Roost West of the Temple of Mourning Springs 2 Gathwen Mourning Bow 112
Moon-Sugar Medicament Khenarthi's Roost North of Laughing Moons Plantation 2 Note inside pirate's camp Hazak's Hauberk 70
Cast Adrift Khenarthi's Roost Shattered Shoals 2 Sargeant Firion Broadhead Shield 112
Unaccounted Crew Auridon Vulkhel Guard 6 Captain Erronfaire Sailor's Hatchet 85
A Pinch of Sugar Khenarthi's Roost Laughing Moons Plantation 2 Juranda-ra Ratsplatter 85
The Family Business Khenarthi's Roost Speckled Shell Plantation 2 Azbi-ra Sugar Jacket 106
The Perils of Diplomacy Khenarthi's Roost Mistral 4 Razum-dar Queen's Own Cuirass 186
Storm on the Horizon Khenarthi's Roost Eagle's Strand Razum-dar Gold Fleet's Beacon 106
In the Name of the Queen Auridon Southwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine 8 Prince Naemon 114
Corruption Stones Auridon Tanzelwil 8 Priestess Langwe Monastic Slippers 114
The Toothmaul Ploy Auridon Toothmaul Gully 9 Pirondil Battered Bear Trap 152
Well-Armed Savages Auridon Toothmaul Gully 9 Jilan-dar 152
Putting the Pieces Together Auridon Mathiisen 9 Razum-dar 152
Silent Village Auridon Shattered Grove 10 Halino 130
A Village Awakened Auridon Shattered Grove 10 Binder's Robe 130
Silsailen Rescue Auridon Silsailen 6 Watchman Cirdur 98
Repentant Son Auridon Del's Claim; Mathiisen 7 Bloody Journal (inside Del's Claim) Heritance Gauntlets 53
Real Marines Auridon Silsailen (Follows Silsailen Rescue) 6 Hanilan 93
Teldur's End Auridon Silsailen (Follows Real Marines) 6 Elenwen Traitor's Flame 93
One of the Undaunted 12 146
Plague of Phaer Auridon Phaer 7 Anganirne 106
The First Patient Auridon Phaer (After Plague of Phaer) 7 Velatosse Plaguetender's Staff 212
The Unveiling Auridon Behind Malani's House 9 Razum-dar Queen's Eye Leathers 122
To Skywatch Auridon Mathiisen 9 Razum-dar 30
Lifting the Veil Auridon Skywatch 11 Royal Guard 138
Wearing the Veil Auridon Barbed Hook Tavern 11 Palomir 172
The Veil Falls Auridon The Veiled Isle 11 Alandare Queensguard Chestplate 138 1
Breaking the Barrier Auridon Firsthold 15 Razum-dar 168

Daggerfall Covenant questsEdit

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Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon Skill Points XP
Ash and Reprieve Glenumbra Deleyn's Mill 6 Wyress Helene 93
Back-Alley Murders Glenumbra Daggerfall 5 Beggar Matthew 42
Blood and the Crescent Moon Glenumbra Daggerfall 5 Giblets 73
Bloodthorn Assassins Glenumbra Daggerfall 4 Captain Aresin King's Justice 85 1
Season of Harvest Bad Man's Hallows Glenumbra 5 Curator Nicholas 116
Carzog's Demise Betnikh 6 Lambur Tazgol's Ancestral Axe 196 1
Buried Secrets Stros M'Kai Bthzark 4 Neramo Neramo's Staff 106
Swine Thief Glenumbra Daggerfall 4 Swineherd Wickton Swine-Herder's Britches 42
The Bloodthorn Plot Betnikh Betnikh Docks 4 Gruluk gro-Khazun 85
Into the Hills Betnikh Carved Hills 6 Laganakh Bloodthorn Dagger of the Trainee 122
Turning of the Trees Glenumbra Deleyn's Mill 5 Wyress Helene Wyress Sash 93
The Wyrd Tree's Roots Glenumbra Near Deleyn's Mill 5 Wyress Jehanne Wyress Mantle 93
The Wyrd Sisters Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 5 Wyress Helene 24
Seeking the Guardians Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 5 Wyress Ileana 53
Champion of the Guardians Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 7 Wyress Ileana Guardian's Hammer 106
To the Wyrd Tree Glenumbra Near Wyrd Camp 7 Guardian of the Water 26
Reclaiming the Elements Glenumbra Wyrd Tree 8 Wyress Gwen Guardian's Gauntlets 114
Purifying the Wyrd Tree Glenumbra Wyrd Tree 8 Wyress Gwen Wyrd Branch 57 1
Farlivere's Gambit Glenumbra 8 Daggerfall Patroller
Disorganized Crime Glenumbra Red Rook Camp 8 Lord Arcady Noellaume Daggerfall Guard Tabard 114
Lady Eloise's Lockbox Glenumbra Red Rook Camp 8 Lady Eloise Noellaume Noellaume Family Heirloom 57
Signals of Dominion Glenumbra Farwatch Tower 8 Sergeant Muzbar Lion Guard Poleyns 57
Legacy of Baelborne Rock Glenumbra Baelborne Rock 7 Athel Baelborne Baelborne Signet 132
Sphere Assembly Stros M'Kai 4 Corpse Rulorn's Silken Garb 85
The Broken Spearhead Glenumbra Stros M'Kai 4 Mihayya 85
Innocent Scoundrel Glenumbra Stros M'Kai 4 Jakarn Jakarn's Machete 170
Like Moths to a Candle Glenumbra Stros M'Kai 4 Telonil Smuggler's Vest 106
The Spearhead's Crew Stros M'Kai 5 Nicolene 85
Tip of the Spearhead Stros M'Kai 5 Lambur Gallant Chain 146
On to Glenumbra Stros M'Kai 6 Chief Tazgol 49
Goblin Marq Stros M'Kai Port Hunding 2–4 Grubby Grunyun 42
Tarnish the Crown Stros M'Kai Dogeater Goblin Camp 4 Gugnir Goblinslayer Chausses 42
Washed Ashore Stros M'Kai Outside Port Hunding 4 Shazeem 85
Izad's Treasure Stros M'Kai Buried Chest 106
Unearthing the Past Glenumbra Betnikh 6 Rozag gro-Khazun Kingsguard Hammer 196
Daughter of Seamount Glenumbra Betnikh Hunt-Wife Lurgush Seamount Bow 49
Prove Your Worth Glenumbra Betnikh 6 Garnikh Garnikh's Bite 24
Vital Inheritance Glenumbra Aldcroft 9 Alexia Dencent Dencent Family Heirloom 61
The Dagger's Edge Glenumbra Alain Diel Campsite 8 Lord Alain Diel Dagger's Combat Stompers 228
Werewolves to the North Glenumbra Aldcroft 8 Wyress Gwen 28
Pride of the Lion Guard Glenumbra Mire Falls 9 Recruit Gorak Lion Guard's Pride 28
A Duke in Exile Glenumbra Aldcroft 9 Chamberlain Weller 28
Wolves in the Fold Glenumbra Aldcroft 9 Duke Sebastien 61
The Hidden Treasure Glenumbra Dresan Keep 8 Richard Dusant Dusant's Antique Dagger 114
The Dresan Index Glenumbra Dresan Keep 8 Richard Dusant 28
The Glenumbra Moors Aldcroft Glenumbra Moors 10 Gloria Fausta 65
Crocodile Bounty Glenumbra 12 Gold for Teeth! 73
Garments by Odei Glenumbra Cambray Pass 12 Odei Philippe Odei's Stylish Epauliers 73
Wicked Trade Glenumbra Near Tangle Rock 12 Guy LeBlanc LeBlanc's Walking Shoes 73
Wyrd and Coven Glenumbra Northern Wyress Camp 12 Guy LeBlanc Mother Murk's Corrupted Sprig 146
Farsight Glenumbra Betnikh 6 Magula 49
Tormented Souls Glenumbra Betnikh Azlakha Targoth's Shield 122
Vines and Villains Glenumbra Dwynnarth Ruins 13 Guard Adele Kip's Roguish Leathers 153
Ripple Effect Glenumbra Glenumbra Moors 10 Conjurer Grahla 130
The Ghosts of Westtry Glenumbra Westtry 12 Leon Milielle 146
A Step Back in Time Glenumbra Glenumbra Moors 10 Alana Relin 130
The Nameless Soldier Glenumbra Glenumbra Moors 10 Scout Hanil Bastion of the Dragon 130
Retaking Camlorn Glenumbra Glenumbra Moors 11 Conjurer Grahla 34
Rally Cry Glenumbra Camlorn 11 General Gautier Lion Guard Great Helmet 138
Wayward Scouts Glenumbra Farwatch Tower 8 Corporal Aldouin Lion Guard Gauntlets 57
Memento Mori Glenumbra Westtry 12 Leon Milielle Captain Rosalind's Blade 146
A Lingering Hope Glenumbra Camlorn 11 General Gautier 138
Hidden in Flames Glenumbra Camlorn 11 General Mandin 138
The Lion Guard's Stand Glenumbra Lion Guard Redoubt 13 Vargos gro-Guthra 153
Mastering the Talisman Glenumbra Merovec's Folly 13 Gabrielle Benele Gabrielle's Staff of Healing 153
Forgotten Ancestry Glenumbra Cath Bedraud 14 Harald Winvale 80
Legitimate Interests Glenumbra Lion Guard Redoubt
15 Garmeg the Ironfinder 168
The Corpse Horde Glenumbra Merovec's Folly 13 Sir Malik Nasir 38
The Miner's Lament Glenumbra Crosswych 15 Tamien Sellan Crosswych Mining Maul 168
Crosswych Reclaimed Glenumbra Crosswych 15 Tamien Sellan Red Rook Ailettes 84
Cursed Treasure Glenumbra Near Burial Mounds 14 Spirit of Sir Marley Oris King Deleyn's Silk Gloves 160
Servants of Ancient Kings Glenumbra Burial Mounds 14 Spirit of King Deleyn King Deleyn's Longbow 80
Fortune in Failure Glenumbra Cryptwatch Fort 14 Finding a message Lion Guard Battle Staff 40
The Fall of Faolchu Glenumbra Camlorn 11 Darien Gautier Lion Guard Pauldrons 138 1
The White Mask of Merien Glenumbra Eagle's Brook 11 Tamien Sellan 138
Cutting Off the Source Glenumbra Eagle's Brook 11 Merien Sellan Lion Guard Sabatons 138
A Brush with Death Glenumbra Mines of Khuras 11 Finding a note Guifford's Mining Helmet 34
The Jeweled Crown of Anton Glenumbra Tomb of Lost Kings 15 Stibbons Stibbons' Dapper Chapeau 168
Mists of Corruption Glenumbra Lion Guard Redoubt
Cath Bedraud
15 Sir Lanis Shaldon 168
Dead Man's Wrist Stros M'Kai Sandy Grotto 2 Finding a dead man 14
A Mysterious Curio Glenumbra Dresan Keep 2 Finding the Faded and Dusty Scroll 114
Last Night Stros M'Kai Trelan Campsite 4 Trelan 21
Moment of Truth Stros M'Kai West of Port Hunding 4 Dugroth 85
Izad's Treasure Stros M'Kai Wrecked Ship 4 Buried Chest 70
The Labyrinth Glenumbra Cath Bedraud 15 Gabrielle Benele Lion Guard Girdle 168
A Dangerous Dream Glenumbra/Stormhaven Supernal Dreamers Camp 16 Recruit Maelle Cleftside Espaulders 169
Angof the Gravesinger Glenumbra Cath Bedraud 15 Darien Gautier Daggerfall Champion's Breastplate 210 1
False Accusations Stormhaven Koeglin Village 16 Dame Dabienne Unsullied Gauntlets 169
The Slavers Stormhaven Ember-Eye Campsite 16 Margot Oscent 42
Lighthouse Attack Plans Stormhaven Ember-Eye Campsite 16 Finding the attack plans 84
Can't Leave Without Her Stormhaven Vanne Farm 16 Phinis Vanne 84
Divert and Deliver Stormhaven Steelheart Moorings 17 First Mate Elvira Derre Scimitar of Suffering 117
The Slumbering Farmer Stormhaven Vanne Farm 17 Brother Perry Knavish Mucking Boots 169
Rozenn's Dream Stormhaven Nightmare Crag 17 Ingride Vanne Supernal Reverie Staff 173
A Family Affair Stormhaven Nurin Farm 17 Lugharz Crofter's Corslet 173
Scamp Invasion Stormhaven Nurin Farm 17 William Nurin Burnished Knife 86
To Alcaire Castle Stormhaven Koeglin Village 16 Dame Dabienne 42
Repair Koeglin Lighthouse Stormhaven Koeglin Lighthouse 16 Tyree Marence 84
Captive Crewmembers Stormhaven Near Koeglin Lighthouse 16 Captain Albert Marck Seaworthy Shoes 42
Legacy of the Three Stormhaven Near Alcaire Castle 16 Opening a Weather-Beaten Trunk Sir Edain's War Belt 86
Army at the Gates Stormhaven Alcaire Castle 17 Sentry Rechiche Sir Hughes' Axe 173
Two Sides to Every Coin Stormhaven Alcaire Castle 17 Sir Hughes 86
Life of the Duchess Stormhaven Alcaire Castle 18 Duchess Lakana 88
The Safety of the Kingdom Stormhaven Alcaire Castle 18 Sir Hughes Alcaire Banneret's Helm 88
Tracking Sir Hughes Stormhaven Alcaire Castle 18 Duke Nathaniel 44
The Flame of Dissent Stormhaven Firebrand Keep 18 Sir Edmund 88 1
A Ransom for Miranda Stormhaven Farangel's Landing 20 Serge Arcole 46
The Dreugh Threat Stormhaven Dreughside 20 Sergeant Stegine 92
They Dragged Him Away Stormhaven Dreughside 20 Adiel Charnis 92
The Sower Reaps Stormhaven Dreughside 20 Arcady Charnis Baron Sorick's Pauldrons 185
The Oldest Orc Alik'r Desert Salas En 32 Gurlak Mauloch's Cleaver 57
The Search Is Over Alik'r Desert Divad's Chagrin Mine ?? Armin 75
Trials and Tribulations Bangkorai Hall of Heroes ?? High King Emeric Heroes' Hatchet 337

Ebonheart Pact questsEdit

Main article: Ebonheart Pact Quests

The player can choose to go to Bleakrock Isle after awakening in Tamriel. The quests there are the best for beginning players because the area is leveled for players level eight and lower.

Main article: Bleakrock Isle Quests

The second optional area is Bal Foyen: Bal Foyen Quests

Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon Skill Points XP
Legacy of the Ancestors Stonefalls Davon's Watch 3 Holgunn 73
Delaying the Daggers Stonefalls Davon's Watch 4 Tanval Indoril 42
City Under Siege Stonefalls Davon's Watch 4 Holgunn Indoril Pyrostaff 85 656
Wake the Dead Stonefalls Othrenis 7 Onuja 53
Rending Flames Stonefalls Othrenis 7 Mavos Siloreth

Ancient Warden's Greaves

Restoring the Guardians Stonefalls Ash Mountain 8 Garyn Indoril 57
The Death of Balreth Stonefalls Ash Mountain 8 Walks-in-Ash Dagon Morag 114 1
The Coral Heart Stonefalls Vivec's Antlers 10 Captain Noris Alexandra's Froststaff 130
Breaking Fort Virak Stonefalls Fort Virak 12 Sergeant Gjorring 182
Evening the Odds Stonefalls Fort Virak 12 Walks-in-Ash 146
A Beginning in Bleakrock Stonefalls Davon's Watch Docks 4 Riurk 85
A Favor Returned Deshaan Mournhold 19 Naryu Virian Naryu's Sniper's Bow 226
Cultural Exchange Deshaan Mournhold 19 Rigurt the Brash Rigurt's Cultural Coif 45
The Mournhold Underground Deshaan House Dres Farmstead 19 Naryu Virian Ordinator Boots 226
The Seal of Three Deshaan Tribunal Temple 21 Almalexia Ordinator Helm 378 1
By Invitation Only Deshaan Mournhold 21 Nosaleeth 189
A Service for the Dead Deshaan Tal'Deic Fortress 21 Redoran Cuisses
School Daze Deshaan Shad Astula 21 Arch-Mage Valeyn 189
You Have to Break a Few Deshaan Lady Llarel's Shelter 17 Dark Elf Chef's Apron 86
Escape from Bleakrock Bleakrock
The Missing of Bleakrock Bleakrock
Sparking the Flames Bleakrock
What Waits Beneath Bleakrock
Vision Quest Shad Astula 21 Arch-Mage Valeyn Shad Astula Academy Robes and Lena's Wand of Finding 236
Search and Rescue Deshaan Deepcrag Den 21 Edrasa Drelas Kwama Mining Gloves 189
Carving Cuttle Deshaan Deepcrag Den 21 Orona 94
Chasing the Magistrix Deshaan Tribunal Temple 21 Almalexia 47
That Which Matters Most Deshaan Mzithumz 18 Caravan Master Girano Caravan Master's Ring 44
Dissonant Commands Deshaan Mzithumz 18 Bedyni the Artificer 177
Mechanical Murder Deshaan Southwest of Mzithumz, east of Obsidian Gorge at the fork in the road 18 Smashed Dwarven Sphere Dres Dirk 177
Restless Spirits Deshaan South of Selfora, north of Coiled Path Landing 22 Forlorn One 193
The Ravaged Village Deshaan Silent Mire 23 Vara-Zeen 98
Trade Negotiations Deshaan South of entrance to Selfora, in Vale of the Ghost Snake 20 Apprentice Harlin 185
Supply Run Deshaan Selfora 22 Aamela Rethandus 48
The Dungeon Delvers Deshaan Right outside of Bthanual 18 Raynor Vanos 177
The Light Fantastic Deshaan Bthanual 18 Kireth Vanos Dungeon-Delving Slippers 177
The Trial of the Ghost Snake Deshaan Vale of the Ghost Snake 20 Farseer Bodani Snakeskin Belt 231
Remembering Risa Deshaan South of Coiled Path Landing 20 Risa's Journal
Rescue and Revenge Deshaan Selfora 22 Forlorn One Selforan Temple Sash 193
A Saint Asunder Deshaan Selfora 23 Acolyte Gami
The Llodos Plague Deshaan Quarantine Serk 17 Guard Nen 43
Challenge the Tide Deshaan Malak's Maw 16 Svanhildr Gruznak's Chestplate 84
A Blow for Order Deshaan Eidolon's Hollow 24 Ordinator Gorili

Mages Guild questsEdit

Main article: Mages Guild Quests (Online)
Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon Skill Points XP
Curinure's Invitation, Nemarc's Invitation, or Rudrasa's Invitation 5 Curinure, Nemarc, or Rudrasa 23
Long Lost Lore 8 Valaste Amulet of Eyevea 228
Simply Misplaced 15 Artifact-Hunter's Band 336
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter 25 Valaste Thespian's Ring 408
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent 33 Shalidor Uncle Leo's Choker 470
The Mad God's Bargain 43 Shalidor Folium Discognitum or Spellbreaker's Staff 548 2 or 0
The Arch-Mage's Boon 50 Shalidor Eidetic Memory 302

Fighters Guild questsEdit

Main article: Fighters Guild Quests (Online)
Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon

Skill Points

Basile's Invitation/Hilan's Invitation 5 Fighters Guild Handbill or Hilan 23
Anchors from the Harbor 8 Sees-All-Colors Anchorstone Amulet 228
The Dangerous Past 15 Courier Dwemerdark Signet 336
The Prismatic Core 25 Courier Forgemaster's Band 408
Proving the Deed 33 Courier Aelif's Shadowband 470
Will of the Council 43 Courier Prismatic Weapon, access to the Earth Forge 548

Special event questsEdit

Name Region Location Level Quest Giver Reward GoldIcon

Skill Points

Ache For Cake Auridon
Vulkhel Docks
[?] Jubilee Cake Voucher Jubilee Cake
The Witchmother's Bargain Auridon
Olyve's Brewery [?] Crow Caller Witchmother's Whistle 335


  • "Ache For Cake" was only available during The Elder Scrolls Online two year Anniversary event.
  • "The Witchmother's Bargain" will only be available during the Witches Festival event.

Daily questsEdit




  • An explanation of the game's gold reward scaling by level can be found here.

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