Raynor Vanos is a Dunmer researcher who specializes in Dwemer machinery. He works alongside his sister, Kireth Vanos. They can often be found at Dwemer Ruins around Tamriel. A self-described genius, Vanos is the creator of the Spider Control Rod, an artifact capable of taming Dwarven Spiders.[1]

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Show: An Unexpected Fall

Kireth, are you alright? You can't expect me to go down there. You know I can't stand small spaces. Well, this is fortuitous. You'll never believe what my sister Kireth has gotten herself into this time. I swear, she does these things just to vex me.

Do you need help with something? Thank goodness you came by! My sister Kireth and I were surveying the area, trying to get the measure of this Dwarven ruin. I turned my back for a single moment and Kireth fell into that hole. Or jumped in, for all I know. It happened so fast.

Sounds like a hazardous business. Oh, you have no idea! Especially the way Kireth operates. We're on the verge of a major Dwemer discovery. That's why the king invited us here. We're experts, you know. Could you rescue my sister? I'd help, but I don't do that sort of thing.
I'll find your sister. Kireth knows better than to jump into strange holes. She knows I can't abide small, dark spaces.
Did you come all the way to Wrothgar just to survey ancient ruins? Well, yes. Kireth likes to say that we're dungeon-delvers, but I prefer to think of myself as the world's foremost expert on Dwarven artifacts. When the king invited leaders in their fields to come to Wrothgar, we jumped at the opportunity.
Other researchers haven't studied these ruins before? You'd be surprised that many so-called scholars refuse to travel to dangerous places. But that's usually where the best sites are locates! And then there are the Orcs. Most of the explorers that we know tend to find the Orcs to be ... intimidating.

At the end of the quest: "My sister tells me you found her. She immediately put you to work, didn't she? She's always been good at getting people to help her out. So tell me, what did she send you off to find? Some shiny bauble to add to her collection?"

Actually, she asked me to acquire a Dwarven power core for you. "A power core? For me? For all her rough edges, my sister does have a good heart. Thank you for acquiring this for me. With a little tinkering, I'm sure I can use it to complete one of my many Dwemer-related experiments. This power core contains an enormous amount of energy. Think of the applications it can be used for! My mind literally reels at the possibilities!"
Show: Parts of the Whole

Ah, there you are! You'll be on your way to Zthenganaz soon, yes? I'm sorry if I seem impatient. I'm just anxious to begin these new experiments in earnest. The last one was ... explosive. Don't look at me like that. You aren't my sister!

Excuse me? Right. Sorry. It's just my sister, Kireth. She blames me for everything. Is it my fault I turned our playpen into a spring-trap as a child? Of course not! And how was I to know increasing the exothermic output of our oven tenfold would be bad?

I ... don't know? Of course you don't! And neither does Kireth. She was just a toddler at the time. Well, so was I, but there you have it - my brilliance couldn't be contained, even as a youth. Ah, but that's in the past - now we look to the future! You have my orb?
Guruzug gave it to me. Excellent. Take it to Zthenganaz and use it on any of the Dwarven automata you find - oh, except that cursed Guardian. Won't work on it. Alas. The orb should stun the machines and collect the readings I need. Bring it back here when you're done.
He said you wanted the Guardian dead, too. Yes, I'm afraid so. A tragic but necessary loss. Somehow, I think it was able to interfere with my earlier experiments. Destroying it should disrupt the Dwarven frequency distortion, allowing me to ... sorry. In brief, yes - destroy it. Good luck!
Show: Long Live the King

"Kireth's plan worked, just like she said it would. I'm really quite surprised. 'Just walk in and act like you belong,' she said. They even handed me a drink! I can't remember when I had such fun."

Show: Honest Work

"Ah, finally a turn of good fortune! You have a knack for arriving at just the right moment. You'll have no problem convincing these clods to hire us forthwith. Honestly, I'm extremely overqualified, but I'll take whatever employment you can secure."

If you were bound for Hammerfell, how did you end up in Anvil? "Hammerfell, Anvil - why does everything in this part of the world sounds like it belongs in a smithy? Look, it was an honest mistake on my part. The captain claimed to be a proper sailor and I took him at his word."

So the ship's captain sailed you to the wrong port? "I'm an artificer. If you ask me to recalibrate a Dwarven power core, I'll ask you to what voltage. But determining where the captain made an error in his navigational calculations? You might as well ask me to charm the wings off a harpy."

I could charter a ship for you. "We're dungeon-delvers, not paupers! Kireth and I won't accept charity, no matter how you present it to us. We'll earn our own way. Just find someone who's willing to hire us and let us do some honest work."

Any idea who might be interested in hiring you? "My letter of introduction opens doors throughout Morrowind, but this isolated hamlet? I inquired with the blacksmith, but he wanted brawn, not brains. There was also the angler, but we were unable to agree on terms."

There must be someone interested in your particular talents. "You'd think so, wouldn't you? The Anvil Repository has a reputation for serving its clients ... poorly. I offered my skills as a bookkeeper, but the proprietor rejected me. If she reconsiders, I'd make a valuable addition to her team."

After finding jobs for Kireth and Raynor:

"You took your time. I was starting to get worried. But tell me, were you successful? Have you secured gainful employment for Kireth and myself?"

I found jobs for both of you. You can start immediately. "Immediately? That seems rather sudden. Oh, very well. Kireth, did you hear? We can earn enough gold to continue our journey. It just requires someone these depraved pirates could understand. Oh, I don't mean to imply that you're depraved, my friend."

I spoke to Frunda. She's agreed to let you balance the bank's accounts. "Not the most exciting use of my talents, but tallying numbers beats hauling a load of metal ingots any day. Thank you for convincing the usurer to hire me. Even a single entry in the wrong column can spell disaster for a financial institution."
She can't wait for you to get to it.

After talking to him again:

"I'm eager to learn what kind of position you secured for Kireth, but she should hear it from you first."

If talked to after talking to Kireth:

"Just a few more days of honest work and we're off to Sentinel. My sister and I really do appreciate everything you've done for us. And, I suppose, we've been stuck in worse places than Anvil."

Show: Anvil Repository

"Just between us, the bank's ledgers are a total mess. Poorly organized, missing entries, handwriting I can't decipher - it makes me itchy just thinking about it! It's good you convinced them to hire me. I'll have these accounts balanced in to time!"

Did exploring Bthanual help advance your career? "Oh, devinitely! Once word that I perfected a working control rob started to spread, we began to receive offers from across the land. That's why we're going to Sentinel. A patron offered to fund our expedition of a newly discovered Dwemer ruin."

What happened with the memory orb we found in Mzulft? "Oh, you know how it is with discoveries such as these. It takes a lot of effort to produce any meaningful results. And Kireth usually leaves that kind of work to me."

Did the information in the orb help you with the Mages Guild? "I guess you could say that. It showed them that we do have a few skills when it comes to dungeons and delving. Still, we decided to retain our independence. We've taken on a contract or two from the Mages Guild, but we aren't under their thumb."

I thought you and Kireth would've stayed in Wrothgar for a while. "Orsinium was an interesting city with a great museum, but it was time for us to move on. I know King Kurog did some terrible things, but I didn't feel right sticking around after he died. We were there at his invitation, after all."

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