Rawia Ashirbibi is a Dunmer Wise Woman who can be found in Aidanat Camp, a small outcast Ashlander camp south of Ald Velothi in the West Gash on Vvardenfell. She is the wise woman of her minute tribe, which consists of only three Dunmer.


Rescue Madura SeranEdit

Rawia Ashirbibi's small tribe is responsible for kidnapping the pilgrim Madura Seran. When asked about her, Rawia Ashirbibi points the Nerevarine towards Abassel Asserbassalit inside the yurt. If the Nerevarine decides to fight in order to free Madura Seran, Rawia Ashirbibi will attack as soon as the Nerevarine leaves the yurt, and thus must be killed.


In most of her dialogue, Rawia Ashirbibi reacts like an ordinary villager, for example in her answers on inquiries about "services" or "someone in particular." Most strikingly, when asked about "Ald Velothi," she claims to be concerned about the kidnapping of Madura Seran and demands her rescue, although she is clearly involved in the crime.




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