Raiment of the Crimson Scar is an enchanted Light Armor set found in the plug-in of The Vile Lair.

After purchasing all upgrades, including the Ichor of Sithis from Rowley Eardwulf, Greywyn's Armory will appear in the bedroom inside Deepscorn Hollow. It can be found in one of the cupboards beside the coffin.

For the history of the Crimson Scars, see Greywyn's Journal.


Level Base Value Weight Base Armor Health Enchantments Armor ID
1–4 6102 GoldIcon 9.5 WeightIcon 13 ArmorIcon 250 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 3 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 3 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 5 pts
Reflect Damage 10%
5–9 9404 GoldIcon 15 WeightIcon 16 ArmorIcon 350 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 5 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 8 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 8 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 8 pts
Reflect Damage 15%
10–14 12406 GoldIcon 18 WeightIcon 18 ArmorIcon 450 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 7 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 7 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 10 pts
Reflect Damage 20%
15–19 16308 GoldIcon 22 WeightIcon 21 ArmorIcon 550 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 9 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 9 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 15 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 15 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 15 pts
Reflect Damage 25%
20–24 20210 GoldIcon 26 WeightIcon 24 ArmorIcon 750 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 11 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 11 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 20 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 20 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 20 pts
Reflect Damage 30%
25+ 24512 GoldIcon 30 WeightIcon 30 ArmorIcon 950 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Agility 15 pts
Fortify Attribute: Speed 15 pts
Fortify Skill: Sneak 25 pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 25 pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 25 pts
Reflect Damage 35%

Note: Whatever level the Hero has when entering Deepscorn Hollow will be the permanent level when one gets it.

Note: Occasional problems have occurred when it is placed back into Greywyn's Armory it has a tendency to disappear.


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