"Hircine go with you."

Rakel is a Nord werewolf and a member of the Frostmoon Pack. She can be found under Frostmoon Crag with the rest of the pack.


Rakel has lived in the wilderness since she was born, as her parents were members of the pack. Majni and Akar took care of her after her parents died and taught her how to hunt, however she admits that she may not be as good as they are.

Asking her if she would ever want to move to a city, she replies: "Why? Have you seen how they live? They cower behind their walls, afraid of every Ash Hopper, every netch! No, I'd rather be here. Free to hunt, free to live my life as I choose."

She is the first to confront the Dragonborn if they approach the camp, but if the Dragonborn is a werewolf, she will sniff out the beast blood in them and welcome them to the camp.


  • If the Dragonborn is a werewolf and has spoken to her, she might end up being one of the people kidnapped during the Radiant Quest "Rescue" in the Dawnguard DLC.


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