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Reachcliff Cave is a cave located in The Reach. It is a small cave system, located south of Reachwater Rock, that leads to a Nordic burial chamber. Upon first entering there are two draugr.

The path splits when entering the burial area, and both paths lead to the same spot, the left goes to a trap rigged chest containing leveled loot. An iron ore vein is along the right-hand path.

The remaining chamber leads to a dining hall style room with three more draugr. This cave is very sparse on loot with only the one ore vein in it.


The Taste of Death[]

The Dragonborn will be sent here to meet with Eola. There she will ask the Dragonborn to clear the cave of draugr. Once finished, the Dragonborn will be instructed to lure a victim, Verulus, to the cave to be eaten. 

Notable items[]


  • This burial site is missing the traps, trip wires, and pressure plates commonly found in Nordic burial chambers.
    • There is a trap wire on a chest which can only be reached by jumping the gap (or using Whirlwind Sprint) in between the two pillars.
  • The quest "The Taste of Death" must be started in order to finish the ruin. Eliminating Eola at the entrance before continuing the quest will suffice in completing the dungeon.
  • At higher levels, an unnamed dragon priest will be in the final chamber, lying down on a chair seat.
  • After clearing the cave in the quest "The Taste of Death," it will be possible to fast travel to the secret entrance. The secret entrance is north of Dushnikh Yal, by the bridge and it counts towards the achievement Explorer.
  • At least four chests are located within Reachcliff Cave.
  • When using the Aura Whisper shout, the character model for Namira's voice can be found behind a wall in the dining hall that is not accessible.


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  • The path to the dining area may not be open if you kill Eola.