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Rabbits are common, passive animals seen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Rabbits flee at the sight of any humanoid or predator, but can be killed with sneak or ranged attack.

Rabbits often are seen being hunted by wolves and foxes. Hunters do not follow rabbits, but if they happen to come across each other, the hunter will attempt to kill the animal.


With The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire installed, an adopted child may show up with a rabbit named Cotton, asking to keep it. If permitted, Cotton will not run away from the Dragonborn, and may be seen near the bed of the child who asked to keep it, near an adopted child, or wandering around in the house.


  • Multiple rabbits can be found inside Shadowgreen Cavern.
  • Rabbits are very common, and as such can be found almost everywhere in Skyrim.



  • Using the Wabbajack upon a humanoid has a slight chance of transforming them into a rabbit.
  • Rabbits have no attacks, and using Fury spells or Frenzy result in an aggressive rabbit, that follows the Dragonborn around in this state.
    • Any other non-passive character that sees the rabbit will attempt to kill it, as the rabbit is still flagged as hostile. This also works on goats and other animals.
  • Using Unrelenting Force, among most other attacks, will kill a rabbit instantly.
  • Checking the "Combat" tab in the Character Menu displays a "Bunnies Slaughtered" statistic.
  • A werewolf with the perk Savage Feeding can feed on dead rabbits in the open, but not from those hanging from game racks.
  • Despite being called rabbits in-game, they are referred to as hares in the game files. They also share more physical and social attributes with hares than they do rabbits, being larger with no burrows, and often found no more than two at a time.
  • There is a counter in the general section of the journal that counts how many rabbits have been "slaughtered" by the Dragonborn.


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  •  360   PS3   Rabbits occasionally jump into ponds and rivers if chased. If the Dragonborn follows them, they can be seen hopping around underwater; but do not drown. Similarly, rabbits jump off cliffs if chased to them, but will not die.
  •  360   PS3   The Dragonborn cannot pick up the corpse of a rabbit; picking up a rabbit's corpse is like picking up a deer's, it will only shift slightly.
  •  360   Rarely, if a rabbit runs onto very rough or steep terrain it may glitch and teleport (usually to the left).
  • If a dead rabbit is resurrected using the resurrect console command, it does not respawn as a live rabbit. Instead, the corpse of the rabbit will begin to slide, in a haphazard pattern, across the terrain.
  • When Conjuration spells are used on rabbits, they reanimate again but remain in place with their legs kicking wildly. They can still be searched, as if they were still dead.
  •  360   PS3   Occasionally, rabbits will become impervious to attacks- as though they are not physically there. If the player attacks with a weapon or spell, the game will read the attack as though they were hitting bare-ground instead of a creature.