Race Against the Clock is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The Nerevarine must deliver a report to Carnius at Fort Frostmoth within the next five hours.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Falco
  • Head to Fort Frostmoth and speak with Constans Atrius
  • Find Carnius and deliver the report
  • Return to Falco

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon completing Discovery in the Mine, if the Nerevarine sided with Falco, he will tell them to deliver a report to Carnius within the next 5 hours.

Head to Fort Frostmoth. a Divine Intervention spell can be used to get there faster. Once there, the Nerevarine discovers that Carnius is not there. speaking with Constans Atrius will reveal that Carnius has left for another location, and reveal where Carnius currently is. At this point, a curse will be placed on the Nerevarine which will burden them and drastically lower their speed and agility

There are three locations where Carnius can have gone, chosen at random when the quest is started:

Note that two of these locations are far closer to Raven Rock than they are to Fort Frostmoth, so it might be wisdom to place a Mark spell there before the quest so that you can return there quickly.

Once you've found Carnius, hand him the report and then return to Falco to get your reward. If the Nerevarine fails to reach Carnius in time, they will be permanently expelled from the East Empire Company.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Race Against the Clock
Falco has told me I must deliver a report to Carnius at the fort within the next five hours.
  • Quest accepted
I have arrived at the fort, but Carnius is not here. I've been told he can be found at Brodir Grove, so I'll have to take the report there to get it to him on time.
I have arrived at the fort, but Carnius is not here. I've been told he can be found at the shipwreck site on the West Coast of the island. I'll need to hurry to get the report to him in time.
I have arrived at the fort, but Carnius is not here. I've been told he can be found along the coast, east of a large rock formation and burial tomb. I'll need to hurry if I'm to give him this report in time.
I have delivered the report to Carnius on time, and should let Falco know.
Falco thanked me for being able to deliver the report on time.
  • Quest complete
The five hours has expired; I have failed to deliver the report. I should let Falco know the bad news.
Falco fired me for not delivering the report on time.
  • Quest failed

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