Rally Cry is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The city of Camlorn has fallen to Faolchu and his werewolf legion. The Lion Guard struggles to retake the city, but the odds are against them.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Help Shaza reclaim the Siege Camp
  2. Enter the West Gate and talk to General Mandin
  3. Talk to General Gautier
  4. Lock the Main Camlorn Gate
  5. Talk to General Gautier
  6. Complete the quest


Continue talking to the general and he'll agree for the Vestige to help them if they know the difference between a Breton's head and a werewolf's rear-end. They need to cut through the werewolves and link up with the troops on the other side of the camp.

Help Shaza clear a path and fight the way to General Mandin at the western gate. We'll rally the troops there and turn the tide of the war. For a while anyway. We'll follow after and take back what's ours. Then report to General Mandin. He isn't interested yet in how to kill Faolchu, they'll talk after the siege camp is under their control again.

Head inside and fight the werewolves and when all are killed, Shaza will exclaim: The werewolves were strong, but we were stronger. Go through the western gate and find General Mandin. Tell her General Gautier's troops are right behind. She is surprised and wants the Vestige to let him know how many soldiers she has left and that they are ready to fight.

Go back to the main camp to find Gautier and let him know what Mandin said. He is pleased to hear this and now it's time for their plan. They need to take hold of the courtyard, just inside the main gate and we could use some help. The inner gate must be locked, go inside the northwest tower and lock the gate.

Follow the marker to reach the northwest tower. Fight the werewolves on the way, it can be hard so sneaking a bit might help. When inside the tower, find the lever to look the main gate. Head back to Gaultier and let him know. He also mentions they need more soldiers so they are bringing in more troops before they can make a full assault on the city.


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