"Air and sand can cut like blades in the wind. Ra-Kotu will prove this."
―The Warrior[src]

Ra-Kotu is a powerful and enormous Air Atronach encountered as the first boss in the Hel Ra Citadel Trial.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Prior to encounter, Ra-Kotu appears after an army of Anka-Ra protecting the gates of the Citadel is defeated, and is then accompanied by two Anka-Ra War-Priests. The tanking delver should taunt Ra-Kotu in a manner avoiding sweep attacks against other delvers, but not with his back towards the Citadel, as he must be healed. Healers should prioritize damage-mitigating abilites such as Solar Prison, Ring of Preservation, and Barrier.

During the fight, Gusts will spawn, an ability of Ra-Kotu, and will target delvers randomly. Damage-dealers and healers should avoid these Gusts. Ra-Kotu has a power attack which can be blocked by the tank. On veteran difficulty, this attack can be fatal. Ra-Kotu uses "Six Sword Assault," where he throws four swords in a diagonal attack, which come back to him. If this attack hits a delver twice, it can prove fatal, but can be avoided by standing behind the back of Ra-Kotu.

When Ra-Kotu reaches 30% in health, he will begin a periodic spin attack, and the tank must slowly avoid it while melee damage-dealers must stay away and adapt ranged combat.

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