Ranis Athrys is a Dunmer Nightblade and a member of the Mages Guild in Balmora. She is one of the characters that can be spoken to in order to join the Mages Guild. She will not offer any services to the Nerevarine until they have reached a high enough rank.


Ranis Athrys is head of the Mages Guild in Balmora. She will not offer any services or quests until the Nerevarine has attained a sufficiently high rank and has completed the missions from Ajira.


Ranis offers the following quests:


  • During the "Escort Itermerel" quest, as soon as Itermerel's notes are turned in to Ranis, Itermerel will disappear forever no matter where he is located.
  • If both Itermerel (Escort Itermerel) and Tashpi (Tashpi Ashibael) are left alive, an alternative conclusion to "Catch a Spy" can be unlocked where Ranis can be reported to the Archmage in Ald'ruhn as the spy, causing her expulsion from the guild. This, however, does not wield the same rewards as if the real spy was turned in.


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