Quintilla, also referred as Quizara in Biography of the Wolf Queen, was daughter of King Vulstaed of Camlorn. She was believed to be one of the most beautiful princesses in Tamriel, and was skilled in all maidenly skills as well as being an accomplished sorceress.

In 3E 63, the widowed Prince Pelagius Septim II arrived at the court of Camlorn. During his visit, the city-state was terrorized by a great demon werewolf. According to The Wolf Queen, Book I, Quintilla and Pelagius defeated the beast and its soul was bound to a gem. Pelagius made this gem into a ring and used it to marry Quintilla.

It is said that the soul of the great wolf remained in the gem until the birth of couple's first child, Potema Septim, who later became known by the name of Wolf Queen of Solitude. Quintilla had two other, much younger children - Cephorus and Magnus, both of whom became Emperors in their lifetimes. She was also step-mother to Pelagius's first son Antiochus, but they were never close. He was already fourteen when Quintilla and Pelagius met.

Quintilla is once again mentioned in the The Wolf Queen, Book III. She is said to have visited Potema in the Blue Palace in 3E 99, shortly after death of Pelagius. In the book, she admits that she is not happy with Antiochus becoming the Emperor, and that it is unfortunate that she will not live to see Potema's son Uriel take the throne of Solitude. She gives Potema a necklace with a single yellow gem—the one with werewolf's soul—as a gift to Uriel. The necklace is enchanted with an Illusion spell that makes the wearer able to Charm whosoever he chooses, a worthy skill for both king and emperor. She also correctly predicts that Potema's husband, King Mantiarco, already over 80 years old, will die very soon.

It is also believed that Quintilla died the same year, 3E 99.

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