Not to be confused with Ramadad.
"Onto the backs of a few fall the duties of many."

Ramad is a Redguard Moth Priest who can be found at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths in Cyrodiil.


"Onto the backs of a few fall the duties of many."

Why are there so few you? "The Cult of the Ancestor Moth exists to fathom the mysteries of the Elder Scrolls. In times of chaos, few value the scrolls' wisdom, much to their sorrow. Our augurs could provide guidance to those seeking to rule Cyrodiil, if any would listen."
What do the scrolls say about this war? "Alas, that is impossible to know. The alliances have stolen the scrolls from us. If they were returned, perhaps an augur could divine the path of this war. But the power of the scrolls has blinded the alliances to the knowledge they hold."


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