Rawl'kha is a minor city yet a major settlement located along the Crescent River and the border between Elsweyr and Valenwood.

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The city lacks any walls or any defense for that matter. There are two entrances to the city, the western one leads to Valenwood while the southern one leads to the rest of Elsweyr. Everything is centered on the town square where merchants are set up. The inn and guilds are located in the northern end while the craftsmen, bank, and stables are located opposite that. On the eastern end is the House of the Dance[1] which is considered the most culturally significant Khajiit temple throughout Anequina.[2]


Second EraEdit

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In 2E 311, mane Rid-Thar-ri'Datta revealed the Riddle'Thar Epiphany at the local temple, this was considered a key event in modern Khajiiti theology.[2]

During the Interregnum, Rawl'kha was home to the infamous gang of outlaws known as the Darkmoon Prowlers. They insisited that non-Khajiit members wear Rajhin's Cat Mask.[3]

During the Alliance War, mane Akkhuz-ri lost his power after being manipulated by Javad Tharn at Arenthia. One of his Lunar Champions, Shazah and Khali must undergo the trials to be Mane. The Vestige guide both of them through their trails as they face their fears and past.[4]




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