"Quicksilver Mine is the best mine in Dawnstar, and you can tell those Iron-Breaker miners I said so."

Quicksilver Mine is located in the town of Dawnstar, in the western part of the town near the water and the dock. It has five quicksilver ore veins. There are a few non-hostile miners working the quicksilver ore inside. A smelter is located outside by the entrance to the mine and many pickaxes are scattered throughout the mine.


  • Five quicksilver ore veins
    1. On the right, as you enter the main room, next to the second ramp you see.
    2. Go up the ramp mentioned in #1, turn right up the next ramp, right again, it is straight ahead, left of the next inclined ramp, on the floor.
    3. Continue walking along the wall on your left, it will be on the floor, underneath a platform, as the path curves right, just before the table with the woodcutter axe.
    4. On the first level, directly below #3, on the wall.
    5. Right next to #4, they are about 3 feet apart, also on wall.
  • Two quicksilver ores
    1. On the bottom floor, just past vein #1,under or right in front of a mining cart with a couple of pickaxes in it. 
    2. One on a shelf of the second level, on the right, near the entrance, also nearby vein #1.

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  • Many of the people in Dawnstar who work for the blacksmith near the mine state that the Quicksilver Mine is much better than Iron-Breaker Mine, despite the fact that there are only five ore veins inside.
  • This mine, like many others, respawns its ores every thirty or so in-game days.


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