"Have you spoken to Nithelin? I was inside that night, but I know she was out walking. Naeldil, too. I'm sorry. I don't really know anything, I guess―but the Khajiit fellow was always very nice. I don't believe it was him."

Ralaenglin is a Bosmer residing in Karthdar.


  • "You are Pact Advocate and I trust your judgement. I only ask that you weigh the evidence carefully. Whatever you decide, our village will never be the same."―If spoken to during the trial
  • "It's almost over. There is just one more thing to do. The convicted must be brought to the judgement chamber."―If spoken to after giving the final verdict
  • "It kills to know Gathiel's gone. And poor Eranas. I can't imagine what he's going through―to nearly lose her to that illness, and then this happens."―In "Green Hall's Finest Brews," if condemned Gathiel


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