Ravenscar Hollow is a cave located northwest of Solitude.


The cave is protected by a sabre cat, and is populated by hagravens, a troll, a frostbite spider, and a bandit prisoner. There is a bone alarm trap to alert the enemies of an intruder's presence.

Kill the hagraven and troll in the first room to obtain the Ravenscar Hallow cage key from the hagraven. Then flip the lever near the hagraven's tent to open the secret wall. The remainder of the cave has cages containing dead bandits, including one with a living bandit inside.

The bandit asks the Dragonborn to release him, saying he and his partners were captured by the hagravens who have unknown motives. Upon killing the remaining hagravens, he then turns on the Dragonborn.

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  • Geimund's mercenary career ended shortly after visiting that cave stating that he nearly died there and that it was too dangerous so he became a stablemaster.


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