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Ra'Zhid's Dwemer Artifacts is part of the Thieves Guild quest line in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sugar-Lips Habasi.
  2. Travel to Hla Oad to recover some stolen Dwemer artifacts.
  3. Find the smuggler Ra'Zhid at Fatleg's Drop Off.
  4. Recover the stolen artifacts.
  5. Return to Sugar-Lips Habasi.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Sugar-Lips Habasi wants the Nerevarine to recover some Dwemer artifacts stolen by Ra'Zhid in Hla Oad.

Finding Ra'ZhidEdit

Ra'Zhid can be found in Hla Oad. The best way to get there would be taking a Silt Strider to Vivec City then taking a ship to Hla Oad. Once in Hla Oad, go to Fatleg's Drop Off where Ra'Zhid will be inside. No matter how much he is persuaded, he will not tell the Nerevarine about the artifacts.

Dwemer ArtifactsEdit

The Dwemer artifacts are locked in a chest behind the barrels on the left of the door. Ra'Zhid carries the key to this chest on himself. The Nerevarine can either attempt to pickpocket the key from him, or attempt to lockpick the level 35 lock of the chest. If they are detected while trying to pickpocket, lockpick, or even using the pickpocketed key to open the chest, Ra'Zhid will attack. In this case, the key can then be obtained from Ra'Zhid's body.

Return to Sugar-Lips Habasi to receive the reward.


Journal entriesEdit

Ra'Zhid's Dwemer Artifacts
Sugar-Lips Habasi told me that Ra'Zhid at Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad promised to deliver some Dwemer artifacts to the Thieves Guild. Habasi asked me to bring her a Dwemer tube, Dwemer goblet, and Dwemer bowl.
  • Quest accepted
Ra'Zhid told me that he has not yet received the Dwemer artifacts.
Sugar-Lips Habasi told me that Ra'Zhid is lying. Ra'Zhid does have the Dwemer artifacts somewhere in Hla Oad.
Sugar-Lips Habasi thanked me for bringing her Ra'Zhid's dwemer artifacts.
  • Quest completed


  • A high Sneak skill can be beneficial during this quest.
  • Talking to Ra'Zhid after successfully stealing the Dwemer Artifacts leads to the option to either return them or not. Choosing not to return them will cause Ra'Zhid to become hostile.
  • Alternatively, Sugar-Lips Habasi will accept artifacts found in any Dwemer ruin. However, She will only accept a Dwemer goblet that weighs four WeightIcon,

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