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Ravate is a wizard who went to Sheogorath in order to gain greater magical powers. Ravate offered to drive a thousand men mad in exchange for this power, but Sheogorath proposed a counteroffer saying “I will grant your wish, if you are still sane in three days. During that time, I will do my upmost to drive you mad. It shall be great fun.” Ravate wanted to withdraw his request but Sheogorath told him it was too late. Ravate fled, only to find that all exits from the Daedric realm were now sealed. Ravate wandered aimlessly, constantly looking over his shoulder, jumping at every noise. Each moment brought new terror as he waited for Sheogorath to begin. After three days, Ravate was convinced that everything was a tool of Sheogorath. He had not eaten, drunk, or even slept, in fear of Sheogorath. Then Sheogorath appeared to him. Ravate claimed that everything was out to get him, but Sheogorath replied saying “Actually, I have done nothing. You have driven yourself mad with your fears. Your delusions prove that you truly are deranged, and therefore I win.” From that day forward Ravate served Sheogorath’s every whim. Whenever daring travelers try to approach Sheogorath, Ravate warns them, “Sheogorath is already inside each of us. You have already lost.”[1]


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