For this location in Dragonborn, see Raven Rock (Dragonborn).

Raven Rock is an ebony mining town on the island of Solstheim featured in the Bloodmoon expansion. Raven Rock is in the southwest part of Solstheim, in the Hirstaang Forest, and northwest of Fort Frostmoth. When the island is first reached, it will not be there. The town is built during the East Empire Company story line. Two citizens of the Imperial City found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion claim to have worked on the Raven Rock settlement, but left when the settlement failed due to lack of funds.

The colony town of Raven Rock was built on top of a huge deposit of ebony ore. The East Empire Company owns the mine, which produces ebony, which is then processed and shipped to Cyrodiil and the other provinces of Tamriel. Citizens travel from and arrive in Raven Rock at the newly built docks. There is a trail that leads to Fort Frostmoth through the Hirstaang Forest.


During the events of Oblivion, it is stated that the Nords wish to capture the whole island, and the money for the mines have run out. Hillod the Outlaw claims to have helped in its construction and Dranas Llethro to have worked in the mines.





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