Raen was an Imperial bandit. Her corpse lies in Halldir's Cairn right next to the bodies of Vidgrod and Agrius.

Agrius's Journal says that she and her friends were kicked out of the Knifepoint Gang and took refuge in Halldir's Cairn where they were possessed by Halldir. She was the first to sacrifice herself to him.


  • Raen cannot be resurrected with console command, however she can be reanimated with Dead Thrall. She cannot be converted into a follower with the console.
  • Even she is reanimated, she will still be summoned by Halldir during the fight against him.
  • If one proceeded to kill Halldir with using console commands, Raen's corpse will disappear.
  • If she is summoned with console command after Halldir is killed, she will act like default bandit and be unaffected by Halldir.


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