"This one is the Shadow of Rajhin! Well, a Shadow of Rajhin. There are seven of us, all told. Surely you have heard of Rajhin, yes? Elsweyr's greatest thief, whose crimes were so fabulous he became divine. This one is but an avatar of his greatness."
―Rajhin's Shadow[src]

Rajhin's Shadow is the ghostly avatar of the Khajiit trickster-god Rajhin. He appears throughout Northern Elsweyr, Grahtwood and Reaper's March and will challenge the Vestige with finding all the missing pieces of the Rithana-di-Renada mural.


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  • "It was in Tenmar that Rajhin found his first love; a bright-eyed Dagi-raht with fire in her belly. Ever tried to make love in a tree, walker? It is not as fun as it sounds." —After picking up the Tenmar Fragment
  • "Pa'alatiin, kingdom of fat priests and wealthy merchants. A survivor of plagues and wars, and only stronger for it. Rahjin wonders if the kingdom will ever truly fall." —After picking up the Pellitine Fragment


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