Radhasa was a Redguard warrior that served in Prince Attrebus' personal bodyguard until she was discovered to be a traitor.[1]


Radhasa is a fast and skilled warrior. According to Attrebus, she was a very beautiful woman.


She claims to be Tralan the Two-Blade's daughter. It is never revealed if she really was her daughter or it was only a cover to gain Attrebus' trust.


Fourth EraEdit

Attrebus fights Radhasa to test her ability in combat. Attrebus easily defeats her, but her speed astonishes him. Attrebus is captivated by her beauty, and he allows her to join his personal bodyguard. Gulan warnes Attrebus about having sexual relations with Radhasa. Attrebus inquires Gulan about the matter and he discovers the Emperor intends Attrebus to marry soon.[1]

When Attrebus decides to secretly march into Umbriel, he orders his men to meet him at Ione. Attrebus tells Radhasa about the founding of the city, and that he owns a hunting lodge. When everyone was ready, they began their journey into Umbriel. During the journey, suddenly half of Attrebus' men caught fire. The last thing Attrebus saw before fainting was Radhasa's blade swinging towards his head.[2]

When Attrebus wakes up, Radhasa confesses she had been paid to kill him, but she was going to sell him to a eccentric Khajiit who collected people like him. She also reveals to the prince he is not the mighty warrior he thinks he is, but Attrebus refuses to belive her. They marched into Sheeraln in order to trade their horses for slarjei and water. During the journey they find a meandering stream, and Attrebus is forced to have a bath. Attrebus promises not to escape, and Radhasa unties Attrebus' ropes. Attrebus launches himself into his sword, Flashing, and he fights Radhasa. Unlike in their first encounter, Radhasa easily defeats the prince. Once Attrebus surrenders, a Dunmer attacks Radhasa and her companions, killing them and saving the prince. The Dunmer decapitates an injured Radhasa, taking her life. The Dunmer introduces himself as Sul.[3]


Radhasa worked with other seven criminals:

  • Tsani, a Khajiit
  • Draeg, a Bosmer
  • Ma-fwath, a Khajiit
  • J'yas, a Khajiit
  • Sharwa, a Khajiit
  • Amelia, a flaxen-haired Breton woman
  • Urmuk One Hand, an Orc



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