"You want to stay here for a night, eh? Just for sleeping... you keep to yourself, mind your business, and stay away from my wife."
―Raven Biter[src]

Raven Biter quote

Raven Biter is an Argonian publican and the owner of The Choosy Beggar in Bliss.


Raven is married to Sheer Meedish and warns every visitor to his inn to stay away from her. He is extremely devoted to her and almost everything he talks about involves her.

Besides renting out beds for 20 GoldIcon, he also sells food and drink. Due to his low Responsibility, he will buy stolen goods, but only has 3 GoldIcon to spend.


  • If Raven Biter dies, his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "In memory of Raven Biter. He was one crazy son of a bitch."


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