For this item in Dragonborn, see Stalhrim.

Raw Stalhrim is commonly found in the barrows of Solstheim. It can be mined after completing several quests for the East Empire Company. Stalhrim can be found in two main locations, Raven Rock Mine and an Ancient Burial site by the northwest shore of Solstheim.


A total of 26 Stalhrim deposits can be found spread throughout Solstheim in 17 locations. Deposits typically replenish after 30–35 days, much like other ores.

The following is a list of locations where Stalhrim can be mined:

Location Deposits
Bloodskal Barrow 3 deposits
Kolbjorn Barrow 3 deposits
Valbrandr Barrow 3 deposits
Frosselmane Barrow 2 deposits
Gyldenhul Barrow 2 deposits
Tombs of Skaalara 2 deposits
Raven Rock Mine 1 deposit
Connorflenge Barrow 1 deposit
Eddard Barrow 1 deposit
Gandrung Caverns 1 deposit
Glenschul's Tomb 1 deposit
Himmelhost Barrow 1 deposit
Hrothmund's Barrow 1 deposit
Kelsedolk Barrow 1 deposit
Lukesturm Barrow 1 deposit
Skogsdrake Barrow 1 deposit
Stormpfund Barrow 1 deposit



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