Not to be confused with Quintus Verres.
"I shall be the greatest hero of the Empire, the Slayer of Evil. And the first evil I shall slay is you."
―Quintus Varus[src]

Quintus Varus, also known as the Mad Warden, is the lunatic warden of Stormhold Prison, and the main antagonist in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold. His relentless search for the Stormhold Crystal had corrupted the Overseers and the other tunnel rats.



Quintus Varus in the center of the prison

At certain points in the game, Varus appears in the center of the camp to speak with the player. He appears a total of three times, and dialogue happens automatically when the player gets within one space of him. Varus appears every time the player warps back to Helga after reaching the warp room of the last area in any direction directed by Helga.

During Varus' first appearance, if the player asks Helga about any rumors, she will mention that Varus had four fellow tunnel rats executed for finding out what he is after. After his second appearance, Helga will say that Varus threatened her life, thinking that she was trying to steal the Stormhold Crystal. She was certain he would have her killed, but Varus is defeated at Varus' Victory before any such thing could be carried out.


  • "You are blessed to be part of my plans to rid the Empire of evil. Do your part and your days here shall have a minimum of pain." – On his first appearance
  • "I know you steal from us, but you are an effective tunnel rat. Don't be greedy, and I shall overlook your indiscretions." – On his second appearance
  • "Do you know the value of crystals? I do. Dig all you want, but do not think to take the one I value. It would mean your life." – On his third appearance


  • From afar, Quintus Varus' sprite has horns on his helmet, but up close, it does not. Additionally, the art on Mark Jones' website shows Quintus Varus with a horned helmet.
  • Quintus Varus is too powerful to be killed with a Black Aura Crystal.


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