Ravani Llethan is a Dunmer noble residing in her house, Llethan Manor, in Godsreach, Mournhold. She is the widow of the recently deceased King Athyn Llethan and a member of House Hlaalu.


Ravani Llethan stays in her house, mourning the death of her husband. She suspects the new King, Helseth Hlaalu, to have murdered him. Two servants work for her in her manor, Anrel and Donus Serethi.


Evidence of Conspiracy

"Leave me alone with my grief."

King Llethan's death "They murdered him. Helseth and his spiders. Everyone knows, and no one lifts a finger. Imperial justice! Hah! I SPIT on Imperial justice! They killed my husband, and now that wicked man is king. I curse Helseth, and all his kin! May they die tomorrow, weeping, watching their children die today!"
Offer condolences. "Bless your honorable soul. Few enough have come to pay their respects. People forget their friends when the wind changes."
Ask how she knows Llethan was murdered. "Everyone knows. It's there in print, for everyone to see, in the broadside sheet called "The Common Tongue." It says Helseth poisoned hundreds of people when he was in the West. If Helseth was a wicked murderer before, why not now?"
Vow to avenge King Llethan's death. "Bless you. May fortune smile on your blade. There are those among my husband's friends who will not rest until justice is done. I shall mention your name to them."

If approached again:

"Thank you for visiting with me in my time of grief."


  • "We must endure our sorrows."


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