Rajhin's vision from the past in the quest "A Lasting Winter."

Rajhin is the Thief god of the Khajiiti and also known as "the Purring Liar."[1] He was the most successful burglar in Elsweyr's history.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

Rajhin grew up in the Black Kiergo section of Senchal.[1] Using the power of an ancient relic, which came to be known as the Ring of Khajiiti, Rajhin was able to make himself invisible and as quick as the wind. According to legend, the Ring rebelled against such constant use and disappeared, leaving Rajhin helpless before his enemies.[2]

During his lifetime, Rajhin is said to have stolen a tattoo from the neck of Empress Kintyra as she slept.[1] The tales of Rajhin the Thief are spoken by the Khajiit to their people, as they find solace in their rich literary tradition.[3]

Books about Rajhin[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Khajiit R'leyt-harhr, Tender to the Mane, the humans of the Empire are better thieves than even Rajhin himself. This is in reference to the theft of ideas, and not actual thievery that Rajhin was famous for, "You think the Cyro-Nordics came up with that all on their own. You humans are better thieves than even Rajhin!"[4]

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