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A weapon's reach in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion determines how close the character must be to the opponent for the weapon to connect. Weapons such as daggers have short reach, while claymores have extremely long reach (more than double that of a dagger). The distance an arrow flies from a bow depends on how much force is pulled back when the arrow is nocked.


Shorter reachEdit

  • Weapons with shorter reach are usually smaller and have faster attack speeds
  • With a shorter reach, it is less likely to accidentally hit a friendly NPC or creature.

Longer reachEdit

  • Weapons with longer reach are usually larger and have higher damage ratings.
  • It is easier to conduct hit and run tactics since the character does not have to be as close to connect with the opponent.


A reach rating of 1.0 is considered the base reach rating. Longswords and maces have the base reach rating of 1.0. Weapons with less than 1.0 reach rating are shorter; weapons with greater than 1.0 are longer. The following table lists weapons from shortest to longest.

Bows do not have "reach" per se, but the distance an arrow travels is affected by the angle at which the arrow is shot. Due to gravity, arrows need to be shot higher than the target so that the arrow will reach the target's distance effectively.

Weapon Reach
Dagger 0.6
Shortsword 0.8
War Axe 0.8
Longsword 1.0
Mace 1.0
Claymore 1.3
Warhammer 1.3

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