Reachman Shaman is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Reachman Shaman can often be found in Card Packs, due to its common rarity. It can also be Soul summoned with fifty Soul Gems.



Reachman Shaman is quite useful as it increases the power of a random friendly creature each turn. Therefore, it is suggested to put it in play as soon as it is received. If you have no other cards the next turn it is in play, it will simply increase the value of itself. When used over time, you may end up with many cards that were more powerful from when you started, making it easier to defeat enemy cards and opponents.


Due to the card's effect of increasing the value of cards each turn, opponents will want to destroy it. To prevent it from being destroyed, it is suggested to place Cover or Ward on it. The card is useful if it is used on a guard, as it increases their value, making it harder to defeat.




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