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"Scavengers, these disease-ridden vermin crawl through many of the cities seers, or make their home in places where they can use their numbers to attack and bring down larger prey."
―Official Arena Game Guide[UL 2]

Rats are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 20
Intelligence 10
Willpower 10
Agility 35
Speed 30
Endurance 30
Personality 40
Luck 50
Rat as seen on Player's Guide

Rats are small animals whom inhabit dungeons. Being the weakest enemy in the game, these rodents do not represent danger at medium and high levels.

These creatures are one of the first enemies to be confronted in the game, appearing as opponents on the Imperial Dungeons, together with Goblins.

At low levels, Rats should not be underestimated, because even if they are weak, the Eternal Champion is also weak. Rats on the first quest may kill the Eternal Champion with only a few rushes. However, after the Eternal Champion gains experience, Rats become an insignificant enemy who cannot deal a worrying level of damage, but still can be dangerous when attacking as a group.

Rats are typically encountered in dungeons, however, they can also appear in cities at night.





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