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"Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day ...."

Razum-dar, also known as Raz by his closer friends, is a Khajiit found initially in Eagle's Strand. He describes himself as "a simple Khajiit" and "no one special," but he later reveals himself to be an agent of the Eyes of the Queen, the intelligence network of Queen Ayrenn. Razum-dar serves as her liaison to the Vestige when she is busy with other matters throughout most of the Dominion questline and beyond.


Aldmeri Dominion quests[]

Storm on the Horizon[]

Razum-dar was the sole witness who saw the Vestige fall from the sky and land in the ocean near the shores of Khenarthi's Roost. He is responsible for saving the Vestige and getting them to safety, although in return he asks for help with convincing the people of Khenarthi's Roost that the Aldmeri Dominion is their ally.

The Perils of Diplomacy[]

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to take a token and talk to the The Silvenar about the treaty. After returning to him, he tells the Vestige to sneak into the Maormer Embassy to get the stolen treaty. He will instruct the Vestige to talk to Harrani and The Green Lady about the evidence.

To Auridon[]

After the events in Khenarthi's Roost, Razum-dar points the Vestige to Captain Jimila who takes them all on her ship to Auridon.

A Hostile Situation[]

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to become his new partner now that Fasion, a fellow agent serving the Queen, is dead. He instructs the Vestige to talk to Eshaba and continue uncovering the plot on the Queen's life.

To Mathiisen[]

Putting the Pieces Together[]

The Unveiling[]

To Skywatch[]

Lifting the Veil[]

The Veil Falls[]

Breaking the Barrier[]

Sever All Ties[]

Frighten the Fearsome[]

Veil of Illusion[]

Double Jeopardy[]

A Storm Upon the Shore[]

Striking at the Heart[]

Gates of Fire[]

The Moonlit Path[]

Messages Across Tamriel[]

Gold Coast quests[]

The Sweetroll Killer[]

Raz is met during the quest after following his spy, Yarmia, into a supposed ambush by the Kvatch Crafter's Square.

Debts of War[]

Summerset quests[]

The Queen's Decree[]

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask three citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset. He later tasks them with investigating the Monastery of Serene Harmony for information regarding the sequestered newcomers to the island. After attending Kinlady Avinisse's meeting in her mansion, he meets up with the Vestige and Valsirenn at the Coral Forest, where Kinlady Avinisse and Aldarch Tilcalar are meeting.

Elsweyr quests[]

Home Sweet Home[]



Although openly an Aldmeri soldier, Razum-dar has a deeper involvement with the Aldmeri Dominion in a being a spy for Queen Ayrenn. Oftentimes the Khajiit would speak in riddles.

He has a "nose for lies" and will often sense when an individual is lying to him. Although he has a keen sense for when a lie is being told to him, he also employs the use of lies in stating to Commander Karinith that he found the Vestige as a survivor of a "shipwreck."


Show: To Mathiisen

"Ahh, my friend. This one was just thinking about you. Nothing personal, of course. Raz threat-assess all of his assets."

The Battlereeve said you're looking into a Veiled Heritance connection here? "Yes, yes. We are here to gather some intelligence, right some wrongs. And perhaps slit some throats. We will see how the day goes."
Show: At Silsailen

"Raz could not help but overhear. It is a terrible thing, to tell a person her father is gone."

What are you doing here, Razum-dar? "This one was doing a bit of clean-up in Vulkhel Guard after the Astanya incident. Heard about your problems here and thought we could lend a hand. Got here too late, of course. Your efficiency is impressive."
What will you do now? "Help the locals. They'll need all the help they can get. Raz hopes he can find some intel here, perhaps unearth some new leads. This one has sent agents to every town in Auridon. If there are more like this Valano out there, we shall find them."
Is the Queen well? "So far as Raz knows, yes. She left not long after you did for Tanzelwil. This one is sure she'll be happy to see you there."
Show: Putting the Pieces Together

"You'll be perfect for this. You'll see, Raz has an eye for this sort of thing."

What do you have in mind? "Her majesty set this one a task: investigate the leadership of the Veiled Heritance. The Veil's trail leads here, to the town of Mathiisen. Well known for their steel blades, yes? But also, apparently, weaponsmiths for anarchists."
Where do I fit in? "You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed."
Whatever you say, Razum-dar. "The Heritance are racists yes? Idiots. But dangerous, destabilizing racist idiots. We must act."
You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes? "Her Majesty trusts you. And you were of great help in Vulkhel Guard. Why would this one not trust a new, fresh face? Raz would never watch you with careful eyes, ready for the first sign of betrayal! Never!"
Can you tell me more about the Veiled Heritance? "Raz may have oversimplified. These Altmer, the ones who wear the veil. They do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as members of a far superior race. The rest of us just need some ... help."
What's their ultimate goal? "Auridon for the Altmer." Cats like this one out, shortie elves out. Nothing but tall folk, fair skin, and pointed ears as far as the eye can see. Boring, yes?"
Show: The First Step and The Path to Moonmont

"It is good to see you, my friend. Cariel has been updating this one on your work in Arenthia. Very nice. Razum-dar is impressed."

"Get gone, my friend. Don't keep the moon-sugar-induced visions waiting."

"You have returned! This one hopes the visions were not too intense. Raz has heard stories."

"My friend, before you go, Raz would tell you: he leaves now to travel to Senalana, an Ayleid ruin west of Arenthia. The Colovians are still fighting to hold those old stones. This one must know why."

Show: Gates of Fire
Within Senalana, Razum-dar can be seen at the other side of an Ayleid gate and will yell "Over here!" You cannot go to where he is, but you can still speak to him:

"It is good to see a friend in such a dark place."

What's the situation, Raz? "We are trapped, my friend. We hold the door against the Colovians, but that is all the good news Raz has. Beyond us, the ruin has collapsed. We cannot reach you and you cannot reach us."
There's no way to get you out of there? "Raz and his men came down here knowing what had to be done. You and I have done the Queen's work in the past, yes? Raz must trust you to do what we cannot. You must unlock the shrine behind you and destroy the circlet."
Why is this all so critical? Is this thing that dangerous? "We cannot risk it, my friend. The tales of the circlet make it a clear and present threat to the Queen and all of the Dominion. It must be destroyed... even though it may cost Raz his life."
How do I get to the circlet? "You have to depress the triggers in the proper order. We found runes along this corridor saying it's a sequence of four triggers. Press the first to the left and then the last to the right. The other two... we could not find."
I'll figure it out. "Raz feels he should say... ahem. He should say his farewells. Do not worry, my friend. This one will not hold his death against you."
Why would destroying the circlet kill you? "[?]"
Why do you have to die? "Well... the truth is that it is your choice. You could take the circlet and free us from this room. The rune on the wall behind you, the Tower. That should fire up the defenses and end our Colovian problem."
What happens if I destroy the circlet, again? "The defenses in the ruin overload and trap all of us in a collapsing avalanche of rock and dust. Do not worry... Raz and his men are prepared for what must happen."
Can't I just take the circlet and we can destroy it later? "No, would that it were so. The runes were clear, the only way to destroy the circlet is here. In the defenses the Ancients put in place for just this purpose."
So I could just take the circlet and give it to you for safekeeping. "No! The circlet is an abomination. It must be shattered, destroyed. Razum-dar's duty here is clear. The circlet cannot be allowed to leave the vault."
Is it really worth your life? "Razum-dar is first in the Eyes of the Queen. He has sworn his life to the service of Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri. To die in service to Her Majesty, it is what he prays for in the morning. Well... perhaps not prays for."
Why do you trust me with this? "You are Razum-dar's friend. His comrade, another trusted soul in the Eyes of the Queen. Raz knows you will make the hard decision. You will do what must be done."
I can't just take the circlet and do something terrible with it? "Hah! Raz trusts you not to do that. But more importantly, holding the circlet and using it are very different propositions. Without the proper incantations, the circlet is useless. Incantations Raz intends to see destroyed with Senalana."

After you have picked up the circlet, Raz will say "Now, quickly, destroy the crown. Place it in the furnace. Burn that abomination. For the Queen and the Dominion!" You have the option of speaking to him again before making your choice:

"It is out of my hands now, my friend. It has been an honor serving with you."

The decision is mine? "There is no one else. Yes, if you touch the Tower rune... I live. If you place the circlet in the furnace... I die. You must decide."
Can we chat a moment, Raz? I need a moment to think. "Of course, my friend. We can hold the door a few minutes more. What did you want to discuss?"
Our time on Auridon. That was quite the battle. "Of course. To which daring adventure in the Summerset isles are you referring?"
The mission in Skywatch. "The High Kinlady and her little insurgency. Of course... Raz got to go disguised as an Elven noble. This one had a long conversation with one of the noble ladies at Estre's party. She spent the whole time complaining about 'stinking Khajiit.' Heh."
Our mission in Mathiisen. "Yes, the little town with the forge. Raz had just gone there to get a report from Fistalle. Just a routine check-in. And we found that nest of... vipers. Pah. How brave those racists were, to kill a young woman."
That business in Vulkhel Guard. "The day you proved yourself to Her Majesty! She has often spoken of that day to Raz, commenting on your bravery. Heh. It is a shame this one will never get a chance to tell you the story about the bear."
That business on Khenarthi's Roost? "The day you fell from the sky, my friend? How could I forget? We had quite the time that day. Diplomats and pirates... and such a storm! Raz had to dry his fur for weeks afterwards."
The work we did in Greenshade. That was interesting. "How could I forget? Which of Razum-dar's several missions in the Wilderking's kingdom are you referring to?"
How can I forget Hectahame? "Pah, that pathetic Prince. To think Her Majesty shared blood with that one. The day we ended him, once and for all, is a day Raz remembers well. This one has always been proud to fight beside you."
Woodhearth was quite the adventure, right? "The traitor, yes? And another disguise... heh. It took Raz days to convince Her Majesty to let this one impersonate her. And to work on the voice... it took more days yet. Ahh, some days this one really did enjoy the job."
I was thinking of the Seaside Sanctuary. "Pelidil, the Maormer, and... the sea serpent, yes? Hah, this one wishes he had been along for that fun. So it always goes, the Eyes must do what must be done. They do not get to choose what fun they have."

If you choose to destroy the circlet, Razum-dar will yell "Thank you, my friend. I'll see you on the other side!"

Show: The Fires of Dune and The Moonlit Path

"Congratulations, Hallowed. This one is not very spiritual... but even a fool knows we need a shield against the darkness."

"Good luck in there. Raz would not face a vision quest for all the moon-sugar in Elsweyr. But he is sure you will do fine."

Within the Demi-Plane of Jode, you can speak to the alternate timeline Razum-dar in the "Urclemo's Betrayal" portion:

"Ah good... you're here. Razum-dar was afraid he would have to bleed to death by himself."

Are you injured? "This one? Injured? Nobody can injure Razum-dar. He is invincible... but he must ask that you talk quickly. He does not think he will be awake long."
Was that Battlereeve Urcelmo that attacked you? "The Veil is stronger now than it ever was. Where... where have you been? The Battlereeve turned on Her Majesty when she tried to hold the Dominion together by force of will. The other alliances... took Cyrodiil, march on Summerset."
What can be done? "For Raz? Nothing. Raz will rest here, until this Eye of the Queen closes. All that Raz has left is his oath. He swore he would protect Ayrenn. He swore he would protect his dearest friend."
I'll find her, Raz. I'll keep her safe. "Good... good. Razum-dar is tired. He... he will sleep. If he does not wake up, this one hopes to see you where the Bright Moons dwell. Good luck, my friend."
Good luck, Raz. "Why... why are you still here? We have already said touching farewell. Go!"

Back at Dune, you can speak to Razum-dar again:

"Hunal has been giving us a running commentary of how it's going in there. Truly, your vision showed me falling to Urcelmo's blade? Raz thinks Jone and Jode do not know him very well."

"Hallowed, the Queen already has plans to make use of us again. Speak with her, if you would."

Show: Debts of WarDB

(If the Vestige has not met him before): "This one must respectfully request that you move along. Raz has dangerous business in these ruins and you would just get in Raz's way. Unless... You would be willing to help stop a dangerous war criminal, yes?"
(If the Vestige has met him before): "My friend! What a happy coincidence! This one never imagined to find you skulking around an Ayleid ruin!\n\nSince you are already here, you will help Raz deal with a dangerous war criminal, yes?"

What kind of dangerous criminal? "Only the notorious Butcher of Bravil―Captain Jean Apinia! My talkative prisoner finally revealed the Captain's location. And she's close. Very close. Soon, with your assistance, Raz will make her pay for her crimes of war and terror."
What did Captain Apinia do exactly? "The coward and her loyal soldiers fled the Imperial City when the chains fell. In Bravil, they stole valuable items to finance their retirement. When the mayor complained, she ordered her soldiers to start killing. Now Raz must make an example of her."
I'll help you deal with this war criminal and recover the items. "This one recognized you as a warrior of distinction! We should split up, yes? Explore separately and locate the Captain and the stolen items. If you find the captain before I do, please give Raz's utmost regards. Preferably, right in the heart."
Who are you again? "Questions? At a time like this? As you wish... This one is Razum-dar, just a simple Khajiit who seeks the best for all people of Tamriel. And a soap that won't dry the fur. One day..."
Then why are you chasing a war criminal? "Some answers are too dangerous to hear, yes? But this one is also an Eye of the Queen. That means... no, nevermind what that means. Just understand. Captain Apinia decided it was all right to kill innocent people. For that, Raz will make her pay."
Tell me about the items that were stolen. "Official trinkets. Valuable to the right people, Raz supposes, but mostly important to Bravil's citizens. Let's see... There's the city's seal, the tax collector's ledger, and the mayor's signet ring. You can see why Bravil wants them back, yes?"
What's Captain Apinia doing in these ruins? "Raz's friend here, a pirate on the ship Apinia hired, says they found safe haven with the agents of the Gold Coast Trading Company. What they're doing in these ruins, Raz has no clue."
So the Gold Coast Trading Company is evil? "Evil? Raz doesn't like to judge. Greedy? As the day is long! If Raz is feeling generous, maybe he'll send Apinia's head to the company's boss when we're done. Meanwhile, my friend will sit quietly while we hunt. Or he'll be dead. Raz can't decide."

After the fight with Apinia:

"Nothing sharpens the claws like dispatching criminals and murderers! And we all survived, which makes the victory that much sweeter."

We killed the war criminal and recovered the stolen items. "Apinia is dead, so she won't slaughter any more citizens. That will please Queen Ayrenn, which pleases Raz. And we recovered Bravil's trinkets. A good day's work, yes? This one might stick around. Looking into Trading Company. Stay fragrant, my friend!"
Show: The Sweetroll KillerDB

"Raz is thinking this spy business might not work out for the lady Elf. At the first sign of trouble, she lights herself on fire, screams at the top of her lungs, and runs in circles. Raz does not remember that technique in the handbook."

What's going on here, Raz? "The work of the Queen's Eyes, that's what's going on here. That business with Captain Apinia wrapped up so quickly, Raz decided to look into another matter before heading home. Turns out, this other matter has eluded Raz for many years."
And what matter is that? "The locals call him the 'Sweetroll Killer,' yes? Much better than our term. 'The One Who Predicts Your Death and Then Stabs You In The Face.' Raz sees that you're looking into this as well. Perhaps we can exchange notes? Help each other out?"
What do you suggest? "The Rat Master has ears everywhere. And who knows who our stabby-face killer is? Don't want to give away our plans before we formulate them, yes? Raz suggests we go somewhere more private, once you finish your investigation."
Where should I meet you? "Raz and lady Elf will meet you in our safe house after you finish your tasks. We've commandeered the enchanter shop. Not the most luxurious hiding place, but this one has had worse. We're going to have a glorious adventure, just like old times! My apprentice wasn't very good at pretending to be bait. She did hook you, though, so Raz supposes that's something. Finish your business and then we'll talk. Raz is sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement."

When spoken to in the enchanter's shop:

"Raz knew you would find us! It's not much, but it's private. The enchanter is an old friend. I helped her out once when an enchantment went bad. Made most of Raz's fur fall out. Very embarrasing. Still, now we get this comfy meeting place."

Why does a murderer in Kvatch concern an Eye of the Queen of the Dominion? "Raz has seen these types of kills before. A victim receives a sweetroll that contains a prediction of impending doom, then is murdered a few days later. The murderer killed several of the Queen's advisors and then escaped. Made Raz look bad."
You think it's the same murderer? "So much doubt! Haven't you figured out that Raz is perfect yet? But yes, I fear we're dealing with the same monster. Luckily, my apprentice received a sweetroll. That means we can set a trap! There's just one problem …."
Just one? "All right. Probably more than one. But what concerns Raz is the network of messengers the killer is using to deliver his gifts. They've placed notes in the oddest locations. Raz fears these actions indicate the killer plans to strike—and soon!"
So what's your plan? "We locate the messenger and figure out what they've been placing around town. Maybe even get them to lead us right to the killer! Meet Raz outside and we'll track them together."
What about your apprentice? "What about her? Oh, Raz sees what you're getting at. She'll stay here and hopefully not wind up murdered. She's still in training and we haven't gotten to the use of weapons yet. Last time I gave her a dagger she almost put out her eye."
Good idea. If she can't handle a weapon, she shouldn't have one. "Raz is glad you agree. Weapon safety is very important, yes? Now let's go track down a killer."
You should give her something. She deserves a fighting chance if the murderer finds her. [?]

After finding the note:

"So this is the point where we decipher the code and track down the message, yes? If Raz has any ideas, he will gladly share them with you."

Speaking of ideas, what do you think these clues mean? "Which clue in specific would you like help with, Raz wonders? But Raz must warn you, I'm better at killing things than at solving riddles."
What do you think of the Wolf and Eternal Knight clues? "Ah, Raz thinks he knows about these clues. It's obvious! Look for something that resembles a knight and a wolf around town, yes?"
What do you think about the Perch clue? "Hmm. Perch is a place to sit, correct? And sports fighters, those could be some sort of gladiators. I wonder, is there a place where people can watch gladiators in this city?"
What do you think about the Gaze Down On the Streets clue? "Let Raz think about that one. Hmm. If we're looking down, it has to be someplace above us. Maybe the roof of one of the buildings? Well, Jone and Jode wouldn't have given me claws if they didn't want this one to climb!"

When spoken to after finding the messages:

"It was right in front of Raz's nose the entire time! Still, all this thinking makes Raz's head hurt."

What did you figure out? "Raz knows where we need to go. It was right in front of us this entire time. Do you want to know where the clues point to? Raz does not wish to spoil your fun if you'd rather solve the puzzle yourself."
Keep it to yourself. I need to figure this out on my own. "That is fair! Raz feels the same way. Raz hates it when the little Elf tries to help with the Queen's daily riddle. Well, if you decide you need assistance, just ask. Otherwise, Raz will follow along and watch how your mind works."
Just tell me where we need to go. "There is a small house to the south. Near the Order of the Hour's Tower of Judgement. It's one of the only private buildings that's not along the main road. Clearly the recipient of these notes must be hiding there. Raz can feel it in his whiskers!"

Later, the Vestige reports to Razum-dar about Reman and if all targets were saved:

"Raz must happily report that we found almost all of the killer's targets. The only one still missing is the Dark Elf gardener. Perhaps this villain isn't as formidable as Raz had feared. But you have other news for us, yes?"

I know who the killer is and where we can find her. "Really? Raz is impressed! Did you threaten and cajole? It's Reman, correct? We can go to the inn, get drunk, and put this sorry affair behind us? Wait, wait. Reman isn't a her?"
No, Reman's not the killer. Not exactly. It's Louna. "The gardener? No wonder Raz couldn't find her. But we're wasting time. If you know where the murderer is, we should get moving. Let's go dunk the Sweetroll Killer in the bitter milk of justice!"
What about the people here in the hostel? "Raz has made a deal with the Anvil Guard. It took more gold than Raz expected, but these people will be taken care of while we're away. We will meet you at the farmhouse south of town. That is where you said we would find the gardener-murderer yes? Raz hopes there aren't too many farms in that direction. This one gets embarrased when he accidentally attacks innocent chicken herders."

When the Vestige speaks with Razum-dar about the farmhouse, after his short dialogue with Naryu Virian:

"Raz suspects that all this quiet hides unpleasant surprises. Treat lightly, sharp-claw."

Where is everyone? "Place was quiet and empty when we arrived. To be fair, we haven't checked any of the buildings yet. Raz wanted to wait for you. No one wanted to miss their own party, yes? Whenever you're ready, we can start the search …."
I'm ready.

After the fight with the Fate-Bearers and after speaking with Louna:

"Raz heard the nonsense that spilled out of the killer's mouth. Why are we even considering bargaining with this crazy Dark Elf?"

To save the lives of the people she targeted? "Well, yes, there is that. Raz changed his mind. Bargaining should be considered. We have to do whatever we can to keep these people safe. Besides, we can always resume the hunt another day."
Do you think we can trust her? "(All victims saved) Raz trusts her as much as he can balance on his own tail. Which is not at all. He has tried. But these Fate-Bearers. They won't stop until they eliminate each and every target—including Yarmia. Raz cannot let that happen, so Raz says let her live. Raz knows the risks. But letting people die when we can save them? That is not who Raz is, and Raz does not think that is who you are, either."
Do you think we can trust her? "(Some victims captured) No, not even a tiny bit. But Raz supposes that a chance to save innocents is better than no chance at all. Raz says let her live. Raz knows the risks. But letting people die when we can save them? That is not who Raz is, and Raz does not think that is who you are, either."

At the enchanter's shop, if chosen to spare Louna:

"Raz is happy to report that the crazy Dark Elf kept her word. She provided the antidote and we saved the targeted people. Raz couldn't have done it without your help, my friend!"

But we let the Sweetroll Killer get away. "Yes, Raz does not like that, either. The murders of the Queen's advisors remain unavenged. Still, Raz thinks we made the correct choice. But these Fate-Bearers. Do they worry you as much as they worry me?"
That's a problem for another day, I imagine. "Raz likes how you think! Now the apprentice Elf and I will return home and continue her training. This one wonders if Naryu and the others will ever be truly safe. Vvardenfell sounds like a dangerous place that just got more deadly."
If the Fate-Bearers return, we'll just have to be ready. "Raz wishes you the best of luck, my friend, but Vvardenfell is a bit out of my jurisdiction. If they show themselves in the Dominion, Raz will deal with them. But in Dark Elf lands? That's someone else's problems, yes? Raz doesn't think he'll ever look at a sweetroll the same way again. That makes Raz a very sad cat."
Show: The Queen's DecreeSM

"Have you ever seen such creatures? Raz has not. Probably neither have you. You are a newcomer, yes? new to this island of High Elves? This one has an eye for such things. And you look capable. So, can Raz interest you in some cloak-and-dagger work?"

Cloak-and-dagger work? Sounds ominous. "Ominous? No, nothing of the sort. Well, maybe a little of the sort. Depends on how things develop. Raz has come to Summerset at the behest of Queen Ayrenn. To make sure her decree regarding the opening of the island proceeds as she directed."
So how can I help? "Ask some questions. Determine the mood in Shimmerene and see how the newcomers are faring. Rumors have reached the Queen and she is concerned. So Razum-dar comes to see what's happening and fights strange creatures. Now Raz is concerned as well."
I'll ask some questions around the city. "While you ask questions around the city, Raz can take care of some other business. It may or may not involve scratching and clawing. Let's meet near the entrance to Shimmerene when you have something to report."
What were those strange creatures I saw you fighting? "Raz never saw such monsters in his life! They appear related to water, but this one tends to avoid the stuff. That pearl, though. Raz swears it was calling those creatures. A mystery for another time, perhaps. Now we need to see to the newcomers."
Anyone in specific you want me to talk to regarding the Queen's decree? "As a matter of fact, Raz made a list! Olnewil, a High Elf artisan, spoke out. See what she complained about. Then there's Tsoxolza, a persecuted Argonian newcomer. Finally Rhanul, a city resident noted in the Divine Prosecution's observation log."
What did Olnewil speak out about and where can I find her? "Olnewil complained about ... no, no. Raz doesn't want to prejudice your investigation. You will find out when you talk to her. The artisan likes to gather shells along the eastern coast. She uses them to make paints and dyes."
What does all this have to do with that geyser and those creatures? "Nothing at all. Unless you think they came to Summerset because of the Queen's decree? No, that would be ridiculous. Let's not lose focus. Just see what Olnewil, Tsoxolza, and Rhanul have to say about newcomers and the mood in Shimmerene."
What do you expect me to learn by talking to these people? "We need to confirm these rumors or else put an end to them. Everyone should be pleased with the Queen's decree. Opening the borders shows progress, yes? However, if any of her loyal subjects reject progress ... well, Raz needs to know that, too."
I'll go talk to Olnewil, Rhanul, and Tsoxolza.
Rhanul? That doesn't sound like a High Elf name. "True. Not enough syllables. Rhanul's a Redguard whose family has lived in Shimmerene for generations. He's a well-respected trader with a few warehouses along the docks. Talk to him before the Divine Prosecution decides to arrest him."
What's the Divine Prosecution? "The Divine Prosecution servers as lawkeepers and protectors of social standards. Very persnickety. When rules are broken, they record it in their observation logs. If you name winds up on their list, things get complicated."
What do you mean, Tsoxolza is being persecuted? "Something to do with monks and newcomer registration. Raz is still looking into that. Last I heard, Tsoxolza was seen leaving the city, and heading west. Probably trying to reach the water. Lizards like water, yes? Not Raz. Raz hates the wet stuff."
Anything I should know about Shimmerene before I head out? "Hmm. Raz knows very little about city ordinances or how to tell the difference between mead and ale, so let's avoid those topics, yes? Otherwise, this one knows all about the Queen's decree and the initial reactions of the nobles and Kinlady."
Who are you again? "Raz is wounded to the core! Forgotten already. This one usually leaves a better impression. I am Razum-dar, Queen Ayrenn's Eye and dark-lantern agent extraordinaire. But that is a secret between you and me. To everyone else, this one is simply Raz."
Tell me about the Queen's decree. "Queen Ayrenn, Her Most Excellent Leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, has issued a decree opening the once-forbidden land of Summerset to traders, visitors, and immigrants of all races. Controversial, yes, but part of her plan for the Dominion's future."
And this is a problem? "For some. High Elves talk of perfection, but they are a complicated people. Various individuals in Summerset take issue with their Queen. With change of any sort, actually. The Kinlady, for example. Some nobles. Makes my job ... complicated."
What's that about the Kinlady and the nobles? "Kinlady Avinisse has made her views on the Queen's decree quite clear. She calls it unreasonable. Dangerous. A few of the city's nobles have sided with the Kinlady. As has the new Aldarch at the monastery. My Queen permits discussion—to a point."
So the Kinlady opposes the Queen's decree? "She has spoken against it. Now Raz needs to know how far she will go to defy the will of the Queen. Does she grumble but welcome the newcomers, or is she using every option at her disposal to block their arrival? Raz will find out—with your help."

After speaking to the three citizens Olnewil, Tsoxolza, and Rhanul, and witnessing the argument between Aldarch Tilcalar, Corimin, Daalinden, Indalinwe, and Veranquel:

"Such anger! Raz never expected to hear such words from the Queen's loyal subjects. The sentiment isn't universal, but enough feel this way for Raz to be concerned. Did you learn anything interesting from the people I sent you to talk to?"

The artist's assistant and the Redguard's cousin have both been sequestered. "Sequestered, hmm? Just a different word for imprisoned, yes? Rhanul's cousin just arrived, but Olnewil's assistant has lived on Summerset since long before the Queen ever issued her decree. What about the lizard? What did Tsoxolza have to say?"
Tsoxolza was dead by the time I reached him. I found this letter in his pack. "Why would the Aldarch gather up newcomers and non-High Elf residents alike and send them to the monastery? Does the Kinlady condone this behavior? Raz's head itches, and not in a good way. Our course is clear, five-claw. We must go to the monastery!"
All right [sic] [Do not change this to Alright. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.], I'll help you investigate the monastery. "Raz admires your enthusiasm, but this one needs you to enter the monastery on your own. Raz has other fish to catch. This one will help you get past the sentry, though. When you notice that the sentry is distracted, just slip quietly inside."

"You have no idea how much Raz appreciates a good assistant. In this line of work, decent help can be the difference between life and death. Not that the work is dangerous. Much. Now, let's go investigate the monastery!"

After investigating the Monastery of Serene Harmony, Razum-dar will have the following dialogue when spoken to in the Anchors Aweigh Inn in Shimmerene:

"Ah, this one's new partner returns! What interesting scandal did you uncover in the monastery? Tell Raz every juicy detail!"

The people that were sequestered were killed to power a Daedric ritual. I found this letter. "This isn't the kind of scandal Raz was hoping for. Murder, Daedric rituals, and traitorous behavior have a way of ruining an otherwise perfect day. We need to learn the extent of the Kinlady's involvement. And by we, Raz means you."
You want me to go and accuse the Kinlady of conspiring with a Daedric cult? "Accuse? Not exactly. Raz wants you to talk to her. See what she knows about the Aldarch. The Kinlady is meeting with local leaders. Attend that meeting and learn the truth. This invitation and set of elegant clothes will get you through the door."
I also met a mage from the Psijic Order in the monastery. "A Psijic? Raz has heard rumors, but there are always rumors about the Psijics. For an island of sages who disappeared more than three hundred years ago, they certainly seem to get around. Did this Psijic mage say what the Order was investigating?"
Something about a warning, and she seemed pretty interested in the life-sucking pearl. "There was a life-sucking pearl? You should probably have led with that bit of information! Well, we can worry about the Psijic mage and figure out where these pearls came from later. For now, go see what the Kinlady has to say."
Shouldn't you speak to the Kinlady? You do work for the Queen, after all. "Kinlady Avinisse and Raz ... do not get along. You see, there was a horse, a platter of pudding tarts, and—no, this one won't bore you with the sordid details. Besides, everyone behaves well when they see Raz. You will learn more than I would."

"Go on. Pretend you belong and no one will notice you, especially once you put on those elegant clothes. Meet Raz nearby after you talk to her. This one looks forward to hearing what she has to say about all of this."

After attending Kinlady Avinisse's meeting in her mansion:

"Pretend you are adjusting your boot or admiring the architecture. As hard as it may be, look anywhere but directly at Raz. Good, good. Now, tell Raz what you learned at the Kinlady's manor."

The Kinlady believes that the newcomers are being sequestered and sent away. "Raz thinks Avinisse is as naive as she is complicit, but she is not a murderer. This new Aldarch, though, has so much blood on his hands it looks like he's wearing red gloves. From what I could discover, he didn't exist before he came to Shimmerene."
I overheard that the Kinlady was going to meet the Aldarch in the Coral Forest. "The Coral Forest? A strange meeting place. Raz thinks we should go and see what the Aldarch is up to. After I take back that outfit. I might need it again later. Ah, you have a pretty admirer, my friend. The Psijic sage, yes? Here she comes now."
Let me find out what Valsirenn has to say.

When speaking to him directly after defeating the Aldarch:

"Queen Ayrenn will be disappointed that the Kinlady of Shimmerene allowed a false Aldarch to murder so many newcomers. Such a scandal makes other travelers uneasy about coming here, yes?"

The Aldarch called on the Prince of Bargains before I killed him. "The Prince of Bargains? That could only be Clavicus Vile! What Oblivion inspired [sic] [Do not change this to Oblivion-inspired. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] nest of vipers has Raz stumbled into? This one has a very bad feeling about all this. Where is the Psijic sage? Raz would like to ask her what she thinks."
Valsirenn returned to Artaeum. She invited me to come and speak to their Ritemaster. "The Psijic Order's interest in all of this concerns Razum-dar. This one has never had much love of magic or those that practice the art. On the other hand, now Raz has his own person on the inside. An Eye of Raz, if you will, yes?"
Valsirenn said the Order would try to find out more about the Aldarch and the abyssal pearls. "Then you must go to Artaeum and discover what the Psijics have learned. When you return, you can tell Raz all about it so he can pass it along to the Queen. Yes, Raz likes this plan. In the meantime, Raz will investigate the Daedric connection."

"Stay alert, five-claw. Raz has heard Psijics turn people into chickens and make them explode. To die covered in feathers instead of fur, such a horrible demise. In the meantime, Raz will send Avinisse home until the Proxy Queen renders judgment."


Razum-dar: "Job for Cariel!"
Cariel: "No way. Do it yourself."
Razum-dar: "What? Why?"
Cariel: "Thrush is a homicidal maniac, and Copper Dariah? Let's just say I'm not her favorite person."
Razum-dar: "Why is Copper Dariah displeased with Cariel?"
Cariel: "I may have collapsed a building on top of her. Accidentally."
Razum-dar: "Ah, yes. This one forgot about that. Very well. Raz will take care of it. And he will send Copper Dariah your warmest regards."

Show: Debts of WarDB

During his fight with Apinia:

Razum-dar: "Butcher of Bravil! This one claims your head!"
Captain Jena Apinia: "Queen Ayrenn's mangy cat? Again? I should have chopped off your tail the last time we met!"
Razum-dar: "Jone and Jode that hurts!"

Show: The Sweetroll KillerDB

Yarmia: "I found the Sweetroll Killer, commander! Help!"
Razum-dar: "I don't think this is what Raz meant when he said "be discreet."

Upon entering the house he revealed to be the location of the alleged killer, Razum-dar briefly speaks with them:

Naryu Virian: "You really shouldn't break into a house that someone has already broken into. Where's your sense of honor, Razum-dar?"
Razum-Dar: "Ah, of course! The Beautiful Darkness! Wait, is Naryu the Sweetroll Killer? Raz would be sad to have to kill you now."
Naryu Virian: "Well, I am a killer, but I'm not the killer. And what's that one doing here? This has nothing to do with the Brotherhood …"
Razum-Dar: "Um, Raz is confused. You better talk to Naryu so we can figure out what's going on here."

Meeting with them in Anvil:

Naryu Virian: "If you stare at that statue any harder, Raz, your eyes will pop right out of your head."
Razum-Dar: "Raz is just admiring the beautiful mermaid. It's so … large. And shapely!"
Naryu Virian: "Is the cat always like this?"
Yrmia: "Actually, this is one of Raz's good days."

At Louna's Farmhouse, Razum-dar and Naryu Virian have short dialogue:

Razum-Dar: "Raz thinks this place is too quiet. Good spot for an ambush, yes?"
Naryu Virian: "Oh, I certainly hope so! I could use a good fight right about now."
Razum-Dar: "You send very mixed messages, Naryu. One moment you're flirting, the next you're stabbing. It's very confusing."
Naryu Virian: "That's only because you assume the two are different, Razum dear."

A group of Fate-Bearers then ambush the trio:

Fate-Bearer Subjugator: "The threads of fate align! Kill them now!"
Razum-Dar: "Oh, good. Raz has found them."

After choosing to spare Louna:

Louna: "The Fate-Bearers will deal with the destinies of others. Your charges are safe, for now."
Naryu Virian: "We're just going to let a killer walk away? Are you serious?"
Razum-Dar: "If it buys these people time, it is for the best. Remember, this helps you as well, Naryu."
Naryu Virian: "If the killer is dead, everyone benefits. We don't even know if we can trust her!"
Razum-Dar: "Raz will watch and make sure she leaves the Gold Coast. Then we can meet at the enchanter's shop, yes?"

Back in the enchanter's shop:

Razum-Dar: "Move it, short apprentice. And do not forget Raz's favorite brush. It would be a tragedy if this beautiful fur got tangles."
Yarmia: "This is definitely not what I signed up for."

Show: The Queen's DecreeSM

Conversation that occurs while Razum-dar distracts the guard at the Monastery of Serene Harmony:

Razum-dar: "Sentry! Raz owes you for that game of cards and has come to pay!"
Monastery Sentry: "Huh? I don't recall any ... you say I won some gold?"
Razum-dar: "Don't you remember? Raz always pays his debts. And he always buys the drinks!"
Monastery Sentry: "Gold and drinks? Well, my relief should be along soon, so why not!"

Conversation that then occurs between Razum-dar and Valsirenn:

Razum-dar and Valsirenn conversing.

Valsirenn: "I'm glad I found you. While watching the Kinlady's mansion, I saw her ladyship sneak out the back and leave the city."
Razum-dar: "The Kinlady is meeting the Aldarch in the Coral Forest. Raz smells something and it isn't moon-sugar biscuits!"
Valsirenn: "Your reputation precedes you, Eye of the Queen. I am Valsirenn of the Psijic Order. And I agree that the Aldarch is more than a simple monk."
Razum-dar: "We should work together, yes? But let's travel separately to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Raz will find you both at the Coral Forest."

After defeating the Aldarch:

Razum-dar: "Ah, five-claw! The Kinlady and Raz had the most illuminating conversation."
Kinlady Avinisse: "You can't treat me like some sort of criminal, you horrid creature!"


  • "Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day..."
  • "You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed."
  • "You have, perhaps, something better to do? Look, we are the Queen's Eyes. We do the tasks that must be done, even if it means getting hit on the head. Killing those who do not deserve it. Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple."
  • "Raz only shares that story with veteran field agents. Perhaps another day."
  • "You're awake now, sleeping kitten?"
  • "Raz looks good in this form. But then, Raz always looks good. Queen Ayrenn could maybe learn a thing or two from this one."
  • "Queen Ayrenn has already decided to blame Pelidil and the Heritance for this treachery. But Raz knows she loved her brother in her own High Elf, noble, emotionally stunted way. Tell her, but gently."
  • "Razum-dar is first in the Eyes of the Queen. He has sworn his life to the service of Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri. To die in service to Her Majesty, it is what he prays for in the morning. Well ... perhaps not prays for."
  • "Ah good ... you're here. Razum-dar was afraid he would have to bleed to death by himself."
  • "This one? Injured? Nobody can injure Razum-dar. He is invincible ... but he must ask that you talk quickly. He does not think he will be awake long."
  • "The Queen tells Raz that you speak with her authority, yes? This responsibility is a great one! Better you than Raz. You are aware of what will be involved?"
  • "Certain communications must be made. Dangerous communications. This will ensure the safety of all. This one may have to delegate. Hmm. Yes, of course. Cariel will do that. Ah. That was not so hard."
  • "Jone and Jode, that hurts!" – During the fight with Captain Jena Apinia during "Debts of War"
  • "This one truly appreciates all the help you provided. May your claws stay sharp and your fur never tangle, my friend!" – After completing the "Debts of War"
Show: The Sweetroll KillerDB
  • "My apprentice wasn't very good at pretending to be the bait. She did hook you, though, so Raz supposes that's something. Finish your business and then we'll talk. Raz is sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement." – After talking to Yarmia
  • "The only house that fits all of the clues sits in the southeast part of town, far from the main road. It would make an excellent hiding spot for a murderer who hands out delicious sweetrolls." – If spoken to again after asking to reveal the answer.
  • "Raz has not been this excited in a long time. To think, soon I'll be able to close the book on a murderer who eluded me for years and years. Meet me outside when you're ready and we'll start tracking." – After speaking to him in the alchemy shop
  • "Raz saw one of the suspicious messengers near the hedge maze to the southwest. Why the city has a hedge maze is a mystery for another day, yes?" – Outside
  • "The messengers are definitely up to something. Hiding notes throughout the city. Raz supposes a hedge maze is a perfect place for such things. Probably hidden beneath some sort of marker, yes?" – If spoken to, before picking up the first note
  • "A coded message? Raz hates riddles. You figure it out, yes?" – After picking up the first note
  • "These notes should lead us to whoever commissioned this research. There must be a clue. Read them again!" – After collecting all the notes
  • "If Raz knew Naryu was here, he would have brought flowers. Or wine. This one heard she likes a good bottle of wine. Or maybe a new dagger? Tell the truth. Raz's fur is sleek and shiny, yes?" – If talked to before speaking to Naryu, Razum-dar says
  • "Raz has ears as sharp as a dire wolf. This one heard everything you said. The Queen would probably frown upon working with the likes of Naryu Virian, but Raz says "the more the merrier." At least until we catch the Sweetroll Killer." – After speaking with Naryu
  • "Mermaids … but now to business, yes? Raz thinks we should gather the killer's targets. Put them all in one location and set a trap. See if the Beautiful Darkness over there agrees or if she has a better idea." – When met in Anvil, Raz will have a conversation with Naryu Virian, and, dependent on the Vestige's previous choice, Yarmia will be there. If spoken to before discussing with Naryu
  • "Raz will work with the lovely Naryu. Make sure the remaining targets get to the hostel safely. Meanwhile, you go interrogate Reman. Make him talk. Use whatever methods you deem necessary. Just don't tell Raz what they are, yes?" – After discussing with Naryu
  • "This killer behaves in most unexpected ways. Be careful. Raz thinks her brain has come loose and sloshes around inside her head." – After fighting the Fate-Bearers
  • "Raz knows the risks. But letting people die when we can save them? That is not who Raz is, and Raz does not think that is who you are, either." – After discussing Louna's fate
  • "Raz doesn't think he'll ever look at a sweetroll the same way again. That makes Raz a very sad cat." – After the quest


  • During the quest "Gates of Fire" in Reaper's March, you have the option to either destroy the Circlet, thus killing Razum or depowering the Tower Rune, saving him from death. Whether he lives or not, he can be found later on in the Dominion questline and in the Gold Coast.
  • The Dark Brotherhood knows of Razum-dar's presence in the Gold Coast, considering him "a stranger to their lands."[1]
  • At the end of the quest "Family Reunion" in Vvardenfell if the player chooses to save Veya Releth it is heavily implied that she is send to study under him with him becoming her new mentor.