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Raven Rock Mine is an ebony mine located in the settlement of Raven Rock. The settlement was built on top of a very large ebony deposit. The mine itself is owned and operated by the East Empire Company and is used to procure substantial amounts of the raw ore which is then refined and transported to the capital province of Cyrodiil.

The local Nords show much animosity towards the company for their increased presence and negligence of the nature on Solstheim and have become notorious for their outright disregard for the legion and their absolutism. The positioning of the mine on an archaic tomb has only caused more prejudice with the natives. When the company runs into trouble with the impervious ice known as Stalhrim they are forced to seek assistance from the same aboriginal population that has such a high disdain for them.



Aiding and AbettingEdit

Carnius Magius has requested some help in covering up Uryn Maren's theft of ore from the mines. They need to find the locked chest in his house and get the ore out.

Discovery in the MineEdit

Falco Galenus informed the Nerevarine of a strange block of ice found in a burial cavern discovered in the mine. He's suggested to go speak to Graring, one of the local Nords about it. He and his companions can be found at the junction of the Harstrad River and Isild River to the northeast of here.

Drastic MeasuresEdit

Carnius Magius requests the Incarnate deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He's hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.

Establish the MineEdit

Carnius has given instructions to escort several men to the mining site. They should find Gidar Verothan by the dock south of Fort Frostmoth.

To Catch a ThiefEdit

Falco believes that Uryn Maren is stealing ore from the colony mine, and wants the proof of his treachery.

Under SiegeEdit

The Skaal have apparently attacked the colony. Falco Galenus and the others were able to push the attacks into the mine, but there are now workers trapped in there. Falco suggests to go in, eliminate the Skaal, and make sure the workers are safe.



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