Not to be confused with Ragnar the Red or Rognar.
"Not many Nords would work for a Reachman, but Ainethach is a good man."


Ragnar is a Nord miner who works inside Sanuarach Mine and at the smelter outside the mine.


He resides in the Karthwasten Miner's Barracks. He is Ainethach's right-hand man and helps supervise the mines. He seems to greatly respect Ainethach, despite the latter being a Reachman.


Rescue MissionEdit

Ragnar can also be involved in the radiant Companions quest "Rescue Mission," and is one of the possible characters that the Dragonborn must rescue.


  • "Ainethach is dead. What will happen to Karthwasten now?" —If Ainethach dies.
  • "I'm Ainethach's right-hand man. I help supervise the mines."
  • "Not many Nords would work for a Reachman, but Ainethach is a good man."
  • "Forsworn attacks are bad enough, but those sellswords are worse."
  • "You should talk to Ainethach if you have business with the mine. Not that there's much these days."


When will Sanuarach Mine be open?Edit

Lash: "When will Sanuarach Mine be open?"
Ragnar: "I don't know. Whenever those Silver-Blood men decide to leave."

Hunting InvitationEdit

Lash: "I've been thinking, would you like to join me in hunting?"
Ragnar: "You want me to hunt with you? I thought you preferred being alone."
Lash: "Your arms and legs are fit for catching strong, agile prey. I could use your help."
Ragnar: "I'd be honored, but I have work to do in the mines."

Don't need to huntEdit

Ragnar: "I haven't seen you hunting in a while."
Lash: "I can afford to buy meat now. I prefer working in the mines, anyway."

What do you think of Orcs?Edit

Lash: "Tell me, Ragnar, what do you think of the Orcs?"
Ragnar: "Cunning warriors and skilled workers. It's good to have you here, Lash."
Lash: "I asked what you thought of the Orcs, not about me."
Ragnar: "Oh. I'm sorry. Well, it's good to have you here, anyway."

Strong ArmsEdit

Lash: "You have strong arms. You'd make a good Orc."
Ragnar: "Um... thank you, Lash. You'd... make a fine Nord?"
Lash: "Don't say words you don't mean."

Damn NordsEdit

Belchimac: "Damn Nords. Always getting in the way of us honest folk."
Ragnar: "What did you say? You lazy coward, I'll cut your throat."
Belchimac: "Nothing, Ragnar. Please... don't hurt me."
Ragnar: "I... I'm sorry, Belchimac. I didn't mean that."

Forsworn KillersEdit

Ragnar: "You're always talking about the Forsworn. You aren't thinking of joining them, are you?"
Belchimac: "Maybe I will. What do you think about that?"
Ragnar: "I'm warning you. Those people are killers. You'd never last a day with them."


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